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Awesome / Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

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  • Uh...HELLO?! MARIO AND SONIC! TOGETHER!!! Need we say more?
    • The date it was announced made people think it was just an April Fool’s joke. That’s how unbelievable it was.
  • Some of the Dream Events can make for some amazing scenes:
  • The opening to all three games is this, but especially Knuckles gets at least one in all of them. (Throwing the javelin in the climax of the first Olympics, out-maneuvering Bowser and Waluigi in a hockey match in Vancouver, and keeping the soccer ball away from Bowser, Vector and SHADOW in 2012)
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  • In the Mario & Sonic London 3DS' story mode, Princess Peach and Blaze demonstrate some royal authority and badassery, fighting off Phantasmal Fog Imposters in Hyde Park and rescuing Daisy and Amy.
  • The bad guys get one In London 3DS' story mode. Bowser and Dr. Eggman show off how Crazy-Prepared they were by creating their own fog duplicates to throw the other characters off the trail. Eggman also installed holograms of his fog machines.
  • The finale of the Rio 2016 3DS version's story mode is this. Finding all of the secrets on either path will take you to an awesome story mode ending. You, Sonic, and Mario take out Bowser and Dr. Eggman with the respective attacks consisting of you using Mario's/Sonic's ability. Then, Bowser and Eggman disappear with a Twinkle In The Sky.
    • Before that, during Day 7, finding all other secrets prior to Day 7 in Sonic's story will net you a cutscene which shows you and Jet entering the base via Jet's lock-breaking skills. Then, you destroy the machine that was used to control the two boys wearing Sonic and Mario outfits.
  • The Treeside Rumble minigame in Tokyo 2020 has an aggressive-looking-yet-still-adorable Tails punching, kicking, and knocking Larry's Shy Guys off their feet, which is a pretty epic moment to witness.
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  • At one point in Tokyo’s story mode, Luigi steps up to face Zavok. Not in just any Olympic event, but BOXING! Note that this is the one who can guard against a Homing Attack from Super Sonic! Luigi really will do anything to get his brother back.


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