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Also, the series has a page for being unintentionally hilarious.

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    Genesis games 
  • In all of the 16-bit games, the expression on Robotnik's face whenever you hit him is priceless and makes one grateful that he shows up in every level. His Aside Glance when he enters play or hits you is also pretty funny.
  • Also in the 16-bit games, if you're playing as Sonic with the AI controlling Tails, any time Tails delivers the final blow to Robotnik's machine in a boss fight.
  • Beating Sonic the Hedgehog with all Chaos Emeralds results in an ending in which Robotnik angrily stomps on the "END" logo repeatedly. Even if you fail to collect them all, watching Eggman delightfully juggling the remaining emeralds is pretty funny, too.
  • The Japan version of Metallic Madness' Bad Future theme in Sonic CD can be this, albeit likely very unintentionally. Between what sounds like edited clips of the Heavy Weapons Guy throughout it, the downright silly evil laughter, and the robotic voice's words being far less threatening than they're likely meant to and ending up sounding like comical insults and taunting thanks to the monotone and mostly being spoken during a less dire-sounding part of the melody ("YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING, SO DON'T EVEN TRY. GET SOME HELP." and "DON'T DO WHAT SONIC DOES.", to be exact), and it's really not difficult to see why the music could be hilarious for some people.
    • The same soundtrack's equivalent for the present version of the level's theme counts as well, thanks to its hilariously cheesy rapping.

    Sonic the Fighters 
  • The opponent related throws in Sonic the Fighters.
    • For Amy's, the character takes her hammer and smacks her over the head with it.
      • The way all the characters' heads look when flattened are hilarious.
    • The character yanks back Espio's tongue and releases it, causing it to smack him in his face like a rubber band.
      • Depicted in fanart here.
    • The character steals Fang's popgun from his holster, causing him to panic before shooting him in the face with it.
    • The character takes a bomb from Bean, shoves it in his mouth, and ducks for cover for a few seconds while Bean makes multiple hilarious faces before bomb explodes.
  • Several of the attacks in general are funny. The game is practically Sonic the Hedgehog meets Looney Tunes meets Virtua Fighter.

    Sonic Origins 

Game cutscenes

  • Some of the cutscenes have their funny moments:
    • Sonic CD:
    • The Sonic 2 intro has the moment when Sonic rushes on the foxes bullying Tails, making them spin in the process. Doubles as Awesome Moments.
    • Sonic 3 and Knuckles takes the palm:
      • The intro has Eggman escaping his Death Egg Robot, falling on his back and having trouble standing up. After angrily pulling his mustache, he sobs on the ground like a child before seeing the shiny Master Emerald. Before getting it, he's interrupted by Knuckles who wants to fight him, but Eggman begs for mercy and makes himself pass for an animals defender against Sonic and Tails, who are represented as a greedy Emerald thief and a kitsune. Knuckles falls for it and stands his fist to Eggman's face... before opening his hand to help the doctor standing up; while Knuckles hits his fists on each other, Eggman does a Cheshire Cat Grin like he's congratulating himself of having duped the echidna.
      • The ending has Eggman floating near his crashed rocket on a Rexon-shaped tube when a Flicky flutters down to taunt him. Eggman swipes at it, but it hops out of reach, which makes it notice the inflatable nature of its perch. Eggman desperately shakes his head as if saying "Oh no!", to which the Flicky eagerly nods "Oh Yes!". The camera pans upwards, followed a second later by a soft pop!

Speed Strats series

  • The Speed Strats series for "Sonic Origins" has a few funny moments of its own.
    • In the first episode, Sonic rushes around while the narrator tries to slow him down just to pay attention.
    • Following on from that, before the Sonic 1 animated ending cutscene can be shown on a Sonic 2 monitor, Tails blows the monitor up, annoying the narrator, yet perplexing him about whether Tails somehow "absorbed the cutscene".
    • In the second episode, focused on Sonic 1, the narrator acts concerned around Sonic, telling him he needs to go to the doctor after something happened. Cue Sonic rushing off-screen to fight Robotnik again, and the narrator yelling "Wait, no - not THAT doctor!"
      • With one life in the same episode, Sonic manages to survive the climb section in Marble Zone Act 1, to the narrator's surprise! ...At least until a Batbrain knocks him out.
    • A couple of times in the third episode, focusing on Sonic CD, Justin Thormann, a staff member for the game, yells "Metal SONIC!" very loud, causing time travel to occur on accident. His reason for doing it? "I... really like Metal Sonic."
      "And that's all for now, folks! Now please, change me back before I think putting meat in gelatin is a good idea! Yum! I mean, yuck! No!"
    • At the beginning of the Sonic 2 episode, the narrator acts smug and claims he can take on the infamous "easy" part of Chemical Plant Act 2. Cue him struggling to do so while making an hilarious drowning impression.
      "Atatata! Not a peep outta you, Sonic!"
      • Almost immediately after, he tumbles back into the water with yet another drowning impression.
    • In the same episode, even the narrator himself is flabbergasted at how Robotnik can outrun Sonic in the Death Egg.
    • In the S3&K episode of Speed Strats, Evan is admiring the detail of Angel Island with Sonic, but freaks out once the island is set ablaze. His reaction afterwards?
    • When Evan is explaining Tails's abilities, he goes all cutesy around Tails's doggy-paddling underwater while Sonic looks at him, clearly unamused.
    "He can also swim underwater! Look at his cute little doggy paddle! Who's a good boy? Who's a good-? Uh? Ahem."
    • At the end, he pokes fun at the Player 2 AI being unable to avoid the bombs in AIZ2.
    • In the "Secrets" Speed Strats video, Evan is watching Sonic take on the Death Egg in Sonic 2 and rooting for him... until he realizes Sonic has 3 rings, which isn't possible without Debug Mode!
      • In the same episode, Evan prods fun at Sonic again after catching him surrounded by many ring and 1-Up item monitors, even trapping him with the infamous barrel in Carnival Night Zone just for good measure.
    "I know the Death Egg Robot can be tricky without any... hey, WAIT A MINUTE! How do you have 3 rings? *gasp* YOU'RE CHEATING, AREN'T YOU? I'm disappointed in you! Nothing good ever comes out of cheating... (Sonic goes Super and takes down the Death Egg Robot easily) Okay, ONE good thing comes from cheating."
    "Just don't go around messing with Tails, alright?"
    Argick: SEGA. Do NOT turn me into an item mon-. (he turns into an item monitor) WAIT, NOOOOOOO-"
    Evan: Phew, I finally caught up with you, Sonic. Did you find Argick and learn some of his speedrun strats? (Sonic nods in agreement) Great! Where is he? (they both notice the smashed monitor) Oh no."


  • From the Game Mod (of Sonic 1 and 2) Sonic Classic Heroes, you can switch between Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles if playing on Team Hero. In the infamous Labyrinth Zone boss, if you get the idea to swim your way to the top as Tails, leaving Sonic and Knuckles to drown, what will happen instead most of the time is one or both of them will desperately grab onto the swimming Tails, hoping to escape. But Tails can't carry anyone while swimming, so instead, he will tire out instantly and fall down with the other two. Possibly the funniest unintentional use of Video Game Cruelty Punishment.