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Who knew a couple of yetis could be so cute?
Despite the serious tone of Twilight Princess, there are plenty of heartwarming moments that really are the ray of light in this dark world.
  • A very brief moment in Twilight Princess, during part one of the extensive final battle (battles?) at Hyrule Castle. After successfully working together to win part of the fight, Link stands holding his sword, and Midna drifts over to lean companionably against his shoulder. They grin at each other in a very "I've got your back, buddy" kind of way.
  • Also, Colin's speech when he wakes in Link's arms after being rescued from King Bulblin is damn near heartbreaking with its youthful earnestness.
  • If you go into Colin's house, you can see a picture he drew on the wall of him and his family, including his then-unborn baby sister.
  • One from the last battle. After Link and Ganondorf's final showdown on Hyrule Field, the ancient enemy staggers to his feet to be mouthy one last time before the Triforce of Power abandons him and he finally dies (standing up no less), the camera shows the three wielders of the Triforce standing together for the last time. While Link gazes upon the defeated King of Evil, Zelda stands behind him; she bows her head and clasps her hands. What she is most likely doing is praying for the soul of her enemy.
  • The most indisputable example of this has to be Midna's return by literal Deus Ex Machina, and Link running full tilt to welcome her back.
    • More importantly, that scene was definitely a moment of Awesome, Heartwarming, and Funny all in one. For once, someone gives our Heroic Mime a reason to be speechless.
  • Midna's being brought from the brink of death qualifies. You can Take Your Time, but the labored breathing is surprisingly effective in creating a false sense of urgency. She gets better, but realizes what a Jerkass she's been.
    • It even shows in how she speaks, no less. After Zelda revives her, Midna speaks in a different, softer tone. It's a small detail, but a surprisingly effective one.
    • "Ungh... L-Link... hurry to Zelda..." How could you possibly not?
      • What puts it into overdrive is when you get to Zelda and realize that Midna wasn't telling you to get there fast so she could be healed. She never once brings it up; she's resigned to her fate. No, Midna wants you to get there so she can tell Zelda how to help you!
      • It's also the first time she actually calls Link by his name. She continues to use it in the game after that, showing how their relationship has evolved.
      • There's also when Zelda, after figuring out who Midna is, gives up her spirit—and her physical form—to save her. Midna's first thought upon realizing this is to desperately beg Link to stop the princess.
      • Once Zelda is gone and Midna is saved, she takes a moment to gaze at the place Zelda was a moment ago, before finally declaring that they would heed her words and set out for Faron Woods. The light-dwelling princess gave her this second chance, and "though [she] did not want it", she won't let it go to waste.
  • When Zelda's soul is finally restored to her body and Midna is actually moved to tears, rendered unable to find the words to thank Zelda for what she's done for her ("Pr-Princess... I... I...")
    • Before that, when Ganondorf possesses Zelda, Midna instantly tries to shield her with her own body. And after realizing she can't attack the body of her friend, she just tenderly cups her cheek instead.
  • Yeto and Yeta embracing each other when you finish the Snowpeak ruins. The simple, pure love the two yetis have for each other is touching.
    "Forget mirror, Yeta... No. Look into eyes of Yeto... Look in reflection of Yeto’s eyes... There true beauty! Who need mirror?"
    • You get the Heart Container of the dungeon. And about 30 recovery hearts. Just from the love the two Yetis have for each other, after they reunite. How is that not a heartwarming moment?
    • Those two are ridiculously adorable together anytime they make an appearance. Before the end of that dungeon, all Yeto does is worry about how ill Yeta is and fix a soup to make her better (which includes catching a fish which, according to the Zoras, is very difficult to acquire). After, you can find the two of them hanging around on the mountain peak, all happy and ready for some fun sledding down the slopes.
  • What about the scene when Zelda receives the Light Arrows? She and Link stand alone in the ether, and she begs him to lend her the last of his considerable strength to save her kingdom. And bows to him — she, the Princess of Hyrule, bows to a goat-herder, in a moment of true humility and grace. Heroic Mime that he is, he doesn't get a cool line... he just gives her his hand.
  • One scene in the end credits shows Shad, Ashei, and Auru performing an archaeological exploration of the ruins of the Temple of Time. Not only do you get your proof that they survived their portion of the fighting at Hyrule Castle, but Shad — having devoted his life to trying to prove that the Oocca existed and having that aim fulfilled for him by Link — has turned his scholarly mind to ever more pursuits for the good of Hyrule. (Also, it shows him and Ashei being quite chatty. Could this be a hint that Nintendo decided to Pair the Spares?)
  • How about Midna's final farewell? It's a Tearjerker as well, but it's oh so heartwarming.
  • When you first reach Gerudo Desert, Midna reveals the dark history of her people, the Twili. After her story, she reaches up and touches Link's cheek, asking if he's still up for this. Link just smiles.
  • Ilia getting her memory back. It's the cutest and most heartwarming scene in the game, especially after everything you went through to get it back, and seeing her finally recognize her childhood best friend after all this time...
  • The whole plot arc about Queen Rutela, which is especially heartwarming in the credits, where her spirit is seen watching over her son Ralis.
    "Tell him... his mother loves him without end..."
  • Midna and Link get yet another one near the end. When you get the completed Fused Shadow back and Midna goes through a rather unpleasant-looking transformation, after she shatters the barrier around Hyrule Castle and the screen fades to white, we're treated to a scene of Link holding Midna, smiling, while Midna stares back into his eyes, clearly still woozy from the sudden power rush. It was this troper's favorite scene in the game.
  • There is the moment in Hyrule Castle when the chest containing the Boss Key is in sight, and enemies begin to run towards you. Then a hawk swoops out of nowhere, and the camera cuts to it landing on Rusl's arm. He helped you out with the hawk you taught him to use.
    • Supplemental material explicitly states that Rusl considers Link to be his younger brother. It's heartwarming to know that even though Link doesn't seem to have any living relatives, there is still a family which considers him one of their own.
  • At the end of the game where where Colin takes up the sword and shield, and his baby sister is born. He has grown greatly from the shy child who admires you at the start, but has a repulsion towards the idea of swords.
  • "The sword accepted you as its master..." gains a lot of weight after you've played through Skyward Sword.
  • It's easy to overlook, given the implied Tearjerker behind the confirmation of the Hero's Shade as the spirit of the Hero of Time, but notice how his tone shifts as he challenges Link with each new technique and watches his successor match him strike for strike. There's real pride in his words, watching the new Hero fulfill his utmost potential under his tutelage. At the end, when the Hero's Shade confesses to Link the secret of his heritage, you get the sense that Link has helped him as much in return by allowing him to absolve the regrets of his past life. Now he can finally rest in well-earned peace.
  • The final song Link and the Hero's Shade share together ("The Ballad of Twilight") is both an Awesome and a Heartwarming moment.
  • Epona is one of the few who recognizes Link as a wolf, signifying the strong bond between them. She also tells him to hurry up and get back to his normal form, which is especially poignant after Link is cursed by Zant to stay in his wolf form forever, which is the first time you can talk to her as a wolf.
  • Technically not a moment, per se, but there's the way Hyrule feels alive again when you've retrieved the Master Sword. There's activity everywhere—from the Zora swimming in the various rivers and lakes, to the Goron who are helping out Kakariko Village and some even going to Hyrule Castle Town, to Agitha searching for bugs just outside the gates of said city. Especially when compared to the state of things when you first left Faron Woods, when most of the land was still covered in twilight and both the Zora and Goron were desperate for help, and everyone very much kept to their own instead of venturing out.
    • This is the first game in the series where things actually get better when you obtain the Master Sword, namely in that it frees you from your wolf form and turns it into a special ability, and all the mid-game Wham moments already happened, the sword having nothing to do with them.
    • There are even Zora in Death Mountain's hot spring area. Granted, they're not particularly used to the heat, but the fact that they're willing to go through such a hot and dry area to check it out speaks volumes. And clearly, the Gorons are willing to welcome them too.
  • Almost every character in the game displays animosity or complete fear of Link while he's in his wolf form. Granted, this can be funny at times, but very sobering when you realize that their perception of wolves is not unlike the common perception of wolves in real life. It's funny watching the guards in Castle Town tremble and hold their spears at the ready because it's Link, until you realize that this might have happened before to normal wolves. Everyone seems to fear them... except Coro, the lantern shop owner. Whether it's because he's lived out in the wilderness long enough to know better, or because his older sister really is scarier than any beast in Hyrule, he doesn't shy away from Wolf Link in fear, and even treats him with understanding.
    Coro: Say, you seem to like people... But I bet even a good pup like you gets the evil eye from people just 'cause you're a wolf. But me, I'm not worried about you, little guy. My older sister is much scarier than you.
  • When Link first meets Ooccoo, his expression probably matches the one the average gamer would have: shock and disbelief. However, after a couple more dungeons of running into her, Link begins to softly smile when he finds Ooccoo. While it's fairly minor and awfully subtle, it's rather sweet how Link develops a fondness for the strange Oocca family that he can't seem to stop encountering.
  • Minor example, but Ilia's farewell ("Just come home safely") before the abrupt Bulbin invasion that kick-starts the plot is a cute moment illustrating exactly how much Link means in a human sense. Her remembering him has a tinge of this as well - Ilia loves Link not because he's a hero with a grand destiny, but because she knows him and cares about him.
  • The first wolf howling song taught by the golden wolf has a very familiar tune. It's the Song of Healing from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Specifically, it's a song to soothe cursed souls and heal their pain. Given that it's the Hero's Shade who is teaching and howling the song, the first thing this Hero tries to do is heal a cursed soul.

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