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Heartwarming moments in the Mario Party series.

  • Generally, arriving at a Bowser space without coins or stars (most likely because your opponents just got done stripping you clean of anything) causes him to take pity on you and give you some coins to get back into the game. He's still a major jerkass, but stuff like this helps us remember that he does have a heart underneath it all (even if he's only giving you the coins so you can actually gain something of value for him to steal).
    • In DS, he will instead redistribute all of the players' coins so that you have the same amount as everyone, allowing you to get in the game faster. His quote while doing so?
      Bowser: Today's your lucky day, [character]!
    • In Island Tour, he instead gives players a bit of a sporting chance if they're lagging behind when they land on a Bowser Space, as one of the sentences becomes moving ahead (or backward, if you're dangerously close to him in his own board), and he may also sentence players to give an item to the person in last place or switch places with another player. Granted, he's still a jerk about it, but he wouldn't be Bowser if he weren't a jerk. He also refuses to steal your Mario Party Points if that is chosen in the Bowser's Tower punishment roulette due to it being too mean.
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  • Seeing the two Yoshis being reunited at the end of the Yoshi board in 1.
  • The ending cutscene of 3. The real Millennium Star allows your character to become the greatest Superstar in the universe, with the background music having that Earn Your Happy Ending feeling to it. This, combined with the credits and their music, also drives home the point that this is the last non-third-party game for the N64.
  • Everyone celebrating the player's birthday in 4.
    • At the end of Story Mode in 4, it's revealed that Bowser's goal was to get in on celebrating the player's birthday like everyone else. Not that he'll admit it, though.
  • At the end of Mario Party 5, Bowser's wish was for a strong opponent, meaning that even when you defeated him, he got what he wanted.
    • The cutscene after the third story mode board has Koopa Kid state that his dream is to be near Bowser in a way that sounds very much like a small child enjoying time with their father.
    • The 4-player minigame Flower Shower takes place during a Koopa Troopa wedding. Awww...
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  • As said in the Fridge Brilliance page for the series: in Mario Party 5, notice that DK has his own space and this is the only game where he sometimes stops Bowser when someone lands on a Bowser space with a punch. And in said game, it takes place in the land of dreams and wishes, so DK's wish is to help people.
  • The ending of 6, where Brighton and Twila agree to end their feud and fill the night sky with all of the Stars the player has collected as everyone celebrates. We even get to see DK and Bowser's reactions to the spectacle. The music during this scene definitely helps as well.
  • At the end of DS, when the heroes grow back to normal, defeat Bowser and the player unlocks Triangle Twisters, Bowser laments how he wanted to unveil the game's legend. However, the heroes still ask him and Bowser Jr. if they want to play Triangle Twisters, to which they promptly and happily agree, leading to them grouping up with the 8 playable characters and having a good time together.
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  • The end of the mini-game "Shy Guy Shuffle" in 10 where the players all sit around a table eating donuts. Also counts as Funny Moment as it is one of the few mini-games with post-game animation.
  • Bowser's interactions in Island Tour's Bowser Tower when you play as Bowser Jr. just scream heartwarming. "Aw, who am I kidding? There's a special spot on my black heart for you, son." Too bad he still bashes you out if you win the mode.
  • In Super Mario Party, if you win a group mini game, there's a prompt for you and your friends to high-five.
  • Over multiple Mario Party games, Bowser has repeatedly acted out of frustration over not being allowed to join the festivities (7 being a standout example). In Super Mario Party, they finally let him join in the fun.
  • Kamek's role in Super Mario Party. In almost every previous game in the series, a Koopa Kid hosts the final board as a form of Hostile Show Takeover. Not this time. Bowser assigns one of his most trusted minions to be a counterbalancing judge to Toad and Toadette, and he serves as their Token Evil Teammate. Sure, he ends up filling Bowser's traditional role on the boards, but it's considered part of the game, and even when the topic is first brought up, it's acknowledged that his magic will make setting up considerably easier. In short, they expand the usual minion presence into Cut Lex Luthor a Check and it works.
  • In Super Mario Party, it really is something for Bowser to allow his minions to participate in the games, seeing how he always wanted to participate, he not only is allowed, but even brought everyone else, Granted it's because he wants his side to become the Superstar, but he could have asked the Koopalings and no one would blame him, but no, he took his minions to have fun.
  • Another one for Super Mario Party: Bowser, under normal circumstances, is the final opponent in the game's single-player mode - and rather than being a Sore Loser, he gleefully applauds and congratulates the Super Star, saying that they beat him to the punch. The sweetness factor is doubled up if you happen to play as Bowser in the mode - at which point, Bowser Jr. takes his place as the last opponent, and he happily praises his father after losing.
  • In Super Mario Party, some minigame endings, such as Senseless Census and Candy Shakedown has the losing characters socializing in the background. This makes it charming when you see Bowser or his minions talking to Mario and his friends in a train or at a tea party.
    • The intro for Absent Minded has one of the four characters telling stories to others and laughing in response.
  • You can chat with the other party guests in Super Mario Party, and some of them have adorable things to say.
    • Whomp tells you that if you ever feel like crying, he'll let you hide behind him while you cry so no one has to know.
    • Toadette says that despite his role as the "bad guy," Kamek is actually really nice, and the two of them have become friends.
    • Peach is grateful to be having a party again, and especially to see everyone getting along so well.


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