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Other Heartwarming Moments

  • There's something very oddly heartwarming about Metal Sonic's reawakening. It might just be the music, but wow.
    • It also doubles as a moment for EGGMAN of all people! For the longest time, Metal Sonic's reappearance was a mystery, with Metal Sonic implying in Sonic Heroes that he himself was the one who's responsible for it. Episode Metal showed that to be wrong. Eggman reached through time and space to rescue Metal Sonic from Stardust Speedway and bring him back. As soon as Metal Sonic got back to his base, he completely repaired Metal Sonic and happily sent the robot off to do his own thing in his quest to defeat Sonic, giving him weapons, tools and even a personal escort at times to assist him. It makes the The Dog Bites Back moment in Sonic Heroes rather heartbreaking in retrospect. After all the care and attention Eggman lavished on his creation, he ends up being one of it's victims, relying on a group of people who he was once fighting against with the very same robot on his side to rescue him.
  • The ending of Sonic Advance 3, which involves Emerl.
    • Also from the Advance trilogy, pictured above: Sonic going Super to save Cream's mother from Dr. Eggman in Sonic Advance 2. One of the simplest reasons to go Super compared to constantly saving the world, but no less wholesome.
  • What, no mention of Sonic's interactions with Blaze? In any of the games they've been in?
    • Their interactions are more than heartwarming. Especially the ending to the first Sonic Rush, where Super Sonic and Burning Blaze say their goodbyes and actually make friendly physical contact for the first time.. by Holding Hands as their dimensions are being torn apart. How is that not sweet? With or without Shipping Goggles?
  • Knuckles' re-imagined Heel–Face Turn in Sonic Triple Trouble. After spending most of the game tormenting and hindering Sonic after being duped by Eggman, the hedgehog finally defeats the doctor and comes across Knuckles, double crossed and placed in a cell. He wastes no time breaking him out and holds out his hand to offer a truce. After some reluctance, Knuckles shakes and the two exit the scene, departing their own ways.
  • The Good Ending to the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (especially since if you got that far, you damn well earned it), with Sonic finally freeing Tails and zooming back home with his buddy closely following. The extremely cheerful theme playing for the Game Gear version only furthers it.
  • On the second and third Sonic Twitter Takeover, Sonic and Eggman answer questions together, with Shadow joining them in the third, acting very friendly towards each other. There are also some specific moments. Examples include:
    • When asked why Eggman isn’t in Super Smash Bros., Sonic asks why, saying it’s fun. Not something like to beat Eggman up in a game, but to enjoy themselves.
    • SEGA themselves asks if the two are frienemies. Eggman insists that they are mortal enemies and hate each other completely...only to ask Sonic if he wants a leftover Chili Dog from the fridge.
    • Someone asks Shadow “How’s Maria?” Sonic and Eggman were clearly nervous about asking this, showing they know it’s a touchy subject.
    • One question asks what Dr. Eggman would do if he wasn’t a villain. While Shadow thinks he’d become a Crazy Cat Man, Sonic is very optimistic about him, thinking he could be a professional golfer, a movie star, or a singer.
    • A question asks if Eggman would ever make a Metal Shadow. Shadow states that all robots are useless...except his friend Omega.
    • One isn’t even answering a question. They actually were tweeting Jacksepticeye to thank him for his love of Sonic Mania and that they were glad he enjoyed the game.
    • What was a small gag from the last Takeover now became Eggman having apparently adopted Cobernami 456.
  • From the fourth Takeover, Sonic and Tails's responses to a fan asking how Sonic stays so positive all the time.
    • Another one features Sonic gushing over Tails and how much he appreciates him. It's such a Tastes Like Diabetes moment that Shadow pardons himself if he pukes.
    • Shadow out of all characters got a lot of heartwarming moments, from wanting to open a kitten orphanage and supporting indie sodas to donating his rings to charity and supporting a local shopping center called "Maria's" so that he can support at least one Maria in the world. Also, when someone asks about whether or not spirits exist, he answers "Yes" after a brief moment that is very obviously him seeing an apparition of Maria.
  • SEGA Hardlight tweeted this for International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, and Intersexism, complete with an image of Sonic holding a Pride flag. For many Sonic fans who are part of the LGBT+ community and who may have been faced with oppression, it's a very touching shout-out to them that their heroes and said heroes' creators support them and are actively against discrimination.
    • Double points because Shadow is on the image too. Guy may be an anti-hero, but he doesn't stand for homophobia.
    • TRIPLE points because when a fan asked if they support asexuals, SEGA Hardlight responded that they do.
  • Getting a Good Future in Sonic CD. In direct contrast to the wasteland that was Bad Future, everyone in the Good Future is free from Eggman's havoc (save from the boss fights) and there are virtually no Badniks anywhere. In addition, the environment has also improved thanks to benevolent technological assistance (such as the trees in Palmtree Panic apparently having a direct water system supporting them), leading to beautiful landscapes brimming with animal life.



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