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Heartwarming / Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

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  • In one trailer, while everyone else is donning the appropriate reaction to Rabbid Kong, Rabbid Luigi just smiles, and offers him a banana.
  • Mario leaping in through the vortex to rescue not Peach, but Luigi.
    • When Mario first steps through to World 1-5 and hears Luigi's terrified 'MARIO!', he looks considerably worried.
  • In the intro when everything falls from the sky, Rabbid Peach rushes around to try and catch Rabbid Luigi. She fails of course, but it's our first sign that there's more to these Rabbids then random chaos.
    • Their entire relationship is quite sweet. They share pictures on their phone and seem to be really good friends with each other.
    • Any time Beep-0 tries to stick up for your Rabbid allies at the beginning of the game, really. His genuine concern over Spawny is also rather sweet, with him telling Mario he has to 'save' the Rabbid.
  • When it looks like Spawny has fallen to his death, Bowser Jr. looks legitimately hurt.
    • Likewise, Junior is horrified the entire time when Spawny falls out of his clown car at the beginning of 2-8. The subsequent scene with Mario afterwards is one of the few times in the game where Junior is visibly angry.
  • At the end of world 2, Peach of all people pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment, and poses with Mario as a Battle Couple.
  • The game's ending cinematic, taking place in the rebuilt Mushroom Kingdom with the threat of the Mega Bug now long gone. Toads and Rabbids gather around to watch a new statue get revealed, which turns out is not of Princess Peach herself, but rather Rabbid Peach. The crowd goes wild and Rabbid Peach is simply overjoyed, before huddling around her allies for one more selfie.
  • Bowser Jr's genuine gratitude to Mario and stark change in demeanor after the final boss shows that he loves his father so much that the fact that his own evil plan failed seems like a minor inconvenience to him as long as his dad is safe. The ginger way he treats Spawny is also quite adorable.
  • In a meta example, the game’s title and some promotional artwork had been leaked weeks prior to the game’s initial reveal at E3 2017. The developers had been keeping as much as they could under wraps due to the naturally divisive status of the Rabbids, to avoid any ill will before they could show the game off. The leaked artwork was met with confusion and ridicule online, which, according to interviews with the development staff, made them question if they hadn’t made a huge mistake in the years developing the game. Come E3, and the public’s first chance to see the game in action. Its reveal trailer was met with a rousing cheer and applause. One of the developers could be seen on camera crying.
    • This is neglecting to mention the reason the developer, Davide Soliani, was crying. Mr. Soliani is a huge fan of Shiguru Miyamoto. It was reported he camped out in the rain for hours outside Miyamoto’s hotel just for the chance to meet him. Then 15 years later he gets to work on a game starring Mario, Miyamoto’s creation. Not only that, he hears his hero compliment him on stage in front of the world, and praise Soliani by name, on his hard work on this game. His smile and tears from being acknowledged by the man he greatly admires was truly a beautiful moment of E3.


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