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Two of Nintendo's biggest franchises together at last!
Where do we even begin? This game is filled with awesomeness.

  • Gliding near planes in Sunshine Airport. In fact, you actually glide faster than the planes!
  • Racing up and down waterfalls in Shy Guy Falls.
  • Many courses here have awesome stuff in them: Mario Circuit (driving on both sides of it), Electrodrome (all of it), N64 Rainbow Road, etc.
  • The Super Horn item cancels out BLUE SHELLS.
  • The game allows you to watch the best moments of the race with slow motion!
    • The replay features employ a fixed camera angle, so while the in-game camera always follows the orientation of your kart, the replay will make you realize that you were actually driving along walls or across the ceiling!
  • Showing off moments like this...
  • This marks the first time in the Mario Kart series that every single race track has its own unique music track! A feat that is not easily done, especially with this being the first game in the series that uses live recorded music!
  • Meta examples:
    • Mario Kart 8 sold 1.2 million copies within the first three days, making it the fastest selling Wii U game (as of June 4, 2014), and ultimately became the best selling game on the console.
    • Despite being an rerelease of a game that already sold over 8 million copies on the Wii U, Deluxe went ahead and sold nearly double that on the Switch, making the best selling game on two consoles.
  • As the DLC has hit, let's go over some of the truly awesome things in the courses.
    • They do not list previously redone tracks as off limits for retro courses, allowing for the return of SNES Rainbow Road, GCN Yoshi Circuit, and GCN Baby Park. The packs also include new retro courses such as GBA Cheese Land, GBA Ribbon Road, Wii Wario's Gold Mine, and 3DS Neo Bowser City.
    • Link joins the roster, as well as the Villager and Isabelle from Animal Crossing.
    • GCN Yoshi Circuit is still shaped like its namesake, with shortcuts preserved. But the detail that has gone into everything is absolutely mind-blowing. You may just end up deliberately losing the race so you can admire the scenery.
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    • Excitebike Arena is not only a very faithful recreation of the original, but it's randomly-generated; no two races will be exactly alike!
    • Dragon Driftway is a new track, taking place on the body of a giant stone dragon (Gobblegut, to be precise). The entire course is full of perilous twists and turns, and combined with the beautiful views and catchy music, it's a favorite in many a fan's book.
    • Mute City and Big Blue play just like the games they come from, with plenty of boost pads, huge jumps, and sharp turns. These courses even change up the gameplay — rather than collecting coins across the track, you drive over health strips that refill them automatically. Also, they both have amazing music.
    • SNES Rainbow Road makes its glorious return, and it's better than ever. The course has been given a gorgeous redesign, complete with rainbow lighting illuminating the hills of the skyline, and the music has been given a lovely remix. However, the core track remains the true test of skill that it always has been, making it an incredibly fun and memorable course.
    • Hyrule Circuit. This course is chock-full of Shout Outs to classic Zelda games. Instead of coins on the track, there are rupees. Deku Babas replace the Piranha Plants, and Keese take the place of Swoopers. When you get an item, you'll hear the Item Get! jingle from Ocarina of Time onwards. You'll even hear the classic "Puzzle Solved" jingle playing if you hit all three switches on the way to the Master Sword's chamber, which unlocks a shortcut for a few moments.
    • Long-awaited GBA courses Cheese Land and Ribbon Road make their grand return. The tracks have been updated with slopes and hills, new shortcuts, and tons of details along the way. In Ribbon Road's case, its scenery has gotten a complete overhaul, giving it a Toy Time flair. Cheese Land, meanwhile, is made much more appetizing and is given new obstacles such as an anti-gravity section and a Chain Chomp. Both are truly astounding and are a real reward for long-time fans of the series.
    • Baby Park is back. Alongside updated visuals and music, the chaos is now elevated to twelve players, allowing for even more mayhem than before. The background details that have been added put an entire amusement park in the background which makes some of the other courses look bland by comparison.
    • Animal Crossing is one of the most detailed courses in the series, featuring plenty of Easter Eggs and cameos across the track. There's even four different variations of the level and its music — one for each season of the year. It's definitely a wondrous sight to behold for Animal Crossing fans.
  • For the first time in the whole Mario Kart series, there is now an option to play at 200 cc. Previously, the fastest mode was just 150 cc.
  • Once you reach the last portion of Big Blue, a familiar voice shouts, YEAH! THE FINAL LAP! Very unexpected and very awesome.
  • Another unexpected first in the series is being able to drive real-world licensed vehicles as karts: three Mercedes-Benz kart bodies (one new car, the GLA, as shown in this image, and two classic ones, the W 25 Silver Arrow and the 300SL Roadster) and wheels based off of the ones on the GLA. Oh, and it's free. However, whether it's a worthy addition to the game (let alone the series) or nothing but a blatant advertisement for any third party company (let alone a car company) that would be out of place in a Nintendo gamenote  depends on who you ask.
  • When Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was announced for Nintendo Switch, it reavealed Playable Inklings and a Splatoon battle mode arena.
  • With Deluxe adding Smart Steering and Auto-Accelerate to the game, someone has proved that Luigi can win an entire cup in lower difficulties by doing absolutely nothing. Yup, you read that right, Luigi won an entire cup by doing absolutely nothing.


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