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Just a typical day for the Security Officer

Before Master Chief and Cortana made themselves legendary, their revered predecessors kicked just as much ass.

Beware of spoilers

  • Basically everything Durandal ever does, but his best moments include:
    • From the very first terminal in the second game, Durandal's snark is as powerful as his arsenal, telling you that he's introducing the Pfhor "to the magic of orbital bombardment."
    • Killing half of the Pfhor's best battlefleet with nothing more than his upgraded corvette "Boomer". He knew he was going to lose, had nowhere to run, so he decided to go out in style, and believes that this action will get him into the Pfhor's military history books.
    Durandal: I'd have erased my seven times table to hear what the combat technicians on the Khfiva shouted when they learned I could focus a particle beam at nearly twice their maximum range.
    • Durandal faking his own death, then recreating himself on board the main Pfhor flagship, and sending Tycho's ship crashing into the moon. Then he caps this off by using a plasma beam to write an inscription celebrating his victory in the moon, visible from orbit... in Latin.
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    • Ten thousand years after Marathon II, he buzzes Earth in a Jjaro battleship... just to say "hi" and make sure humanity doesn't forget him.
  • A few of the Security Officer's feats include:
    • Rampaging solo on various Pfhor ships, particularly in the first game, where he practically starts a species-wide revolution while at it.
    • Humiliating the Pfhor's best Heavy-Armor unit just for the hell of it.
    • Jumping through time/alternate dimensions/whatever in order to stop the Eldritch Abomination from destroying the universe.
    • However, most impressive of all is his sheer determination. He goes through more horrible things than most video game protagonists. Stuff that broke an extremely intelligent AI with a god complex, killed millions, bought empires to their knees, and even ripped time and space apart. Even when he (supposedly) had fallen into despair, he still kept fighting. And won.
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    • Meta: Doing all of above only with his FISTS when possible, Vidmaster style.
  • Action-packed Maps that also serve to empathize the badassness of the Security Officer:
    • Marathon: Habe Quiddam and Try Again
    • Durandal: If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Someone Pay, For Carnage, Apply Within, Begging for Mercy Makes Me Angry!, and All Roads Lead to Sol…
    • Infinity: Acme Station, Hang Brain, and You Think You're Big Time? You're Gonna Die Big Time!.


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