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Fridge Brilliance

There do appear to be some subtleties:

  • Carter's absence from Pearl's group of friends in many scenes is because he isn't their friend. On repeat viewings, it becomes noticeable that other than his girlfriend Kay, he barely speaks a word to anyone else. It also makes sense he probably doesn't want to hang around Kay's friends on account Kay has a habit of randomly flashing them.
  • Wahoo and Buckley don't get together until the party. Zeus makes no mention of them when bringing up his spying on the others. This is also why, at the start, Buckley isn't bothered by her friend showing her, er, chest to her boyfriend (Wahoo being the only guy in the group prior to Todd's introduction, and it appears this happens very often).
    • Given how excited Buckley is to see Wahoo at the party when all they did was talk, they might have an on-and-off relationship.
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  • One of the initial victims was horribly burned, but survived. Later another two victims die, and later still, it's mentioned only three people have died. However, at Pearl's school, it's mentioned (after the initial attack) "two people were murdered". Of course, seeing as these are high school students, who tend to exaggerate things like this.

Video Game

Fridge Brilliance

  • As mentioned in the main page, there is a strong essence of Gaia's Lament, as everything has a Sickly Green Glow, and there's evidence of a Three Mile Island catastrophe that happened recently. One might consider the shark as Gaia's Vengeance. Trip certainly thinks so, often calling the shark "Nature's Vengance" during attacks on humans.
  • The narrator mentions that "cloning and gene-editing" are common in the military... and that Port Clovis is used as a dumping ground for suspicious military waste. This explains why our shark only gets beneficial mutations from the mutagens, and can pick and choose which ones to develop further; they're designed for customizing super soldiers.
    • Not only that, considering the Horzine Logo you can see as a landmark and off in the distance on top of skyscrapers. It's not hard to assume that Horzine may have a hand in all this.
  • Why a bull shark and not a Great White? Great White sharks are large but they tend to avoid humans. Bull sharks, on the other hand, are responsible for most attacks on humans, and are saltwater fish that are able to swim in freshwater, and even have been known to swim up the Mississippi as far as Illinois.
    • Also, note that despite being called a Bull Shark, there's a great deal of Artistic License – Biology at play, not just in their abilities but even physically, they look more like a Great White, and that's prior to their mutations. Even further, as they mutate further they are definitely so far removed from a Bull Shark that they are firmly a new sub-species. So, why does the narrator continue to call it a Bull Shark? The Show Within a Show is terrible and can't tell that this isn't a Bull Shark because they don't have a marine-biologist on payroll to overlook their footage and point it out.
  • Why does the Elder size require both Level 20 and facing Scaly Pete the first time to unlock? The Elder Size, as well as the Mega Size, all have a severe burn scar across the left side of her head; the same exact injuries she was subject to while she landed on Scaly Pete's boat and getting caught on fire after being doused with gasoline.