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Heartwarming / Fire Emblem Tellius

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  • There is a reason that Ike/Soren is so popular. A lot of it is from this conversation.
    • Plus, the way Soren shows his softer side around Ike, showing concern and compassion when such things are normally not his specialty. Their entire support set in Path of Radiance is pretty heartwarning.
  • Ike standing up for Elincia after Sanaki reveals that she knew that Elincia was really the Crimean princess all along, but kept toying with her about the veracity of her claim of being the Crimean princess for her personal amusement. Ike comes to regret it after he is informed that it nearly cost Begnion's aid and that badmouthing an Empress is inexcusable in Begnion, but Elincia, despite that, is grateful that Ike would stand up for her and tells him there's nothing to apologize for. So much so that Elincia asks Ike to drop the honorifics when addressing her.
  • Elincia reuniting with Geoffrey, Lucia and Bastian is just so adorable, especially considering she thought they were dead and nope, not only are they not dead, they're ready to kick ass and take names for her!
  • In RD, Leanne tries to save Naesala from Skrimir. Of course he steps in and makes sure she doesn't get mauled, but still.
  • Mist and Jill's entire support set, from Mist adamantly reaching out to a depressed Jill to the two of them crying in each other's arms. Especially if you get them to A rank after chapter 20:
    Jill: Mist... You make all of my worries go away when you're near me...
    Mist: R-really?
    Jill: The world is hard. Hard and cold and... terrible. Even so, you make me... You make me want to keep going.
  • Not heartwarming so much as incredibly adorable, but when Ike complains to Volke that the latter never shows up for dinner while they're sailing to Begnion, he clarifies that Mist is thereby convinced Volke is not getting anything to eat and has been repeatedly wandering around the ship looking for him carrying a plate of food. Go on. Picture Mist doing that, possibly calling Volke's name like she's searching for an antisocial cat.
  • Ike and Elincia's friendship. Ship Tease aside, she places her trust in him and he believes in her so much. And then there's the ending cutscene.
  • Gatrie reuniting with the Greil Mercenaries in chapter 13, if you have everyone talk to him before he's recruited. He even feels bad for leaving after Greil died, but Ike tells him it's nothing to worry about.
  • Lethe asking Jill to shake her hand in their A support, after the latter shows she finally understands why her previous view of the Laguz was wrong.
  • Ike and Mist's relationship, especially after the death of their father. Such devoted siblings.
  • If Oscar, Boyd or Rolf visits a certain house in chapter 3-1 of Radiant Dawn, you'll unlock a special base conversation in the following chapter between the woman there and the three brothers. The woman is actually Rolf's biological mother trying to make amends, but Boyd calls her out angrily for abandoning the family, while Oscar asks Rolf if he'd like to talk to her. Rolf declines, saying that his brothers and the Greil Mercenaries are his family and telling Boyd he loves him no matter how much they argue.
  • Rolf's great concern and care for Mist after the death of Greil in Path of Radiance, especially in his base conversation with Ike in chapter 8. Their A support is pretty sweet, too, with Rolf crying to Mist that he knows the war isn't a game, he's just afraid if he doesn't fight like a big tough guy he's going to lose everyone he loves to the enemy.
  • Boyd and Mist's relationship unto itself is a walking Heartwarming Moment. To wit:
    Boyd: Hey, don’t worry. You have me and… everyone. You’re in good hands. We’ll take care of you.
    • In Chapter 3-E of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Mist falls ill before the battle starts, and if Boyd and Mist share an A-Support, Boyd immediately forbids her from joining the battle due to her feeling under the weather. Mist immediately protests this and attests how the last time she was left out of battle, she didn't get to say goodbye to her father when he died. Moved by her resolve, Boyd promises to keep her illness a secret, and vows to keep her safe during the battle.
    • The kicker: if both are alive by the Endgame and have an A-Support, the two get married! Rather hilariously, Mist reportedly cries Tears of Joy during to the wedding vows, much to Boyd's affectionate chagrin.Seriously, it's the perfect ending for the couple, and many players wouldn't have it any other way.
    • And the best part is? If Mist doesn't have an A-Support with Boyd by the games end, she has many bachelors propose to her and yet none of them are accepted. Becomes a minor Moment of Awesome when you realize that the only person Mist truly loved was Boyd.
  • Near the ending of Path of Radiance, Ike tells Nasir that he never stopped trusting him, not even after finding out he was The Mole. Nasir makes a Call-Back to their conversation on the boat about how war would change Ike by saying that not only did Ike stay true to himself, he helped Nasir believe in things like idealism again, and tells him to never change.
  • There is Nasir's conversation with Mist after The Reveal that he stole the medallion.. It pretty much comes down to him apologizing profusely and Mist accepting it without even hearing the reason why he did so, because he's her friend.
  • The supports may have been nerfed in Radiant Dawn, but sometimes you get lucky and get lines like this:
    Sanaki: [Reyson,] remember that Begnion stands with you.
    Reyson: Tibarn, I...owe you my life. You took me in, made me a part of your family... I owe you so much. No matter what happens in this war, I will stay by your side, be it in body or in spirit.
  • Soren's other special scene at the end of Radiant Dawn deserves mention too, specifically Almedha's reaction to meeting him.
    Almedha: Because I have lost the power of my birthright, I thought... Maybe I wouldn't be able to...That I might not be able to recognize my own child. But when her own true son stands before her, no mother could fail to know. Oh, my son, you've lived and grown strong.
  • Also in Path of Radiance when Sanaki got down on her knees and begged the herons to forgive her and her country for what they did to them... and they did.
  • Ike and Ashera/Yune/Ashunera's final conversation in Radiant Dawn. "Because if we don't have that, we're nothing more than...statues...
  • Geoffrey's dialogue with his sister Lucia and his love interest, Elincia from Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn also qualifies. The part where he tells Elincia that if he died, he could at least die near her? Elincia's response: "Please...never leave my side, Geoffrey."
  • Ranulf in his Path of Radiance A-support with Ike says he trusts him as much as any beorc, but it's different since he's not a fellow laguz. And if you likewise get them to A-rank in Radiant Dawn... Ranulf leaves Tellius with Ike, unlikely to see his country and people again. And you know Ranulf, he loves Gallia and all its citizens, and has a respectable position as the king's right hand. But for Ike he leaves the entire life he's ever known behind; and he's OKAY with it. That the one he comes to trust the most of all turns out to be a beorc is really amazing.
  • Jill, a former racist military brat, fighting alongside Zihark, who was involved in an Interspecies Romance that ended badly at the beginning of Radiant Dawn.
  • Muarim accepting Zihark's herbs after he brought some sword shiner for him. Zihark got them because he thought all Laguz liked them like his old girlfriend, and Muarim takes them despite not having a nose for it.