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Per wiki policy, moments pages are Spoilers Off.
  • When the noble, strong and handsome ruler Chrom with at least four girls having been sweet on him and who's won a war meets his potential son, Brady. Brady is a monk with the Face of a Thug, physically weak and speaks in '50s slang. If Chrom is his father, Brady will remark that Chrom must be ashamed that his son can't fight, to which Chrom warmly replies that Brady has chosen to heal instead of hurt, and he couldn't be prouder of that.
  • At the end of Chapter 13, Lucina reveals herself to Chrom as his daughter and begins crying. As he wipes the tears from her face, she runs into his arms and cries into his shoulder. Following that is Lucina's reunion with her mother. Especially if the mom is Olivia—she gushes about how lovely her daughter is but says she's nothing like her, but Lucina will have none of it. Chrom's first words after The Reveal really ties it together
    Chrom: You deserved better from me than one sword and a world of troubles. I'm sorry...
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  • In Yarne's supports with Lucina, they both vow to protect each other. Yarne realizes how alike they are, both taking blows to protect the other, and in their S support, he asks her out, as he wants to keep her safe forever. It goes from Lucina essentially babysitting Yarne (lampshaded by himself, actually) to him getting hurt trying to protect her by the time the B-rank rolls around. They also scold each other a little bit for putting themselves in danger for the other, then wind up laughing about it together in the A-rank. Their concern for each other is rather cute.
  • The supports between Henry and Olivia, also include a little Tear Jerking, as we learn about Henry's childhood.
    • Hell, almost every support with Henry is a mix of heartwarming and tear jerker. No joke. With Cherche, he becomes friendly with her and Minerva, nearly getting his hand bit off alone in rank C. In rank B, we learn Minerva reminds him of a Giant Wolf that became his only family in perception because his mother and father were such terrible people to him. The Giant Wolf one day visited him in his village, and was shot to death where she stood by the hunters. He then made them pay.
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    • On a separate note, Henry and Lissa's Supports involve Lissa losing sleep because she's worrying not only about her allies dying, but also her enemies. Henry then uses a curse on her (the nonlethal version) so she can fall asleep. When she asks about how he did it, it turns out he has to do a fresh sacrifice, and usually uses little birdies. The heartwarming is after she tells him to stop doing it not only does he stop using birds for sacrifices, but she falls asleep on him, and at the beginning of the S rank, turns out she's been using him as a human pillow.
    • Also Henry and Sumia's supports. In the C one, she's berating herself for her clumsiness but Henry doesn't seem to mind that much and helps her via temporarily fixing the stuff she broke so she can replace it. In the B one he explains how he uses his curses for daily things and offers to help her learning magic. In the A one they switch bodies and they're kinda weirded out when back to normal, but in the S one it turns out they did it again... so Henry could ride her Pegasus without being rejected by it — and this is followed by their love confession in which Henry starts saying he believes Sumia is actually ailing since, when in her body, Henry-as-Sumia's heart raced so fast... but after talking a bit more, they see the same happened viceversa (to Sumia in Henry's body), so yup, they're in love. And to crown it, he adds that when in Sumia's body, he brought her an engagement ring. Which is the other reason why he asked for a second body switch.
    Sumia: "You've cast the best hex of all... And I couldn't be happier!"
    • Pairing Henry with Panne. Throughout their conversations Panne is very much distant but should they reach S-rank, Henry gives a touching speech on how he doesn't want to be alone anymore.
    Panne: Lesson one: everyone in this camp is an ally to be cherished.
    Henry: Could you be a bit more specific?
    Panne: Hmm... Treat them the same as you would the animals that raised you.
    Henry: But you hate humans.
    Panne: I've come to learn some humans aren't so bad. For example, I don't hate anyone here.
    Henry: All right. If you say so, I'll play nice.
    Panne: Good. Coexist with them long enough, and I'm sure you'll find your humanity. ...Heh. To think the day would come when I'd encourage someone to be MORE human.
    Henry: Hey, Panne? Will you take this?
    Panne: Hmm? What is it?
    Henry: It's a wedding ring! It's a promise that you'll always stay with someone. I don't ever want to be alone again, but I need a promise. So, um, please? Please be my family?
    Panne: ...I think I finally understand why I was never able to really get mad at you.
    Henry: Oh?
    Panne: We're too alike, you and I. We both lost our families and lived alone too long. But no more. I accept your ring. From now on, we are each other's family.
    Henry: Great! It's a promise! Thanks, Panne!
  • Maribelle and Gaius's supports, even before S-Rank, are unbelievably sweet. The first rank has Maribelle raging at Gaius because he is to blame for Maribelle's father nearly being executed; Gaius broke into the royal treasury and framed Maribelle's father for the crime. In the B-rank Gaius reveals that he only framed her father because he was following orders from a noble who wanted Maribelle's father out of the picture. And then in the A-Rank, Gaius apologizes to Maribelle, insisting that he instantly regretted framing her father, and that he even sent a confession letter to the courts at the last minute to try and stop the exectution. Maribelle claims that it was that very letter that did stop the execution, and therefore saved her father's life. Finally, Maribelle asks Gaius why he'd been so willing to follow the anonymous orders in the first place. Turns out the reason is that the noble in question had threatened to kill Maribelle. Gaius did it all for a girl he'd never met and probably never would. And the cherry on top, after Gaius constantly repeats how much regret he feels for the whole mess, what does he say?
    Gaius: Now that I know you, I'd make the same decision a hundred times over.
  • All the S supports between characters have elements of this, but those between the Avatar and another character are particularly touching.
    • In a male Avatar's S-Rank with Sumia, she gives up on the escapist reading to improve herself. When Avatar offers her a ring but admits he can't give her status or a fairy-tale romance, she says it already is one for her.
    • Vaike has a ring prepared for the Avatar, but this being Vaike, he loses it. He frantically searches for it, and the Avatar catching his sketchy behavior doesn't make it any easier. Cue Sully's terrifying horse, who has been been out to get him for peeping on the women in the army bathing the entire support, finding the ring for him and nuzzling the Avatar.
    • Chrom's S-Rank with a female Avatar can be particularly adorable (especially compared with the... VERY polemic B and A supports). It starts out with the Avatar wanting to discuss tactics with Chrom, who becomes more nervous and nervous as the conversation passes until the Avatar notices and asks them what's wrong. Cue Chrom flat-out hyperventilating as he tries to admit his feelings and expressing happiness once the Avatar admits she's in love with him too.
    Chrom: You do? But that's...but that's... Wonderful! Ah ha ha ha! This is the best day of my life! Avatar...listen to me...
    • Tiki's S-Rank with the Avatar is a combination of heartwarming and hilarious. The scene might end up veering into saccharine for some, but it's just plain adorable. It starts out with Tiki calling out the Avatar's name, leading into a short discussion of why she's decided to stop calling him "Mar-Mar"... only to then confess that she's fallen in love with him. The Avatar then responds with how he thinks she might find him lacking in comparison to Marth, note  to which she responds that no, he's not lacking. Cue d'aaaws all around.
    Avatar: Then the two of us together shall build a new world of peace.
    Tiki: Oh, Avatar, that's just what I want as well...
    • The male Avatar's supports with Olivia involve them bonding with each other over making Olivia's dream to make a theater come true. In their S support, Olivia begins to lose hope in her dream as she hasn't been able to save as much as she would like to and states she wouldn't want to drag the avatar into her hopeless dream since he's so important to her. The avatar then suggests that they pursue her dream not as friends...but as husband and wife. Needless to say, this renews her determination in making her dream come true and gives players cavities.
    • Lon'qu and the Female Avatar have an amusing S-Support where both of them some difficulty wrapping their heads around the idea that they really do care about each other to such an extent. Even then, they warm up to it so easily despite their squabbles, and their better understanding of each other's issues lead to Lon'qu actually hugging the Avatar as a tame suggestion of hers.
    • Male Avatar and Nowi's S support. In their B support, Nowi gave Robin one of her most treasured possessions: a really shiny rock. When Robin proposes to Nowi, he shows it to her again, only this time, it's been cut and put in a ring for her. Nowi may be a controversial wife option, but that is just plain sweet and adorable.
    • Anna's love confession to the Male Avatar says that if he keeps going they way he is she'll eventually love him more than gold. Considering her serious Money Fetish this is really sweet. And if you have the two of them pair up and stand on an event tile one of Anna's quotes is her telling him that she does indeed love him more than money.
      • Another event tile possibility has her telling the Avatar to stay safe, because she wants to open up a store with him once the war is over. The fact that she's planning for their lives afterwards is very sweet.
  • The supports between the Avatar and Emmeryn may taste like diabetes, but everyone agrees they're this, especially given their relationship's ending.
  • All parent/child supports, as well as the scenes between parents and children in their recruitment sidequests.
    • Cynthia has one with her father where she admits her being clingy with him is because she understands time travel and realizes that he will eventually have her present counter part that won't be her and she is willing to accept not being around during that time as long as they are able to forge memories now that both she and he can always keep.
    • Lissa and Owain's stand out too, especially when she glomps him for being such a caring son in both B and A.
      • One of the first things Lissa asks is if Owain is marked with the Brand. Once he confirms it, words cannot express how happy and relieved she is at knowing she truly is fully related to Emmeryn and Chrom.
      • There's something to how she immediately takes to being called "mother" and calls her son "sweetie" and the like.
      • Owain wants Lissa to pick a name for her stave. She decides on "Owain":
    Owain: Mother, that's MY name.
    Lissa: I know, silly! It's the name of that which I value most in the whole wide world! What better name could there be?
    • Morgan's support with their non-Avatar parent end with them recalling only a very vague memory of their father/mother smiling at them and calling their name, but it's enough for Morgan, and their parent promises to always be there for them.
      • It's doubly heartwarming with Anna as her mother. There's a number of interpretations of Morgan's timeline, but they all mean the same thing: Anna really DOES love her new family even more than money!
    • Laurent is identical to his mother in many ways, including coming off as emotionless and feeling the need to be mature. His A support with his father proves that he does have a facade, and the fact that he came from the future to the present first and spent all of his time alone for five years has made him afraid of possibly going crazy. Cue his father comforting him as Laurent breaks down.
      • Adding to that is the fact that it's one of Laurent's only conversations when he speaks normally, as opposed to the more meticulous speech his mother uses.
  • Pair Up two characters who are married, or parent and child, and have them step on an event tile. Prepare to have your heart melted.
    • Even better, pair up a unit with his or her spouse and view either of the couple's portrait in the in-battle animations (by tapping their character portrait on the touch screen), he or she will be blushing!
  • After completing Chapter 10, Chrom begins to suffer a Heroic BSoD in the aftermath of Emmeryn's death. The Avatar assures Chrom that they will help him through whatever trials he will have to go through, followed by everyone giving their own words of encouragement to him, culminating with Chrom thanking everyone for their support. And what happens afterwards? It's revealed Emmeryn's death caused many of the Plegian soldiers to desert, tired of all the violence.
  • In the game's final chapter, the Avatar can opt to pull a Heroic Sacrifice where they do a "I'm Taking You with Me" on Grima since you are both one in the same. This guarantees that Grima doesn't come back again at the cost of your own existence. Chrom and the surviving members of your team all refuse to believe you're dead and plan on searching to ends of the earth until they find you.
    • After the credits and "THE END" screen pop up, the game goes into another CG sequence of Chrom and Lissa finding you in a field, just like in the prologue... but this time, the Mark of Grima is gone from your hand and after pulling you up, Chrom says "Welcome back. It's over now."
    • If the Avatar is married, the notes on how they went on to live their life after returning state that the Avatar's origins and past are still unconfirmed and contested, but that one thing is for sure: They loved their spouse dearly.
    • If the player chooses to let Chrom make the final blow, this spares the Avatar but will also allow Grima to return Back from the Dead one day in the future. The Avatar will feel guilty because of this. However, their spouse and kids will remind them that they still got a family.
  • Lucina's supports with a Male Avatar, in which he continually goes out of his way to ensure she's not overworking herself and remind her that she is not alone.
  • Lucina's support conversations with her parents. ALL OF THEM!
    • Her A rank support with her sibling will also make you go all "D'AAAAAAW!"
    • Likewise, her C rank support with her sibling is oddly charming, given that it shows the two pretty much acting like a normal family and freaking out over a bug, which is especially heartwarming given that it's doubtful they had anything even close to normality in the past.
      • The fact that they point this out can veer a little into Tear Jerker territory, but it crosses back into heartwarming when you realize just how much Lucina and her sibling appreciate moments like this.
    • Her A rank with her mother will have her mother point out that although she's technically not the same person as her daughter, she still loves Lucina as much as her "actual" daughter anyway.
  • Say what you will about Tharja, her A support with Ricken falls into this when he hits her with a happiness-contagion curse and makes comments about how pretty her smile is. It's also one of the only support lines that doesn't have her make a single comment about the Avatar.
    • Kellam is another one, and this one shows she surprisingly cares about her family a lot, and actually uses her magic in a non-malicious way (for once) to help Kellam's family take more notice of him. Despite her creepier habits, when Tharja's Hidden Heart of Gold comes out, it really shows.
    • A lot of Tharja's supports actually show her being a good person deep down. With Virion, she thinks her mind controlling curse worked, and she makes Virion do charitable things like building a bridge or repairing their comrades' tents so they're dry when it rains. The twist is that Virion actually wasn't under her control, and he was just doing those things because he likes her, so it's a double crowning moment of heartwarming.
      • Though the supports where this comes out belong to a different trope, Future!Tharja truly does love her husband, enough that losing him completely destroys her. If her husband is the Avatar, this means beneath the early creepiness, yes, there's genuine love there. For a non-Avatar husband, her love for him seems to have overpowered the obsession with the Avatar.
  • Tiki's voice actor for whenever she says "Mar-Mar" absolutely nailed it to show just how much she really loved him just by speaking his name.
  • The Avatar's ending if they are married. Though accounts wildly differed of what they acted or even looked like, the one thing everyone could agree on was that the Avatar loved their spouse above all else.
  • According to Owain, his father gave his life to protect him from an archer that ambushed him. Ever since then, Owain constantly brags about the blood of heroes that flows in him: the blood of Lissa's ancestors, and the blood of his father. That's right, he loves his dad so much, he regards him with the same amount of renown and respect as MARTH.
    • It gets an extra level of "d'aww" if Lon'qu is Owain's father, given that Lon'qu's supports with Lissa see him take an arrow for her during an assassin ambush.
    • It also gets some extra heartwarming if a male Robin is Owain's father. Despite Robin becoming Grima in Owain's timeline, Owain still considers Robin equal to his mother's bloodline.
  • Cherche telling Lon'qu that the parents of his late friend Ke'ri wanted to thank him for giving their daughter happiness with their friendship, when he thought that they hated him for failing to save her.
    Lon'qu: Thank you for delivering the message.
    Cherche: It's my pleasure.
    Lon'qu: It is... good to be forgiven.
  • In Rogues & Redeemers 1, if you have Tiki talk to Marth, he won't recognize her. But he will say she somehow reminds him of someone very close to him.
    • There's also a conversation in that chapter between Seliph and Lucina where they realize how similar their situations are; both are currently fighting in armies led by their fathers (as Sigurd is identified as being the commander of the allied unit despite not being the Einherjar reward for success), but for a long time, they had been "chasing their fathers' ghosts", so to speak—leading their own armies to try to live up to their fathers' names.
  • If you visit the barracks on your avatar's birthday, all of the characters' will wish you a happy birthday instead of normal messages. Even characters like Lon'qu, Severa, and Walhart.
    • It's made more heartwarming when you realized the characters' happy/cheerful portraits are used. Standard barrack messages are always accompanied by the characters' default portraits.
  • Kellam's love confession to the female Avatar is the cutest thing ever, especially with the smile he flashes in the confession cutscene:
    "You make me feel like I-I'm really here. Like I mean something. I am yours... forever.”
    • And it's not just a feeling. It's the only paired ending he has where his name isn't lost to history.
  • In Yarne & Nah's A support, Yarne rescues Nah from skirmishers who took her by surprise. Their S support has them dealing with the aftermath of the ambush, where it's revealed that Nah has had trouble sleeping, she's so traumatized. Yarne, a self-admitted coward, swears to stand guard by Nah's tent and keep her from ever getting kidnapped again, and confesses that he'd fight anyone just to keep her safe. Nah declares him a hero, and seems to hug him in the final scene.
  • Chrom and the female avatar's conversations when they're married to each other in Summer Scramble. In the first part, Chrom notices how much the avatar is enjoying being at the beach, but she accidentally lets it slip that she's bothered that she doesn't have her memories from before she met Chrom. She tells Chrom not to worry about it, then runs off to check something out. Chrom then decides that he'd do something for her while they're there to cheer her up. In the second part, the female avatar comes across Chrom and a pile of broken seashells (he says he was trying to make a necklace, and that he has "a talent for smashing things in frustration"), some charred lumps that he says were his failed attempts at cooking fish, a collapsed sand castle, a half-built raft, and a "bug-infested tropical fruit salad." The female avatar tells him to save the beach activities until after the battle, but he shows her one more thing: a big message in the sand that says "Chrom & [Avatar] 4 Ever." Chrom asks if it made her happy, and the avatar lampshades the Narm Charm and says that she's not sure if she "should be happy or embarrassed or...what, exactly..." but says that it's still certainly a sight she'll never forget. Chrom then reveals why he did all this: he wanted to help her make new memories. The avatar thanks him, and tells him that he didn't need to do all this and says that just being with him has given her "an endless supply of happy memories!" She recalls all of the happy memories that she has with him and says that she could never forget a single thing about him, even if death were to tear them apart or if she lost her memories again. Chrom then gets onto her for talking about such sad situations and gives her a "Shut Up" Kiss so she'll stop talking about such sad things! She chides him for doing something like that in the middle of a battle (though does admit it was wonderful) and tells him to stay in his position and continue fighting, and she runs off to rejoin the battle. She then says to herself that while it was ridiculous for him to do something like that in the midst of battle, at least he gave her one more memory she'll never forget.
    • Every character which is focused on (Chrom, Gaius, Tharja, Cordelia) could be added. For example, in Cordelia's conversation with a spouse Avatar starts off with Cordelia collecting pretty looking shells. The Avatar stops by, concerned that she was injured, when in reality she was picking up a shell off the beach, which the Avatar buys. Only after that does the Avatar even notice the pile of shells behind her. He's convinced by Cordelia that the shells were placed there by bandits and she moves them to a different location. In the second conversation, Cordelia has found the time to decorate all of her lances with her collected shells. The Avatar asks what she's doing with her lances...and she claims she was testing a new lance design, showcasing it by throwing one of them a far distances. Impressed, the Avatar decides to try out another lance before Cordelia stops him, claiming it's her favourite, admitting that she's been spending the day decorating while everyone is off fighting, and stating that the Avatar has to be disappointed in her and she'd be fine if he wanted to annul the marriage. The Avatar instead finds it refreshing that Cordelia actually has hobbies and relaxes...and begins teasing her. Being teased is a sore point for her and she charges the Avatar beating the Avatar and kissing him in front of the whole army. The Avatar is flustered, to which Cordelia suggests he plan a surprise romantic suggestion if it's bothersome to him, and that she'll be watching him...and only him. What's amazing is that they cover so many of Cordelia's personality points: her competitiveness and low self-esteem in particular.
    • If the Avatar is married to Gaius, she complains to him about risking his life snatching up shells on the beach in the midst of danger, believing he'll pawn them off for candy like he supposedly does with valuables he finds on the army's excursions. He's annoyed that she doesn't trust him, but admits he appreciates how she worries for him, and vice versa. Later on, he's falls for Robin's trap involving a bait of coconut brittle. However, instead of scolding him, she wanted to apologize, as she learned that the profits off whatever Gaius found, including the shells, were always used to anonymously fund the army. They have a talk though about his risky lifestyle, leading up to some playful banter and Gaius kissing Robin.
  • The Avatar and Lucina's spouse conversations in the Hot Springs Scramble DLC. The first part is relatively lighthearted, with Lucina empathizing with a fellow newlywed couple there and embarrassing each other asking the Avatar about the mixed bath. The second part is a bit heavier, with Lucina questioning whether she will be able to stay with the Avatar after the war is over (due to her status as a time traveler and his status as Chrom's tactician) and berates herself for not being able to put the Avatar before her mission. The Avatar responds by saying that she has every right to put saving the world first and that he will always stay with her no matter what she does. He even goes so far as to say that he'll find a way to come back from the dead if he dies. He plants a kiss on her and after he leaves to continue fighting, Lucina apologizes to the Avatar for the situation they are in and notes that he is the most important thing to her in the world, and her primary reason for ending the war is so that she can be with him. Considering how important her father Chrom is to her, the fact that she would consider the Avatar to be even more important is profound.
  • Also in Hot-Springs Scramble, a bit of Fridge Heartwarming here, but the fact that when Nah and Severa are debating plans to fish out peeping toms and punish them, they eventually realize they don't actually have any such peeping toms in mind, and they're getting worked up over a threat that for all they know doesn't even exist. The kicker of this is that it means that they both completely trust every single one of the male children not to spy on them... including Inigo, who you'd normally think would be the first name to be dropped, but no, he's not mentioned. Not even once. For all the flak he gets for his womanizing, this makes it blatantly clear how much they really do trust him.
  • If a female Avatar married Owain, there's quite a blend of lighthearted and touching during their conversation in Hot-Springs Scramble. It starts with humor (considering the spouse, it's not surprising) and an adorable realization they don't know that much about one another. Then it shifts to a sadder tone when the Avatar admits how she's missing plenty of memories like her own childhood, and fears losing the precious ones she has like before. To comfort her, Owain gives her both a Cooldown Hug and a mild "Shut Up" Kiss on top of it. He promise the Avatar that he'll stay by her side to keep those memories and remind her if she forgets, not matter how many times he may have to. The icing on the cake is the Avatar borrowing Owain's style of speaking when she's alone to monologue her happiness with him.
    • There's also Owain's happy birthday message to her in the barracks if they're married.
    Owain: On this day, the world was given light. And by 'light,' I mean you!
  • Inigo's conversation with the Avatar if he's married to her is also heartwarming. The Avatar's getting a little annoyed with how affectionate he is when they have to battle Risen. But when she think he's overdoing it with the closeness, he's actually taking a hit for her from a Risen targeting her. It's the one instance where the Avatar is crying, because she thinks she failed as a tactician to have him get hurt for her mistake.
  • The Hot Spring Scramble conversation between a Male Avatar married to Severa is also rather sweet in its own way. It starts off with Severa planning on using the trip as a honeymoon for the two of them, and she demands that he make plans for it. During the second part of the conversation, he says that he hasn't had much time to think about it with all the fighting going on and Severa understands, but takes a peek at the paper he's holding, thinking it's some new tactics for them. It's actually his ideas for their honeymoon. The prickly Severa is clearly moved to tears and opens up a little.
  • In the Rouges & Redeemers 1 DLC map, Tiki has a conversation with (Prince) Marth through the Talk feature. He says that she reminds him of a girl he knows. According to Marth, this girl is like a little sister who he couldn't bear to lose, and that he wants to stand by her side until she finds a happy future. Yet unbeknownst to him, that girl is right there-and her feelings toward him are just as strong.
    Tiki: Thank you, Mar-Mar. For standing by me...
  • Robin (M)'s father-son supports with Owain in Hot Spring Scramble. Owain belittles himself for not being more like Chrom or Lucina, to which Robin responds that he's very proud to be Owain's father.
  • Male Robin and Kellam's A class support, where its revealed that the group is throwing a party for Kellam to remind him that they know he's there with them and they count on him despite what he thinks.
  • Hot Spring Scramble is CMOH incarnate. Two in particular are Emmeryn's conversations with Chrom and Lissa. As implausible as her survival is, it's clear that her younger siblings are grateful to have her back, even in the condition she is.
    • Also joining Emmeryn's Hot Springs conversations is Gangrel, who nearly crosses the Despair Event Horizon as he dwells on what he did for the first part of the game. Emmeryn decides to comfort him, despite his apprehensiveness to approach her, as he was the one who demanded her execution and drove her to the current state she was in.
    • On the topic of Gangrel, his love confession to a female Avatar:
    "How in blazes did you get me you? If you're trying to make a new man of me, it's...working..."
  • Cordelia proposing to Gregor in their S support. Keep in mind Cordelia's feelings for Chrom, Gregor thinking she could never feel that way for him, and that he was trying to help her win Chrom's heart. His tips Gregor's favor!
    Cordelia: "I propose to Gregor!"
    • Actually, any of Cordelia's S supports where she proves that even if she'll never forget her first great love, she can love someone else and be happy with him.
  • Yen'fay and Say'ri's conversation in Hot Spring Scramble. After the way their conversation goes in the Paralogue where he's recruited, Yen'fay comforts Say'ri when their reminiscing reminds her that he isn't the same brother she knew and assures her that he does care for her.
    Yen'fay:''' Forgive me, Say'ri. Your brother is here. My sleeves are yours to weep in.
  • In the Future Past 1 DLC, Tharja has a surprisingly heartwarming meeting with Noire where she reaffirms that she definitely cares for her.
  • If Lon'qu is Inigo's father, their conversation in The Future Past 2 doesn't start this way, but it definitely ends that way. Inigo assumes that Lon'qu has come from the afterlife to collect Inigo's soul. When Inigo tells Lon'qu as much and admits that he (Inigo) is finished, this conversation happens:
    Lon'qu: ...Finished, you say? If you're that ready to die, I won't bother with any speeches.
    Inigo: Huh?
    Lon'qu: Inigo... I sentence you to death here and now... Prepare to die.
    Inigo: Ack! Wait!
    Lon'qu: What's the matter? Come at me. I'll make it painless for you.
    Inigo: But... I don't want to die...
    Lon'qu: You don't? ...Then don't let me ever hear you say you're "finished." If the afterlife sends someone to collect you, you put that messenger in the ground.
    Inigo: You and Mother already died once to protect me! I feel as though everything I love in this world is ruined on my account.
    Lon'qu: Is that how you feel? ...Hmm. You take after your father more than you realize. Your grief may even be greater. But we differ in at least one important way. You never let your grief turn you cold. Even in despair, you remain kind. Nothing could ever be ruined on your account, because you only bring people joy.
  • Olivia and Inigo's A support is both heartwarming and a tear jerker. In the future, Olivia was teaching Inigo her favorite dance, but died before she could teach him the last half. Inigo would then practice the dance by Olivia's grave, making up his own ending to the dance and wondering what his mom would say as he practiced. Now that Inigo has his mother back, he can finally show her the dance he put together in her memory.
  • Yarne and Noire's supports. Not only it's one of the few supports where Noire will not go crazy but Yarne becomes seriously badass just to protect his similarly cowardly friend. and even more so, he becomes badass not just to protect Noire, but because she is the one who first said she'd protect him.
  • Nah's supports with male Morgan, particularly the A support, where he risks his life to find a super-rare flower just for her. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome, as he clearly went through quite the epic adventure to get it, though we never get too many details, just that he's absolutely covered in cuts and bruises. The S support also stands out, for being her only romantic support where she confesses her love, and for this bit:
    Morgan: You had a second wish? What was it?
    Nah: ...for the person I love to love me back. But there's no need to ask Naga, because he cared for me all along.
  • They may end up on the end of generic parent supports, but the fact that some of the male characters with less than happy pasts concerning family like Henry (neglected and raised by a wolf), Lon'qu (grew up on the streets), and Libra (straight up abandoned), embrace becoming parents (and caring ones at that) is enough to make anyone's heart melt.
    • Specially in the case of Libra since, no matter who he marries (or even if he doesn't), he will always end up building an Orphanage of Love. His past was super lonely, yes, but he still has enough love in his heart to share it with kids who could have had his same sad story.
  • Cherche and Gregor's supports reveal that they have a connection neither knew about. Years ago, Gregor was hired into a group to collect wyvern horns, but the rest of his group decided to speed things up by hunting wyverns down instead of finding ones that were already dead. After the hunters killed a mother wyvern and threatened her baby, Gregor turned on them and saved the baby wyvern. Years later, that baby would turn out to be Cherche's mount, Minerva.
  • Lissa and Maribelle's A support, in which they discuss why Maribelle is so completely devoted to Lissa. Despite being nobility, Maribelle's overall temperament and sharp tongue made her a friendless outcast until Lissa approached her and offered to be friends. Lissa doesn't even think it was anything special, just that the other kids were jerks and that a great person like Maribelle didn't deserve to be treated like that.
  • Tharja and Libra's ending. If they get married, their new future has them founding an orphanage and living happily together. Tharja apparently learns to control her cursing tendencies as the children there come to adore her, and she secretly liked the attention. If Noire goes unmarried, then she joins them, but not to protect her past self, as Tharja doesn't wind up as the heart widow she was in Noire's original childhood. She joins them in order to live a happy life with her parents.
    • Their support conversations are heartwarming, too. It's quite sweet to see Tharja slip into mix between Adorkable and Tsundere when Libra confesses his love for her by letting her look into his heart. And while she's still mostly interested in her experiments in their A support, there's this hint of fondness in her words, if ever so subtle. Not to mention, of course, that her experiments on Libra has blunted the pain of his past that has burdened him for so long.
  • If Brady goes unmarried, his future has him becoming a world-renowned violinist, famous for his music being so beautiful and melancholy that it would bring all those who heard it to tears.
    • And all of his paired endings (except with Morgan and girl!Avatar) involve his wife having some sort of connection to his music. Kjelle stands out, learning music and performing duets with him, because she always wants a new challenge.
  • If Gregor and Nowi are married, then Gregor enjoys a life of plenty for a time, but then travels the world with Nowi.
    • And if he marries Cordelia, he also enjoys a life of plenty, but when he sees Cordelia work super hard, he decides to work with her.
  • In Tiki's ending, she returns to her duties as the Voice, but now comes down from her perch and visits the people more often.
  • Tharja's entire S support with Lon'qu. After their plan to simply remove his traumatic memories didn't work out, he tries to get close to her and overcome his fears through "tyranny of will". She notes that this method would probably take years and asks if he will let her help him. Not through magic or tricks, but through friendship and companionship, being together day and night. When Lon'qu pretends he still doesn't get it, Tharja outright proposes to him. Lon'qu accepts and offers her a ring...
    Tharja: "... Wait. You had this ready the whole time? (smiling) Oh, you are a sly dog, Lon'qu."
    • There's something sweet about how despite his trauma and how he'd seem the type to not believe in love, Lon'qu has little issue with coming to terms that he loves someone and treats it in a very gentle manner. Even with someone he originally was extremely irritated by (the someone in question is the female Avatar), he later tells her that the feeling in his heart (caused by her) is "frightening... but wonderful".
  • In a similar vein, Lon'qu and Maribelle's supports are very sweet. Maribelle just refuses to give up on him, and Lon'qu, a guy who is used to being mocked and rejected thanks to his affliction, it's especially meaningful. The fact he comes up to Maribelle and touches her arm, whilst being paralysed with fear, just due to sheer determination, is both heartwarming and kind of awesome, in its own way. And there's this quote:
    Maribelle: Oh, Lon'qu, there's no hurry. We have the rest of our lives! And YOU, my dear, are a catch worth waiting for.
  • Panne and Libra's supports. All of them have Libra realizing that for all Panne's cold attitude, she really does care about others. Their A Support has Libra finding out that Panne beat up some soldiers that were making 'off-colour' comments about him. Panne tries to brush this off - "Maybe I just wanted to hit someone that day" - but admits that she was angered by the comments after her conversations with Libra made her feel better. Libra is amazed at the kindness she shows, though she tries to hide it, no matter what the world throws at her.
  • Whether you ship it or not, Sumia rescuing Chrom is one of the sweeter scenes in the game.
  • Lon'qu and Nowi's supports. Nowi wants Lon'qu to play "family" with her, and at first he says no. Nowi then starts crying, and while he insists that it won't work on him, he plays with her anyway.
  • Frederick's confession of love to Sumia is tooth-rotting glurge, yeah, but it's so genuine. He admits at first he kept an eye on her due to her clumsiness, but as time went on he began to see her as a wonderful person he truly wanted to know...and love. Sumia's acceptance of his proposal is pretty sweet, too:
    I don't want the moon, Frederick. I just want you! So yes! Yes and yes and yes again! You've made me the happiest woman alive!
  • The best endings in the Future Past trilogy. C'mon it's impossible to not smile while watching the kids being grateful to be alive.
  • Considering that Sumia is super shy and insecure, the mere fact that she is the one who openly declares her love to either Henry or Gaius is adorable.
  • Priam's Love Confession to the female Avatar is both this and Adorkable. Priam, normally a super tough and seasoned badass, is seen blushing like a school boy and saying "HUZZAH!" when it looks like the girl he's in love with is gonna say yes to his proposal.
  • Severa and Owain's S support. Previously Owain had insisted on seeing Severa's weapon so he could think of a name for it. Severa lashes out at him and ultimately, in their B support, gives him such a severe tongue-lashing (including calling him a "creepy creep stuck in [his] own fantasy world") that it puts Owain, Owain, mind you, into an Angst Coma. She talks him out of it in their A support, and then in their S support, we discover why she was so reluctant to show him her weapon: She had already named it, and she had named it "Owain", because he was nice to her, even when she wasn't nice to him, and because she had a crush on him for a while.
  • Severa and Noire's supports, especially from Severa's end. While she's still very much herself, you can clearly see how much she cares for the girl; even in their A support when she calls her on being more helpless around her, she's completely okay with Noire depending on her for so much. Noire's trust in Severa is also super heartwarming.
  • In Future Past, what the kids say when they see their other world counterparts often fits in here quite well. The top case is Noire:
    Noire: "Stay strong, Noire of this world... I'd say this to your face, but you look pretty panicked already... Best not to surprise you. But rest assured, I've got your back. And I swear I'll get you out of here alive. ...... You know, something about this place seems really familiar... Yes- this is the building we stopped to rest after we collected the Gemstones. I remember we talked about maybe staying the night here. But something about it didn't feel right, and we left soon after we arrived. Our future was like this one, but... I guess we were a tiny bit luckier. Seems the me of this world made a few unlucky choices... But that doesn't mean she deserves to lose her life! Looks like it's up to me to make sure that doesn't happen."
  • The comments the characters make during their support boosts in battle can warm you up too. Examples include:
    Chrom: I've got you!
    Noire: Stay strong!
    Maribelle: We are superior!
    Gerome: I'm with you.
    Owain: We're in this together.
    Ricken: Don't worry. I'm here.
  • Many of the Dual Guard quotes can be quite touching as well. And that's on top of the fact that support person is literally throwing themselves in front of deadly weapons to protect their partner. Especially heartwarming when they block an attack that would otherwise have been fatal.
    Frederick: Not while I draw breath!
    Chrom: Hold on, I'm coming!
    Morgan: Not on my watch!
    Anna: You all right?
    Lucina: I'll keep you safe!
    Kellam: They won't get past me!
    Panne: You are safe.
    Laurent: Happy to assist.
    Maribelle: They won't hurt you!
  • If you let the Avatar deal the final blow against Grima, after the battle each character that you've recruited gives out a line about either wanting you back, going to search for you or their belief that you're still alive. All of these lines are incredibly heartwarming, but special mention goes to the Spotpass characters, who you recruited literally right before the final battle and more than half of them are former enemies.
    Gangrel: “Damn you, Avatar! I joined this fight to meet my end, not secure yours! I'll chase after you to the ends of hell...and if you're there, well I'll drag you back!”
    Walhart: “How we die defines how we lived. This can be said of Avatar. But I expect there are more pages yet to be written of a man/woman so nearly my equal.”
    Emmeryn: “Avatar... Come back... I need you... We..need you... This world...needs you...”
    Yen'fay: “...Avatar. 'Twas a life lived grandly ...... But was it lived to its end? I trow you are yet meant for more...”
    Aversa: “What? Avatar, dead before me? Preposterous! Return, milord/milady, and you will have my service...”
    Priam: “Avatar could not have arrived at his/her decision easily. But I won't accept it. This can't be the end of his/her story...”
  • In celebration for Lucina's Figma, Kozaki posted an image on his Twitter explaing how Lucina managed to hide her long hair while posing as 'Marth' (here's a link to the picture, in case you were wondering). Sakurai responded back to him, wondering who did her hair for her. Kozaki's response? "Probably a close friend, like Severa, did it for her...!"
  • A small one: in Disowned by Time, Chrom generally simply suggests that Morgan come with him to meet the Avatar. However, when Morgan is his son, the way Chrom immediately and instinctively slips into the role of 'protective father' is incredibly sweet.
    Chrom: Until then, you'd best come with me. ...And stay close. I don't want you hurt.
  • Vaike and Nowi's supports. After Nowi has nightmares about being left all alone, Vaike assures her that that will never happen. However, she reminds him that after a hundred years or so, everyone will really be gone. Later, Vaike tells Nowi about his dream to become an inspiration to the people of his home and improve life for everyone, but is somewhat envious of Nowi's long life and says how he could use an extra decade or two to achieve it. The two make a promise that if Vaike dies before his dream is accomplished, Nowi will accomplish that dream for him. This culminates in their S-Support, where after Nowi is still afraid of losing Vaike, he gives her a ring and tells her he'll never leave her, even after he's dead. This line he delivers crosses into Tear Jerker territory.
    Vaike: Yes, even after I'm worm food! All ya have to do is close your eyes, hold this ring, and imagine me. Next thing ya know, I'll be standin' right next to ya! So stop worryin' all right?
  • It's a small thing to notice, but seeing the Barracks start off empty except for the table in the middle and maybe a crate or two, and slowly fill up as you add units and get further in the game is a cute little addition to the game.
  • Tiki's conversation with Nowi in Harvest Scramble starts out as a huge Tear Jerker, with Tiki telling how the stars remind her of all the friends and loved ones she's lost over the centuries. Nowi comes back with how wonderful it must be to see all of your old friends looking down at you every night, instantly changing Tiki's outlook. Tiki asks Nowi to go stargazing with her later, and after Nowi leaves, Tiki comes out with this:
    Tiki: As am I, Nowi... As am I. So many lonely nights, I looked up at the stars and wept... All alone, head full of faces I would never see again. Those dark hours were torture. But I'm no longer alone, and I've shed my last tears of solitude. How could I ever be alone surrounded by my new friends, watched over by the old...? Mar-Mar... Friends... I'm coming to see you tonight. Shine extra bright so I'll know where to find you. I'll be waving back as hard as I can...
  • Henry and Ricken's A support, in which Henry contradicts himself. When Ricken asks if Henry resents the Shepherds for killing some of Henry's old comrades, Henry shrugs and says it wouldn't do any good...but then, when asked what he would do if Ricken were cut down, immediately says he'd extract bloody revenge. When pressed, he admits that being part of the Shepherds is the first time he's had real friends, and Ricken is honored to be considered one of them.
  • Cynthia and Gerome's support chain, one of the few support chains that can be taken as being romantic throughout the whole thing (instead of just being reserved to the S rank). Cynthia adorably tries to reconnect with him while Gerome tries his best to avoid her. Cynthia's reasoning for doing this is because the two of them used to be closer together when they were little and Gerome used to always compliment her about how heroic and graceful she was, a memory which Cynthia wants to happen again. It even progresses to the point that Cynthia comments that she tells Gerome that she loves him before the S rank. When it gets to S rank, Gerome then tells her that he was avoiding her because he wanted to impress her, but made a fool of himself the first time they flew together on a Pegasus. Cynthia responds that she always loved him, and doesn't care that he looked like a fool. It ends with the normally stoic Gerome wondering what would be the best look for a heroic couple.
    • Another one involving Cynthia that can be taken as romantic the whole way through is Brady's: Cynthia tells him that someone has been protecting her in battle, but she can never see who it is, and embarks on a quest to discover who it is. Meanwhile, there are some serious hints (and confirmation in the A-Support) that Brady himself is the one protecting her, but is too embarrassed to admit it (going so far as to bribe Lissa into taking responsibility). In the S-Support, Cynthia discovers the truth, and Brady tries to play it off as wanting to protect her because she's like his little sister, but when Cynthia confesses that she was happy to find out he was helping her because she already liked him, and knowing that he wanted to keep her safe made her happy. Brady's tough facade cracks immediately, and he tells Cynthia that he was protecting her because he loves her, and also because he wanted to stay close to her and couldn't admit it. The whole thing is charming and heartwarming from start to finish.
  • Maribelle and Male Avatar's S-Support. The Avatar asks Maribelle how to give a present (specifically a ring) to a lady. Maribelle initially gets jealous, but calms down and tells him that he's entitled to his privacy and encourages him to be honest. He slides the ring on her favor, and it hits her that she's the lady in question.
  • After completing the DLC map Smash Brethren 3, you acquire Lyn as a playable unit. Though meeting all the other old main characters was always a nostalgia trip, Lyn adds a bit of heartwarming and tear jerker when she notices that the Avatar reminds her a lot of her own tactician. Lyn becomes positively rapturous when you say that you remember her, and she honestly believes that you're her old friend. It's a double whammy because among all the Einherjar, she's the only one not just talking to the Avatar, but to the player, who stayed by her side and helped save her life by playing her adventure.
    • She starts CRYING when you say you're the tactician, and it isn't hard to see why: It's because of the tactician that Lyn was able to journey out into the world, learn of her uncle's ambitions and stop them, reunite with her grandfather and save the world. The tactician essentially helped Lyn find new friends, family and a new LIFE after living for six months alone, having lost her first ones.
  • One of Morgan's quotes on getting a critical hit is "Checkmate!" - just like their mother/father.
    • On a similar note, another one of their critical/skill quotes is "Time to even the odds!" It's slightly different from their parent's "Time to tip the scales!", but is still clearly modeled after theirs.
      • If a character paired with Morgan defeats an enemy during a dual strike, they may remark, "You tipped the scale!" This can very well be directed at the Avatar themselves.
  • Inigo and Kjelle's support chain. Like all of Inigo's supports, it starts with him hitting on her and trying to ask her out, which she eventually agrees to, on one condition: that he beat her in a duel. Despite finding the prospect intimidating, Inigo accepts. Come A-support, and it turns out he's been dueling her every day, just for the chance to go grab some cake.
    • The S-Support is even better, as she admits that his persistence has won her over and agrees to go out with him. To that, he responds that he's hoping for more than one date, because he can't get enough of her. Bonus points for this being one of Inigo's few supports where he doesn't mention any intentions to keep flirting with other girls.
  • Another one of Inigo's supports is equally adorable and hilarious: him and female Morgan. It starts out typically, Inigo asking her out, except unlike most of the others, Morgan seems pretty okay with it, but Inigo backs out due to his shyness. In their B support, Morgan realizes that Inigo has been having some bad luck, and actually agrees to go out with him. Provided he pay for dinner, however.
  • Panne and Virion have a truly lovely support chain. It starts off with her calling him out on abandoning his people to chase women; in the support after that he reveals he did it so they would stop fighting and wouldn't die, to which she takes her words back and admits they're more similar than she thought. Then the A support has them quietly drinking wine under the moon, toasting to the fallen and to a happier future. If you go to S-support, he drops all the flattery and says, completely seriously, that he loves her, wants her to have hope, and swears to give it to her or die trying.
  • Tharja's A-Support with Noire. Tharja's about to teach Noire to cast curses when she suddenly changes her mind. Why? Because she realized that Future!Tharja never taught Noire to keep her safe. And she decides that she agrees with this decision, flat out telling Noire that she loves her too much to let her get involved in the dark arts.
    • On a similar vein, Henry's conversation with Brady in Future Past 2 if he is his father.
    Brady: Pop, you're kind of freaking me out.
    Henry: I have that effect on people. But don't worry. I'm not actually going to die. Now shoo! Get on home to Ylisse! I'l take care of things here.
    Brady: Well, I don't know how to say no to that. But seriously. You'd better not die. 'cause if ya do....I may not be you old timer, but I know a few measly curses of my own!
    Henry: I hope they're measly. I don't want you dabbling in curses. You're too nice for that.
  • Cynthia and Yarne's S support.
    Cynthia: I'll be your hero and you'll be mine, and together we'll be everyone else's
  • When recruiting Laurent with Chrom, upon hearing his Spock Speak, Chrom literally says, "Yep, you're Miriel's kid alright," and welcomes him to the Shepherds with a soft smile. Seems like a small gesture, but considering what Laurent has been through, and how Chrom never seems to interact with Miriel directly, shows Chrom appreciates and understands his Shepherds quite well, even if they're quirky.
    • He also refers to her as "our Miriel" just before that. Which is sweet.
    • Another minor but still sweet moment is that Laurent is one of the few kids to have a unique voice clip specifically addressing Chrom if Chrom recruits him.
  • Yen'fay's supports with the Avatar, after recruiting him via SpotPass. Coming from the Bad Future in which he failed to save Say'ri, he joins the Shepherds with no sense of self-worth remaining whatsoever, thinking of himself only as a sword for them to use. In his C support he even describes himself as a ghost. Over the course of their support chain, however, the Avatar encourages him to forgive himself and look toward the future. In their A support, the male Avatar gently pushes him not to keep holding himself apart from the countless comrades he has in the Shepherds who are relying on him; in his S support with a female Avatar, inspired by her encouragement, he expresses his hope of finding his "final home" with her by her side. His event tiles with a female Avatar once they're married are incredibly sweet (if not a little heartbreaking, given that by the time he's recruited the endgame is almost upon them).
    Yen'fay: [Avatar], you are my sun. Swear to me that you shall never set.
    • His event tiles as Morgan's father are also very sweet, calling him "my precious son" when Morgan offers to get him a gift, and assuring him that although he's not yet ready to talk about his past, he's not upset that Morgan has asked, simply reminded that he must do better.
  • One that's easy to miss, but sweet nonetheless: As noted on the character page, Donnel has a rock that he keeps in memory of his father. In The Future Past 1, if he's Nah's father, his conversation with her features her looking for a small rock that she dropped. Nah specifically mentions that this rock isn't her dragonstone — the implication is that Donnel passed on his Tragic Keepsake to his own child!
  • Also in The Future Past 1, Kjelle will tell her father that he was her inspiration for fighting, that seeing him try so hard to protect everyone around him was what led her to try and do the same. It's got an extra punch if Virion is her father, since he only left his homeland of Rosanne to get help but was still seen as a coward and traitor by his people. Even the Shepherds tend to treat him with varying degrees of contempt. All in all, the conversation comes across as something Virion had desperately needed to hear. It even shows in how he starts crying after Kjelle says that to him.
    • As mentioned above, this type of heartwarming applies if he is Owain's father, as well, because of how damn proud Owain is of his heritage.
  • Gregor and Sully's supports are surprisingly sweet, considering the participants. Sully, hoping to learn from Gregor, challenges him to a duel, with the loser having to do any one thing the winner says. Sully loses and is forced to call Gregor "sir." More duels promptly ensue, with Gregor winning each one. Eventually, Gregor puts a stop to things and refuses to claim his prize, frustrating Sully so much she can't sleep at night. He eventually reveals that he is no longer interested in their competition, because he is madly in love with her. He then proposes to her (she naturally accepts).
    Sully: I don't understand... why me?
    Gregor: Because you are fine woman. Strong and brave and proud! Gregor is long time admiring Sullykins from afar. Gregor knows he is old man with many scars and fattened belly. So is okay if you say no. But do not be saying so because of duels! That, Gregor's poor heart could not take.
  • One of Yarne's battle-start quotes when paired up with another unit is "Don't let me die!" This becomes both hilarious and heartwarming if he then does a Dual Guard; despite being clearly scared for his life, he selflessly jumps in front of an attack meant for his partner.
  • Tharja and Nowi's supports combine Tear Jerker with a rare opportunity to see Tharja's hidden heart of gold. Nowi wants to find out where her parents are, and Tharja learns that they are dead. She tells Nowi that her parents are alive, but simply very far away. It's incredibly bittersweet watching Tharja try to preserve Nowi's hopes and keep her from finding out the painful truth.
    • Ricken and Nowi's supports are also very adorable, because it has the feel of two kids getting into mischief and having fun. Their S support even feels like a Toy Ship.
  • Speaking of Ricken, he and Olivia couldn't be cuter, and has a similar feel of a Toy Ship as Ricken and Nowi, thanks to the fact that their support chain is centered around stories. Shrinking Violet Olivia even feels comfortable enough around Ricken to tell him stories.
  • Honestly? Maribelle in general. Despite initial impressions and the way she talks, it's very obvious where Brady gets his kind, gentle personality from.
    • Any time Maribelle proves that she isn't actually a Rich Bitch (though, again, despite first impressions). The most notable example is almost any interaction with Lissa, where she dotes on her excessively. Maribelle is also fairly sweet to Chrom throughout their supports and genuinely seems to want to help Lon'qu in theirs. Her normal ways of speaking also tend to come down in any of her S-Supports, too (which is especially sweet if she marries Donnel).
  • Laurent and Gerome are a suprisingly heartwarming pair. Their C conversation reveals that Laurent's habit of keeping tabs on everything and everyone is actually done on Gerome's request, so he can make sure everything is running smoothly and limit his contact with the rest of the army at the same time. The B has Laurent suggest Gerome to open up a little more. In the A conversation, Gerome decides to follow Laurent's advice... via coming to work with him.
  • A small one, and only retroactively for those who have played Gaiden or its remake, but Pheros' battle dialogue with Chrom reveals that she used to follow the teachings of Mila, in addition to those of Naga. Even though she's been gone for thousands of years, the people of Valentia - later Valm - never forgot their Earth Mother.