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  • Seeing the eponymous characters getting along so well is generally very sweet all things considered.
    • Most especially the shots of the two leads shaking hands, such as in the 2012 intro (as seen in the picture featured in this page). All water under the bridge now.
  • One of the new events announced for Sochi 2014 is Pair Skating. Prepare to be able to ship your favorite two male and female characters at will.
  • In the Sochi game, there are special victory animations for characters who are friends (or enemies). Most of them are this, but Mario/Peach, Eggman/Metal Sonic, and Bowser/Bowser Jr. stand out.
    • Speaking of Bowser and Jr., they get plenty of cute moments in the Winter 2010 and London 2012 intros.
    • From Rio 2016 We can add Mario/Toad and Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong to the list.
    • Sochi victory animations for Mario/Sonic, Amy/Blaze, and Yoshi/Silver are especially sweet.
      • Mario and Sonic have their own handshake, for crying out loud.
      • Amy and Blaze's consists of Amy jumping from one sideof Blaze to the other before putting her hands on Blaze's shoulders. The fact Amy's acting like this after initially disliking Blaze in Sonic Rush is especially nice.
      • Silver and Yoshi are completely in sync for pretty much the entire animation. The high-five makes the whole thing even cuter.
      • Luigi and Tails stands out of all the crossover pairings, because of all the Intergenerational Friendship between the two franchises, they're the most extreme. Luigi is in his twenties, while Tails is only 8. It's almost like big brother/little brother relationship, and even more heartwarming as the two characters have quite a lot to relate to. Its all too easy to think of Luigi as a meta mentor to Tails, teaching the little fox what it means being in the sidekick business.
      • Bowser and Dr. Eggman's Villainous Friendship. Bowser has dealt with loyal minions, a one-sided crush with Princess Peach, rocky alliances, fatherhood, and of course, no shortage of enemies for decades. The Koopa King for the first time, actually has a real friend he can personally relate to and sit back and just have a good time with, and its heartwarming to see. Just goes to show even bad guys need a friend, and the two villains found each other. How much does Bowser appreciate Dr. Eggman? He actually has an Affectionate Nickname for him: Eggy.
      • In the same vein, Bowser Jr. appears to have found a friend himself in Metal Sonic. For those who were taken aback by Junior's lonely personality in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam might appreciate the little guy making a friend himself, even if it is just a robot.
  • This is one for Taiream fans. In the London 2012 Olympic Games Story Mode for 3DS, in Heroes Episode 3: A Rainbow In Fog, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese are about to be attacked by Phantasmal fog clones of Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails. The real deals of the characters show up a moment later. While Mario, Luigi and Sonic are already onto the clones, Tails is the one to call Cream and Cheese to safety. He even says "Don't worry, Cream. You're safe now." Daww.
    • Then Tails goes to defend Cream's honour with the others. A noble hero at that.
    • And it just gets better in Rio 2016, where in the 3DS version you face the fox and rabbit in a game of Beach Volleyball on Day 2 of the Mario route. And Cream even says that she and Tails have "the bestest teamwork around". Daww.
  • In the London 2012 Olympic Games Story Mode for 3DS, it shows one of the rare times where Sonic and Shadow are in scenes together without them getting into a fight. Further support comes from a scene in 'The Great Showdown', where Shadow is confident that Sonic and Mario will win against Bowser and Eggman. Again, shows the mutual respect Shadow and Sonic have for each other.
  • Sonic and Mario once again demonstrate they're a bunch of good joes by inviting Bowser and Dr. Eggman to participate in the olympics in the ending of London 3DS. Even after the villains caused so much trouble and endangering the populace in London with the Phantasmal Fog. There's the final shot with the heroes and the two Big Bads running out of Elizabeth Tower together. One of the few times Go-Karting with Bowser is actually invoked and demonstrated, and it's real nice here.
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  • Bowser's story in the post game in London 3DS. The Koopa King and his minions arrive in London, but something's up with Bowser. He's very grouchy and irritable. The Minions are concerned about Bowser of course, so they hatch up a plan to cheer them up. Magikoopa uses his magic to transform Goomba into Mario, thinking that beating his arch enemy in an olympic event will cheer Bowser up. It works, but not in the way it seems. Bowser was on to his minions all along, and reveals to Bowser Jr. that the reason for his grumpy attitude was due to a toothache. The big guy was hiding it from his minions because he understood how they felt worrying about their leader. If that isn't proof that Bowser really cares about his loyal minions, nothing else will prove it.
  • The dialogue for the characters on Copacabana Beach in the Wii U version of Rio 2016 Olympic Games can be pretty sweet, such as Larry promising to sneak his horse some carrots for doing well in an event, Bowser mentioning that he intends to have a feast for the entire Koopa Troop once he and Junior win the Olympics and Donkey Kong mentioning that Big invited to take him for banana splits.
  • The announcement trailer for Tokyo 2020 will make you shed Tears of Joy, notably the sense of Japanese Spirit and the idea of everyone enjoying the Olympics together.
    Let's enjoy the Olympic Games together!
  • The ending cutscene in Tokyo 2020 has this heart-melting bit: Bowser Jr. is seen crying on the ground, then the camera expands to Knuckles, who is crouching near Jr. and patting his shell. Jr. looks up and smiles.


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