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Headscratchers / Maneater

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  • Does Scaly Pete not know where the fuel tank on his own boat is? If he does, why would he start a fire right above the fuel tank?
    • Pete has clearly shown himself to be completely absorbed in his profession as a shark hunter. Then a shark pup bites his hand off after he kills its mother. That pup then matures rapidly to an adult, likely as a result of all the environmental problems abound, even mutating into a creature of supernatural abilities. It has already devoured a great many of his fellow professionals and when he meets it once again and identifies it as the pup he scarred, he understands it's coming back for revenge. His own desire to kill the alleged Mega that killed his father puts him firmly in an irrational state of mind, to the point he's willing to do anything to destroy this creature that seems to dog him at every step. That includes setting fire to any boat it's beached itself on, even if he himself is trapped on that same boat.