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Nightmare Fuel / Mario Party

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And this would be why you Don't Wake Wiggler.

Sometimes Mario Party goes a little past wacky and fun party games into a more serious and ominous territory where the consequences of losing become much more dire.

  • Mario Party 1
    • Some find the Options House terrifying, mainly because of the freaky background music and the process that you go through to delete your save data, which feels like you're activating a nuclear missile.
    • Running of the Bulb is a very good example. Four characters have to protect a lightbulb as they run down to the end of a dark, Boo-infested hallway while being chased by one large, rather frightening-looking Boo. Letting this particular Boo catch you means you disappear in a similar fashion to Ghost Guess. Going even further, the lesser Boos are apparently capable of possession. It's pretty creepy having Mario characters slowly chase you zombie-style while glowing with a ghostly blue aura. And if you're the one possessed, all you can do is hope that another character will take the time to knock you back to your senses, and pray that the Boo controlling you doesn't decide you to just go ahead and feed you to the big one.
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    • And then there's Pedal Power, one of the games that used the infamous Scrappy Mechanic of "spin your Control Stick around like there's no tomorrow". You have to pedal a stationary bike to light up a lamp behind you before the Boo gets you. The tension-inducing music does little to help matters.
    • Any of the minigames involving Boos eating the losers was creepy. There was Ghost Guess where you had to guess which was the leader of a pack of Boos (a dozen or so) circling you. The game gives you the tip: the first one to start their dances is the leader. But then again, it's pretty hard to figure out which of them does it. And when you pick the wrong one, all the Boos converge on you and take you to God-knows-where. As soon as they're gone, so are you.
  • Panels of Doom/Panel Panic from Mario Party 4. You're standing on one of nine numbered panels that crumble away into a void based on numbers rolled by a Dice Block. If your number happens to come up, you're presented with an overhead view of your character plummeting to their doom while reaching in despair towards where their platform once stood.


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