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  • More or less every final boss mini-game is tense enough to work as one whenever the player wins.
  • The victory skits at the end of each board in Mario Party 2 has the top player heroically defeating Bowser in a way that matches the theme of the board, which is especially fun after all how much he messes with you during the board. The one for Bowser Land takes the cake, though.
  • From Mario Party 2: Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing.
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  • Winning a particularly tough board or mini-game, or achieving some other great advantage to put to good use, can make a player feel awesome.
  • Donkey Kong punching Bowser in Mario Party 5 on occasion, stopping him from causing trouble. He also does the same thing to the Koopa Kids in Story Mode when they land on his space.
  • Daisy slapping Bowser into the sky in Mario Party 3. No wonder Bowser rarely kidnaps her.
    • Waluigi gets his turn when he beats Bowser up later on.
  • The Frightmare Bowser fight in Mario Party 5, especially the last phase—and the music.
  • Once again, Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing. This particular variant takes place in Mario Party 9.
  • In the story mode of Mario Party: Island Tour, Bowser wins. When the character reaches the top of Bowser's Tower, Bowser will reveal that the destroyed Bowser was a decoy and then proceed to knock the character off the tower, saying that they can come back any time.
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  • Mario Party 10's star is Bowser, who is playable for the first time (not counting a bonus game in 4 and 5). Whoever plays as him can ruin the other players' days.
  • Mario Party DS deserves a mention because unlike in the other games, you can fight Bowser in the final mini-game with bare hands and feet instead of wands or any other items (not that they're uncool). Bowser has a magic belt and what does your character do? Beat him to a pulp of course!
    • The intro to the game has Bowser capturing every playable character, shrinking them with his Minimizer, and tossing them out of the castle once they're of no more use to him.


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