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  • Just as a standard in this game: everyone knows how the standard Mario plot usually goes. Everyone. Need some proof? Let's get the list going:
    • Paper Peach warns everyone that her Bowser and his minions were also removed from her book, and knows that if he meets the other Bowser, there will be a Villain Team-Up.
    • When the Bowsers arrive to kidnap Peach, Peach realizes from the distant laugh alone and muses that it seems like "that point in the story".
    • As the Bowsers depart with the Peaches, Bowser drops all pretense and points out that they know Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario will follow them because that's just what happens.
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    • In the Twinsy Tropics Dungeon, the trio come across a huge door with a Bowser symbol in it. Luigi actually stops the adventure to point it out and say they should remember it, because their kinds of adventures —and this is verbatim— "always have some kind of foreshadowing device".
    • As the Peaches lament their kidnapping, regular Peach points out there are some high points to an otherwise infuriating trend — particularly, riding in the Clown Car is actually pretty fun. However, if she has to say "Mario, save me!" one more time, she's going to scream.
  • Try leaving the castle storage room while playing as Luigi. Just try it.
    Toad: Um, Luigi?
  • The plot essentially starts when Luigi sneezes with enough force to launch himself backwards into the bookshelf and knock the book containing the paper universe. And then the book hits him straight on the head when it falls.
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  • During the opening of the game after Mario and Luigi take a close look of Paper Peach, they both start blushing with hearts coming out of them.
  • The two Bowsers waste no time in calling the other a fake and start having a Big Ball of Violence as Kamek watches on, obviously dumbfounded by the event.
    Bowser: I don't know how you got in, but you'd better get out! This is MY castle, you scrawny knockoff!
    Paper Bowser: Oh, puh-lease! YOU'RE the knockoff!
    Bowser: Even your insults are knockoffs! Get out before I rearrange your face!
    Paper Bowser: I'd like to see you try!
    Both: Grrrrrr...ROOOOOOAR!
    • A Goomba then comes in calling for Bowser, both of them stopping with Paper Bowser all crumpled up and Bowser looking all bruised. The Goomba is speechless and leaves to let them continue what they were doing...which they do without missing a beat.
    • Kamek getting caugh in the two Bowsers' Big Ball of Violence...twice.
  • Once Paper Mario appears before the bros., Luigi gets all emotional and hugs him...except his hug ends up crumpling Paper Mario, much to Mario's shock.
  • The papercraft wars:
    • To power your papercraft up, you play a Rhythm Game to make the Toads dance to the beat and pump them up while the enemies, including the bosses, wait for them (and even dance along to the music). Watching the Toads and what's supposed to be their opponents bust out dance moves is extremely amusing.
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    • Then the (comparatively tiny) Toads get to carry the gigantic papercraft statue, while the enemies are carrying enemies statues.
    • You can have the Toads toss your papercraft statue at enemies for a massive Goomba Stomp...then the Toads have to scramble to prop up the statue again on the stand they're carrying.
  • The two Kameks' constant infighting. "Your face looks like it got stuck in a panini press!"
  • Roy shows off his Harvard education right off the bat once he finds the Paper World book laying on the ground.
    "Hmm? What's this? A book?"
    "Those losers must have dropped it."
    "I wonder if it's important..."
    "...Nah, books are dumb. Into the trash it goes!"
  • In the Twinsy Tropics Dungeon, Luigi begins crying - Paper Mario comforts him by turning into a handkerchief for him to weep into - and then wrings himself out.
  • While traveling through the Twinsy Tropics Dungeon, the group comes across a paper Goomba (the same one they crumpled up at the beginning of the game) who accidentally trapped himself in a jail cell while he was mopping (due to being demoted to janitor). When he begs the trio to get him out, they briefly take a moment to turn to the side, one by one, and just walk off. Then the Goomba tells them to wait and says he's through working for Bowser. All three of them continue walking off of the screen. It takes him offering to give them something for the trio to come back, at which point Paper Mario shows him the very obvious solution of just walking between the bars.
  • Wendy is so easily angered that if Roy accidentally hits her with the blowback from one of his rock attacks, there's a chance she'll beat the living bejesus out of him right in the middle of the battle. In the times she doesn't, Roy looks incredibly relieved.
    • In addition, if Roy's health is low enough when Wendy attacks him, she can end up KOing him for you, especially if you decide to take advantage of it by attacking Roy before Wendy. Not her brightest moment.
  • In Twinsy Tropics, you can find a Paper Toad doing his own soliloquy about whether the Paper Toads will ever get home. When he realizes Luigi and the two Marios were eavesdropping, he gets annoyed; it was supposed to be a private soliloquy.
  • In what's also a supposed to be a sad moment, we're made to believe that Wiggler dies from his injuries after fighting the bros (he gets better). How does the Mario series choose to depict this 'death'? With an angelic light from above opening up so Para-Goomba angels can lift him up to heaven.
  • How do the Peaches escape their fool-proof, heavily guarded cage? Paper Peach just walks right through the bars. You know, cause she's paper.
  • The Peaches at one point have a conversation about hairstyles and how they want to chop all their hair off and that every excuse they have heard is ridiculous. The kicker is when the camera zooms out to reveal that all the guards are listening in and are completely smitten by their girl talk.
  • The Bowser Jr.s want to stay together and become friends. How? Destroying the Paper Mario world. Note that Paper Bowser Jr. came up with the idea, and he lives in said world. Neither of them even think about the consequences. Justified, as they're young enough to not understand said consequences, and that they were just going to throw it in the garbage...which isn't even destroying the book.
    • ...But then again, that's what their fathers were planning as well, alongside burning the book.
  • While explaining to the Bros that the Peaches have been taken to Mt. Brrr, one Toad goes into a melodramatic soliloquy about the scandal of it all. When he turns around, everyone has already left.
    • Even better, when this Toad is encountered once again, he goes into another speech, only this time the game gives you an explicit button prompt to remind you how to fast-forward cutscenes right after he tells you not to skip what he has to say, as if even the game itself is tired of listening to him.
      *Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and Starlow see the Green Toad being grabbed by Paper Petey Piranha*
      Starlow: Wait a sec...Didn't we already beat this guy?
      Green Toad: I'll try to explain this fast so you can get to the saving-me part! I'm as anxious as you are to move on, but please don't press R to fast-forward!
      Text Box: Fast-forward with R.
      *frantic music gets much quieter*
      Green Toad: Okay, let me cut to the chase. You did indeed defeat Petey Piranha! However, this here is the PAPER version of Petey Piranha! Whole different situation. The whole paper enemy situation has got out of control lately! Paper enemies raining down from the sky... Toads weak and trembling with trepidation... Is the picture I'm painting grim enough for you? The Mushroom Kingdom faces its greatest crisis yet! Facing this crisis are the two Marios. In their hands, they wield only the weapon known as courage. Well, that and hammers.
      Mario and Paper Mario: ...
      Green Toad: Next to them stands Luigi, flames of determination burning quietly behind those eyes of his. Those, er, blank eyes of his.
      Luigi: ...
      Green Toad: But I digress! Can these three heroes deliver the Mushroom Kingdom from certain doom? And what of me? What will be the fate of this humble Toad?
      *Paper Petey Piranha throws the Green Toad offscreen*
      Starlow: Um...Thank you for moving that along.
      *Mario and Luigi nod at Paper Petey as the music starts up again*
  • On Mt. Brrr, Toadette tells the trio that she needs a safe place to build a new papercraft. Her reaction to what Luigi tells her is priceless:
    Toadette: What do you mean there's no such thing as a safe place in this terrifying world?
  • Mario and the gang meeting Ludwig and Larry for the first time:
    • First, Larry and Ludwig start pummeling the gang (all the while Starlow asks Luigi to "put his mustache back on" while confusing Mario for his paper counterpart). Then, Starlow decides to use her special attack "Supernova Sparkle", much to everyone's dismay.
    • When everyone starts going out of the pipe, Larry starts threatening Mario and the gang, only to notice Luigi cheering on while standing besides him. This prompts Larry to tell him he's standing on the wrong side.
    • If you take Larry down first, Ludwig will start attacking with a powerful Desperation Attack. Countering it leads to a hilarious Oh, Crap! from Ludwig.
    • Larry's "angry" pose looks a bit silly for an angry pose.
  • In Bowser's Castle, the Kameks taunt the Mario brothers about them not having a papercraft of their own and lament how they can't use their new King Boo papercraft to destroy the bros. craft, only to be utterly flabbergasted at how Toadette managed to sneak into the castle with a huge papercraft without anyone noticing.
    Paper Kamek: I can see it now...
    Kamek: Yeah... me too...
    Paper Kamek: No, I mean literally! *camera quickly pans back to the Bros., revealing Papercraft Yoshi standing there*
    Kameks: They have a new papercraft! *Face Fault 20 feet in the air from their flying brooms*
    • And the best part is that Toadette Hand Waves the whole thing. It's even funnier because she didn't really sneak it in...
      Paper Kamek: Wh...where did that come from?!
      Toadette: I made it!
      Paper Kamek: Right...but how did you sneak it in here? We're in Bowser's Castle, for crying out loud! I...I think we have security...and stuff...
      Toadette: Oh. I built it here!
      Paper Kamek: When?!
      Toadette: Just now.
      Paper Kamek: GRRR! You're answering my questions...without really telling me anything!
      Kamek: Yeah. That's super annoying.
    • "Gah! She's weirdly confident! It's making me even madder!"
  • When the heroes confront Bowser Jr. and his paper counterpart, Paper Bowser Jr. wonders if the Marios and Luigi are there just to rescue the princess or if they're trying to get the book back, too. Bowser Jr. dramatically displays the book, and Starlow exclaims that the Bowser Jrs. must have had it all along. After an awkward silence, the Bowser Jrs. realize that the others must not have known they had the book and say that pulling it out just then was not their best move.
    Bowser Jr.: Hmm... Hey, buddy.
    Paper Bowser Jr.: What's up?
    Bowser Jr.: I kind of feel like these guys didn't know we had the book.
    Paper Bowser Jr.: Looks that way.
    Bowser Jr.: Maybe we shouldn't have pulled it out just then.
    Paper Bowser Jr.: Maybe not our best move.
  • After you defeat the two Bowser Jr.s and the two Princesses kiss their respective Marios, Luigi then starts asking regular Peach for his own kiss. He doesn't get one.
  • After the Bowser Jr.s' boss fight, there's a scene where the two Bowsers show up, and the non-paper one gets on Jr.'s case about neglecting his evil duties in the same way that you'd see a normal parent chide their child for skipping out on their chores.
    Bowser: And son, I don't mean to keep piling on, but do you even SEE Mario over there?
  • Bowser once more decks out his fortress with the aid of his Paper counterpart, and he dubs it...! Neo Bowser Castle. Guess he really got attached to that place.
  • When Starlow is hanging onto the wall of Bowser's Castle by her mouth with the Bros. and the Princesses all hanging onto her, Kamek tries to hit them with a few magic blasts, which they dodge. So what does he do next? He compliments Starlow on her teeth, upon which Starlow thanks him for it and consequently lets go. She screams that her beautiful teeth are her downfall again; key word "again". To top it off, Kamek then thinks to himself that Starlow really does have nice teeth; apparently, that wasn't meant to get her off the castle.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it one: When the protagonists are gliding down to Sunbeam Plains from Neo Bowser Castle, the way Paper Peach is positioned behind Peach makes it look like her head is up Peach's dress.
  • King Bob-omb's pre-defeat speech?
    King Bob-omb: I can't lose to these puny brats. I'm a king! I...I have a moustache! Oh. Right. So do they.
    [Boss defeat animation starts]
  • After the Paper Toads all form a bridge to get Mario and crew to Neo Bowser Castle, they decide to send up a message just to be safe and make sure it worked. With each Toad the message is passed to, it gets changed more and more to the point where, by as soon as the fifth Paper Toad, it's utter nonsense. The best part is that somehow, across over 200 Toads, the message manages to return to normal by the time it reaches the final Toad, is similarly jumbled on the way back down, and is returned to normal again by the time it reaches the ground.
  • After their defeat, it seems as though the two Kameks are about to admit that they've grown close to each other in the same way the two Junior's have. Then Kamek says this:
    Kamek: You were like a brother to me...a hideously ugly brother.
    Cue Paper Kamek immediately livening back up as the two continue to bicker. It actually devolves into back and forth No Yous. Bowser's esteemed court wizard, everybody.
    • The Marios then, comically enough, simply stomp the Kameks in unison for good measure, to "poof" them away and cease the bickering.
  • During the final gauntlet against the Koopalings, Morton — remember, he's supposed to be the idiot of the group — is the only one who seems to recognize the trend that's happening when it's down to just him, Lemmy and Iggy.
    Morton: did just see what they did to everyone else, right?
    • He does realize that being the final fight of a Boss Rush, the trio is probably fatigued.
    • And in a manner befitting the silly one, the crazy one and the stupid one: their one and only fight with the Mario Bros. is pretty comical. Successfully boomerang Lemmy, and his rubber ball will daze him. Stomp on Iggy's head during his chase, and the Chain Chomp will daze him. Bounce the same Chomp back at Morton, and he will be dazed also. All three of these happen right after the other; in one turn (provided you know your action commands), the Koopalings have incapacitated themselves. Granted, they're not defeated yet, but it's a hilarious and welcome sight after the other four.
      • Of course, if you don't deflect them, any one of these attacks will kill you immediately. Which is equally hilarious.
  • After executing a Mega Thwonk perfectly, Giant Luigi pops in from off-screen to give Mario a thumbs-up. Conversely, failing to smack the enemy causes Luigi to trip over his own feet as his hammer shrinks down to bop the enemy on the head.
  • Both Bowsers starting to make trouble again, literally seconds after the gang is done tying up all loose ends.


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