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  • In all the Summer games, Sonic cannot swim at all. So while the rest of the cast is gracefully swimming (even Eggman and Bowser), Sonic is dog-paddling along with a life jacket.
  • Watching Bowser and Eggman snowboarding? What is this world coming to?
    • Or Bowser and Eggman figure skating, for that matter.
    • London 2012 continues the hilarity with its ribbon competition.
      • Seeing Bowser of all characters, dancing across a floor, twirling a ribbon all the way, is just so absurd, it's utterly hilarious and must be seen to be believed.
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    • Rio 2016 also continues with rhythmic gymnastics. Now with Motion Capture animations from real life female rhythmic gymnasts! Now imagine this with Mario or Sonic. Get the picture?
    • Yoshi on horseback.
    • The sheer Mood Whiplash potential in all six games.
    Shadow: I'll show you my ultimate power... (begins throwing snowballs at the opponent)
    • Those who have always wanted to know who could win a Table Tennis match between Shadow and Luigi can finally find out!
  • Winter Olympics had a special "Spot the VIP" goal at certain points, where a character wrote to you, telling you to keep an eye out for them at a certain event. One of these characters is Chaos.
  • London 2012 Olympics had the Dream Hurdles on a rotating platform from Battlerock Galaxy. When it speeds up, so does the music. The rotation does have a max speed, but by then, the music will be broken.
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  • The rivals from the Winter Olympics come back for London 2012. Dry Bowser's event? Dream Long Jump.
  • The plot of the DS version of Winter reveals that Vector ditched his work and joined the Olympics while Espio and Charmy are still doing their job, and they call him out on it. Even better, this is arguably true for every game in the series.
  • Luigi breakdancing when he gets 1st place: hilarious. Luigi breakdancing after beating Sonic and Shadow at a speed match: priceless.
  • These commercials for the first game. They revolve around Mario and Sonic (two guys in suits) trying to sabotage each other's interviews for the upcoming games. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Made much, MUCH funnier when you realize that while it's a voiceover, Charles Martinet and Jason Griffith are providing the voices for these hilarious commercials.
      • Bonus points goes to the ones with Sonic sabotaging an interview with an air horn, and Mario sabotaging one by goading Sonic into chasing him after tying his legs while he wasn't looking, since it's the most angry and boasty we've ever heard Mario while he's speaking full sentences.
    Mario (After he gets air horned a second time): I'm gonna get you, Sonic! This is the last time! Oh, don't you—(cut off by feed cutting out)
    Mario: What's the matter, blue guy? I'm over here! Hoo-hoo!
  • The Sochi game features special victory animations if characters have interesting relationships, shown here. Highlights include:
    • Sonic and Amy. Made even funnier by Sonic's unamused expression when Amy grabs his hands and starts jumping around.
    • Sonic and Eggman, with Sonic backflipping off Eggman's shoulder.
    • Eggman and Metal Sonic. Eggman claps Metal Sonic on the back while MS gives a "Psssh, whatever, Dad!" gesture.
    • If you're into the 'Shadow is Silver's dad' thing, their winning animation has a lot of "That's my boy" and "Dad, that was awesome!" to it. Even if you're not, there's some good bro action going on.
    • Shadow and Silver's connection is much funnier when looking back at their infamous encounter in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), where Shadow boots Silver in the back of the head.
    • Mario's animations with Donkey Kong and Bowser go about as well as you'd expect.
    • There's something funny about the fact that Shadow and Waluigi have one together as either one's only crossover victory animation. And they're in perfect sync.
    • Rio 2016 gives us Sonic and Jet.
    • We also have Silver and Yoshi from the sheer absurdity. Psychokinetic Hedgehog? Green dinosaur who only talks in Pokémon Speak? They totally hit it off. Somehow...
  • The final event for Legends Mode in the Wii U version of the Sochi Russia winter Olympics pits you against Eggman Nega, Dry Bowser, and... Rouge?
    • This can be Fridge Tearjerker considering that Shadow is with Sonic and everyone else. How would he feel if he had to compete against his best friend like this? Ouch...
  • In the Rio 2016 game, Nabbit brings his iconic stuffed thief bag with him. We repeat, NABBIT IS BLATANTLY CARRYING STOLEN GOODS IN ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST TELEVISED EVENTS!
  • In Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games, (the 3DS version story mode), Mario, Luigi and Toad all find out that Bowser is somehow involved in the plot to take over the games, and race off to see if Peach needed saving. By the time they found her... turns out Peach is not only absolutely fine, but she and Blaze had already taken care of the clones and rescued Daisy and Amy. Uh... wrong game, you guys.
    • Taken further is Peach's coyish reaction to Mario and Luigi's surprise. She looks so adorably hilarious.
  • In Girls Episode 2 in the 3DS version, After the very uneventful and stressful morning, being attacked by Fog Imposters and having going to search for the cause of the fog, Daisy delivers this classic understatement.
    Daisy: I haven't even had breakfast yet. I can already tell it's Going to Be One of Those Days.
  • Also in London 3DS, Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, and Toad have made their way to the British Museum Library to look for clues on Bowser and the Doctor. Tails quickly finds a clue, thanks in part to Eggman. Sonic can give nothing but an exasperated annoyed reaction. Even when it comes to something as simple as signing documents, Dr. Eggman needs to stand out a much as possible.
    Tails: Eggman signed his name here on the library check-out list in big fat letters. He uh... really likes to stand out.
  • In Girls' Episode 2: Peach In A Pinch in London 3DS, Peach, Blaze and some Toads are cornered by Phantasmal Fog Impostors. Blaze tries to coach the Toads up with a pep-talk, but it just doesn't work. Purple Toad passes out and is casually sleeping through the whole ordeal.
    Blaze: Toads! What are you doing? Cowering in fear will accomplish nothing!
    Blue Toad: Oh, um...okay. Listen, you imposters! Step away from Princess Peach! Um...Please?
    Yellow Toad: Yeah you big phonies! And leave Blaze alone... too...This isn't working!
  • In Sonic Episode 2 in London 3DS' story mode, Tails and Sonic have defeated King Boo and his minion and come across one of the Fog machines. Sonic impulsively destroys it, while Tails complains that he wanted to see how it works. Tails' question instantly gets answered when the fog clears around the area.
  • Also in Sonic Episode 2, there's this classic exchange between King Boo and his minion...
    King Boo: You were supposed to be keeping an eye on the city! Not laughing it up!
    Boo: Oh, I was keeping watch alright!
    Sonic And Tails approach King Boo from behind.
    Boo: In fact, Sonic and Tails are here...
    King Boo: (unaware that Sonic & Tails are actually behind him) And? Sonic and Tails showed up and then what happened?
    Boo: You mean after that, sire? Well, the Phantasmal Fog turned into Mario and Luigi. Gave the two of them quite a scare!
    King Boo: You don't say! Hmmm...Lord Bowser was right. No one saw you out there, did they?
    Boo: No worries, sire. Sonic and Tails were the only ones there. The fog's driven everyone off.
    King Boo: Good. Good. And the Mario & Luigi phantoms that came from the fog? Where are they?
    Boo: Oh, they disappeared after they lost to Sonic and Tails.
    King Boo: What? They lost? I guess Sonic really is as tough as Mario and his little friends.
    Boo: I don't know about that, sire.
    King Boo: Don't know much do you? Are you one of those newbie Boos they keep sending me?
    Boo: That's right! Freshly recruited and ready to join the London Olympic games!
    King Boo: Well, guess that explains it. Well, listen up, report to me at once of Sonic comes snooping around. I'll send him packing! Just like I always do Mario!
    Boo: Wow, you actually won against Mario? But I heard...Er, never mind. Oh, and about Sonic and Tails? They've been right over there the whole time.
  • The entirety of the Tricksters storyline in London 3DS, some standout moments:
    Toad: That was some fall, Wario! Are you all right?
    Wario: Ooh, that no good cheater! I'm putting my medical bills on your tab, Egghead! And adding a great big un-discount! Get back here!
    Toad: At least he has plenty of padding to cushion the fall...
    • This exchange in Tricksters Episode 3:
    Waluigi: Oh Wario! Perfect timing. You seen Metal Sonic around here?
    Wario: Can't say that I have. I was just gonna ask you if you seen that Egghead around here.
    Waluigi: No. Haven't seen him. You seen Metal Sonic around--
    Wario: I said I haven't!
  • Near the end of the London 2012 story mode, Blaze's ultimate fate is being forced to go clothes-shopping with the princesses and Amy. The Toads even stop Blaze from leaving before she can get away.
  • Seeing your Mii having a Dance Off with Mario or Sonic (Depending on whose Gym you choose at the start) at the end of Road To Rio in Rio 2016 3DS.
  • A rather meta example, but during the closing ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Prime Minister of Japan had dressed up like Mario and appeared out of a pipe promoting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
    • Even more meta example: Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020 was announced for the Nintendo Switch. The plumber and hedgehog are going home... literally.
  • The Classic 2D Events in Tokyo 2020 has the characters in their classic sprites from their original appearances. Mario, Luigi, Bowser along with the entire Sonic cast all have dynamic sprites and animations...except Peach, who has no animation, So her sprite just rotates and shifts for everything she does.


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