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The Video Game

  • To begin, you spend the entire game playing as a shark. You know, one of the deadliest predators on earth? Yeah. That's you.
  • All the apex animals. They're larger, unique forms of sea life from all over the map and range from a giant albino sperm whale to a mako shark with golf balls for eyes.
  • The game doesn't take itself seriously in the best way possible.
    • The mutations the player can get are straight out of science fiction, such as bone armor and electric bites.
    • You can flop around on the surface for well over a minute with the right upgrades. May also double as a funny moment.
  • Props to the bull shark during the Final Battle with Scaly Pete, managing to sink his warship and defeat him by using his own torpedoes against him.
    • To clarify, the torpedoes are fast enough that a non-Shadow build cannot outrun them, they home in on you, and they have a tight turning radius, forcing you to juke them. You then have to grab the torpedo just as it slides past you, aim at Pete's boat, and smack it back with your tail to knock out the electric fields keeping you away from the hull.
    • How about the fact that it's implied she survived the explosion that killed Scaly Pete?
      • In fact, with the DLC Truth Quest installed, the narrator even outright states that she indeed survived as soon as you'll able to play through the Truth Quest campaign, fittingly unlocked immediately after the Final Battle with Scaly Pete proper.
  • How about the Maneater having just been cut out of her dead mother biting off Scaly Pete's hand? Establishing Character Moment if there ever was one.