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Heartwarming / Paper Mario: Color Splash

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  • Up until her kidnapping, Peach can heal Mario to full health for free if he visits her.
    • And well after, once you complete the Dark Bloo Inn sidequest, the inn staff will let you stay overnight despite being booked by letting you sleep in the lobby.
  • Visiting a purple Toad on a rooftop will have him wax nostalgic about other friends, including a friend named Piper, who gave him a seed to plant so when it was fully-grown they'd all reunite like they did when they were young. The farther you progress, the closer the wish comes to coming true, until you find out Piper died unexpectedly. But then it turns out Piper is actually a Ptooie, and is revived once you reunite them all again.
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  • A Soggy Shy Guy is bullied for not being part of the crowd, but determines to be himself and stay a single-layer Shy Guy of awesomeness. He also thanks Mario for saving him from the waterwheel.
  • Justice Toad is ecstatic over actually being able to help, declares that he does have superpowers, and Huey is sincerely grateful to him.
  • The professor's joy at being reunited with Princess, his pet Chain Chomp.
  • Trying to paint areas too big for Mario to handle will have Huey tell Mario he can't do it, but not to let it get him down.
  • Stepping across the six Green Rescue Squad members (they're making a bridge) causes them to say "Thank you so very much!" in sequence.
  • On the Sunset Express, a Shy Guy decides to speak with Mario. He laments that he dreamed of going to a far away place, but being in Bowser's army means he has to give up on his dreams. Towards the end of the conversation, he realizes the next time he and Mario meet, they're more likely gonna meet as enemies, but thanks him for hearing him out.
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  • Peach's fourth Holo-Peach letter ends with her having total faith in being rescued, and ends with "Love, Peach."
  • At Starlight Cape, Mario and Huey see a shooting star. Mario wishes for Peach to be safe, while Huey wishes for the Big Paint Stars to be rescued. Immediately after he makes the wish, the orange Big Paint Star appears.
  • Bowser visibly enjoys himself during the end-credits parade along with the Koopalings and his minions, decked out in neon lights.
  • If you get 100% completion, Huey does come back just as he promised at the ending.
  • The World Map music gets a little livelier each time you restore a Big Paint Star, which is easier to hear if you listen to each variant back to back. In that sense, you can actually hear your efforts restoring the island back to its former glory.
  • After seeing that the train that he helped rebuild won't be sent to the dump and it was actually well-liked, the train depot manager regains the motivation of continuing on his career and comes out of retirement with his coworkers giving him a hip-hip hooray toss in the air.


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