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"Chris" is Ike, and Soren is "Mark".
Chris is rather similar to Ike (though moreso to FE9 Ike), and we never see Mark's face. Soren and Ike left Tellius, got split up, and now Ike is helping people out because that's just how he is, while Soren is partly trying to make himself a rep so he can get better answers from nobles and the like about Ike's whereabouts, partly repaying Lyn for saving his life. Would also explain why the Tactician/Mark doesn't do any more tactics after becoming known. As for the supposed sinking/flooding Yune/Ashunera caused, I think it's more likely it simply raised water levels around Tellius (since Ike seems to head for other continents at the end). This theory would put Tellius and Elibe in the same universe as Archaneia, Jugdral, and Valencia. And I kind of already believe Magvel and Elibe to be part of the same universe.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening confirms all of the FE games to take place in the same 'verse, but Chris and Mark are most likely not Ike and Soren. Interesting theory, though.

The "true rival" that the fortune-teller told Mia about in Path of Radiance is Lucia.
Despite Mia's assumptions that her rival will be male (natural, since all of her life she's heard people tell her that women don't belong on the battlefield), nothing in the prophecy denotes the rival's gender. Bastian's comments when the Royal Knights first arrive on the scene in Chapter 23 suggest that all of them arrived on horseback, even the ones who don't normally battle on horseback, which would be more logical anyway because it's quicker, thus fulfilling the part about the rival "riding towards her" — and, of course, she wears white.
  • You know, that actually does make a lot of sense! It's a shame that the game designers apparently never thought of the same thing, though, if the unused support data in FE9 and FE10 is anything reliable. Lucia x Mia wasn't one of the options considered, disappointingly enough. I bet their potential supports would have been hilariously like a genderflipped version of Oscar and Kieran's supports...
  • It was Kieran that she was referring to. Horse + Sword (on Promotion) + White Cape (once he promotes) + the potentially Massive Ham-to-Ham Combat...
  • Doesn't Zihark change to white clothing? He has a sword and cape at least.

Ike dies at the end of Radiant Dawn.
Because he "Leaves Tellius and was never seen again" just like how my dog "went to go live on a farm".
  • Seems likely, he had too many obligations to just leave and never return, he probably died in an accident with no survivors around to go back and report it while Janaff and Chaos were looking the other way.
  • Jossed by Awakening: Ike literally "Leaves Tellius and was never seen again" (By Tellius's denizens), as he leaves Tellius for Archenea. And he's, for whatever reason, just as famous in Archenea as he was in Tellius, despite being from another dimension.

Ike leaves Tellius for Super Smash Bros. Brawl to find a worthy opponent.
In much the same way Link left Hyrule to play Soulcalibur II. Ike has yet to find a suitable opponent, though.
  • One Problem: He loses all of his muscle and reverts back to his ranger class in Brawl.
    • Actually, in Brawl, Ike clearly has Ragnell, and at the end of Radiant Dawn, the picture of Ike has him in his ranger outfit.
      • Yeah, he only became a lord because it was expected of him (in order to lead an army), so he could have very well regarded the later outfits the same way.

Soren sent Ike to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
No matter how you interpret Ike and Soren's relationship, you can't deny that Soren is very, very, clingy and loyal to Ike. Soren is also a Branded and will thus live a lot longer than Ike will - so with his devotion, where does that leave Soren when Ike dies? So Soren finds a way to cheat death by somehow discovering a way to keep Ike young or de-age him as necessary; if he can cling to the hope of finding a kid he met once years after the meeting, then he can do this. Also, Ike's ability to randomly conjure wind in his taunts was taught to him by Soren. There had to be some explanation for it.
  • Soren could be off screen making it blow on cue.

Soren is NOT Ashnard's son
How can you prove fatherhood without a blood test anyway? And did you notice Soren doesn't look anything like Ashnard? No, Almedha had an affair with... Rhys' father! Plot twists!
  • Doesn't Rhys look a little old for what would be 13 PoR 16 (RD) at most? (have Pelleas fight Izuka in 4-5)
    • The guess is that Soren is Rhys' half-brother, not Rhys is Ashnard's son.

Volke, from Path of Radiance, is a Branded.
  1. Volke is impersonal, stays hidden in the shadows even if he's not doing his job, and refuses to even converse with somebody unless he gets something for doing so. While this could be because of his job, it does seem eerily similar to how Soren and Stefan do their tasks.
    • Strengthened even further with statements that Micaiah had also been like this in the past.
  2. In Radiant Dawn, while most of the support conversations have been reduced to generic openings and closings, some are a tad more personalized. For example, Soren says unique things to Volke that wouldn't be said to others, should they have a link. But, why can Soren do this? He could only bond with Ike & a fellow Branded in the last game.
  3. Wearing heavy clothing is a bad idea if you're an assassin, and previous FE assassins haven't even worn enough to cover their stomach. So, why would Volke wear those baggy, brown robes — unless he's hiding something?
  4. Remember what a legendary powerhouse Greil is. Also, remember how much MORE power he had when he held Lehran's Medallion and went berserk. If Volke was supposed to kill him if he ever entered this state again, then that would require a lot of power. Branded are known for having at least a little more skill than your regular humans...
  • I could see him as a Raven or Cat Branded. Also, when it comes to Greil, the whole "Cut the tendons in his sword arm" was enough to get him killed by the Black Knight, another Branded.
  • But in practice, Yune points out ALL the other Branded characters, even AMY, in any way affiliated with the army, but not Volke. So I would say, no he's not branded, but Stefan is his son with Soan.
    • The other branded were hanging around in plain sight, though. Volke was off in the shadows as usual.

Devdan and Danved are not the same person.
Why would he lie?
  • Supporting evidence: Danved doesn't gain any bonuses at all, ever, from a Path of Radiance save file. The obvious reason is that he and Devdan aren't the same person.
    • Actually, I'm pretty sure he does get the stat bonuses. Any stats that Devdan caps changes Danved's base stats, as far as I know, which seems to imply they're one and the same.
    • Calill gets Largo's bonuses; does that mean that Calill is Largo?
      • Exception that proves the rule, unless you seriously want to argue that Danved and Devdan are twins.
    • Devdan would lie because he has a history of trolling Largo.

Danved is actually the original personality/birth name of the character, not Devdan.
The obvious assumption, based on the fact that Devdan was the first persona we met and that "Danved" (or rather, "Nadved", his Japanese name and a true Sdrawkcab Alias for Devdan) was introduced in PoR as Devdan's apparently-imaginary friend, is that Devdan is the real person and that Danved is a character he created and then took on.
  • However, Danved, while Hot-Blooded, seems to be of at least average intelligence, while Devdan is a Dumb Muscle, Gentle Giant type. An explanation for this is that at some point prior to Path of Radiance, Danved suffered a blow to the head that caused a concussion, and due to the temporary loss of brain function, the normally fiery warrior ended up taking on a new, more serene persona — the exact reverse of the usual, hence the backwards name. As he recovered, his original personality reemerged.

Ilyana has a tapeworm.
It would explain her Big Eater habits and apparent anemia.

Ilyana is diabetic.
To quote Wikipedia: "The classical symptoms of diabetes are polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst), and polyphagia (increased hunger)." When you get down to thinking about the rest of it, this is a very possible explanation.

  • Diabetic troper here. If Ilyana had (Type-1, which she'd be in the age-range for) diabetes, she would probably have died from all the irregular meals and strenuous activity that would tank her Blood Glucose.

Volke lives directly on money
As in he eats it, and drinks it.

Micaiah and Sothe are the parents of Zexion from Kingdom Hearts.
Or technically Ienzo. But think about it. Her weapon + his "emo" personality + her hair color + his hairstyle + her flair for magic and diplomacy + his rebellion = Zexion.

Amy is Zihark's daughter
He never gives us an exact time frame for when he broke up with his girlfriend. Amy appears to be between 5-7 in Radiant Dawn, so she was almost certainly born before Path of Radiance. Not being able to handle a forbidden relationship may just have been an excuse. If Zihark had gotten his girlfriend pregnant, she and her child would have had to hide from everyone, and she may have hidden it from Zihark to protect him.

Lucia is gay
She's very devoted to Elincia. She is very abrasive to Ike when they first meet. She supports three people in Path of Radiance. Her C support with Illyana starts off with her saying, "Well, well... Look at this cute little thing." In her supports with Janaff, she scares him off by saying she'll need a chaperone on a date. In her A support with Bastian, she says he's "impossible to hate" and that she might consider reciprocating his feelings. "MIGHT." And then blows him off to attend Elincia.
  • She and Bastian do have an affair if they have an A rank support in Radiant Dawn. She could be bisexual.

Lehran's Medallion's exposure causes emotional repression to all but a chosen few
Why else would every single person in the army of Radiant Dawn be about as emotional as a pile of rocks? It also may repress brain activity somewhat, explaining how you can have units saying the exact same thing to each other every time they support in battle...
  • Even if the characters didn't have much depth, they still show emotion. And most of them weren't ever anywhere near the medallion. Plus, since the medallion contains a god of chaos, shouldn't exposure make people more emotional?

Tauroneo is the Grandfather of Boyd, Rolf, and Oscar
  1. In Path of Radiance, Tauroneo mistakes Rolf for his son; Tauroneo then goes on to explain how his son was injured in battle and crippled many years ago, and that shortly after that, his wife divorced him and moved to Crimea, where all of the brothers live.
  2. In both Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, it's heavily implied the three brothers' father was a cripple and/or extremely ill; this would tie in with the story of Tauroneo's son who was crippled on the battlefield and moved to Crimea.
  3. Tauroneo stating Rolf's resemblance to his son may have just been a throwaway line to get the support started, but in the Fire Emblem series, coincidences regarding mentioned family members are very rare.
  4. Tauroneo himself bears somewhat of a passing resemblance to Boyd, especially in Radiant Dawn.
  5. I'm not sure, but I also vaguely recall Boyd mentioning their family came from Daein in a Support or Base Convo in Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn (Don't quote me though, like I said, very vague.)
  6. Considering how much both Tauroneo and the three brothers have been through, it wouldn't be the worst thing to see them find family somewhere in Ike's super powered army.

Volke was Ashera's Lover
Even The Gods Want Him.
  • Seconded. Volke, you player.

Volke is a dark god.
Representing Greed and Violence. It's how he always shows up where he needs to be, and why his strength fluctuates so much — sometimes he's just not trying very hard. He just enjoys messing with people too much to see the world destroyed.
  • Wait a minute. Didn't Greil cut the tendons in his sword arm because Volke was afraid of him? So, DarkGod!Volke possibly caused Greil's death?

Haar is a shout out to Kakashi from Naruto.

Think about it. They're both missing eyes, are incredibly lazy, and can go from cool, calm and collected one moment, and deadly serious the next. They both usually have a very bored expression on their faces. Haar was one of the most respected leaders in Begnion's legion of Dracoknights, much like Kakashi is one of the most respected ninja in the Leaf Village. One of the reasons Haar joined Ike's army was to help and keep an eye on Jill, daughter of his late friend, General Shiharam. Kakashi received his Sharingan from his late friend, Obito Uchiha, and visits the memorial stone everyday in tribute. It could even be said that they both have somewhat similar hairstyles.

  • Alternatively, he could be an Expy of Stark.

Tibarn fuses with his jacket when he shifts forms.

Well come on, his hair is Black and Wings Brown in Human form, everyone ELSES Fur/Feathers/Scales matches there hair colour, yet Tibarn just randomly turns Green upon shifting. The only explanation is that the green comes from his jacket. How and why does he fuse with it? Hell I dunno.

Nephenee has epic Idiot Hair
We're talking Konata-level epic Idiot Hair, and she's embarrassed by it, which is why she never takes off her helmet.

Ike is Zelgius's son
In a game series wherein hair color denotes family relations, no one thought to wonder why Ike doesn't share his father's hair color. Indeed, compare Greil to Ike to Zelgius. Uncanny, isn't it. Note that by this train of logic, Mist is Greil's daughter (and indeed does have his hair color) and Ike is her brother by adoption.
  • Actually, if you take a look at Greil's OA and Ike's FE10 OA, you'll see the resemblance between father and son more. On top of the fact that Ike resembles his mother and takes a different shade of her hairstyle.

Ranulf never left with Ike in their paired ending.
It only says that Ranulf set off on a journey after Skrimir was crowned. Knowing Ranulf's personality, it's quite possible that he left by himself to explore the world at the beat of his own drum.
  • Objection! Ranulf deeply loves his country and his men, I hardly think he'd do so without reassuring it'd just be a temporary vacation. Besides that, he's a self-admitted "mother cat" type, so it wouldn't sit right with him to not fret over something or someone, in Ike's case. And the purpose of their A-support would get a bit blurry too. Assuming Ike inspired Ranulf to go on a journey but not necessarily together they would have at least made a vow to someday meet again. Still, them sticking together sounds more in-character, as well as epic.

Canon People to go into the Tower of Guidance:
Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Kurthnaga, Ena, Reyson, Soren, Titania, Elincia, Tibarn, Pelleas, Naesala, Nalaih, Cain, Sigrun, and Mist.
  • Wait, isn't Pelleas dead? in the first play through?

Mist was supposed to be the main lord/hero
In the battle with the black knight in Path of Radiance, Mist says "Sniff...sniff... You... you took my brother and my father!"Brother with the implication that Ike is dead!

Lethe was stood up
Ike gives Lethe his word he'll come live in Gallia. (Support conversation)...Guess what? HE NEVER CAME!! In fact! He left on a journey and was never heard from again!

Bryce's killer canonically leaves the Wishblade with his body
Everyone always wonders how Levail got the Wishblade in the second game. Well, guess what: just because you took it from Bryce's cold dead fingers doesn't mean the characters did. Ike respected Bryce, and so did Taureneo. I can't see either of them stealing the Wishblade off of his corpse, or letting anyone else do so for that matter. They probably left it with him, and at some point Zelgius came along and claimed it for Levail.

Soren goes with Ike whether they have an A support or not.
According to Soren's non-Ike-A-support ending, he "never used his talents for anyone but Ike." So he either sat in a corner and mooched off everyone, or he just followed Ike. The difference is the A-support makes it explicit, for the fangirls.
  • Wasn't that just for his tactician prowess? He could've found another job, simply refusing to touch military work again for anyone he didn't completely trust.

Volke and Heather are siblings.
Suggested that Heather's mother is sick:Volke left out to do work, no matter how dirty, to get money to cure and take care of his mother. However, being the only man left in the house, getting up to leave and doing some jobs for extended periods of time (Events of Path of Radiance) wasn't exactly good for the family. Heather got upset at men in general for her father and her brother ditching them.Heather then took upon a life of cheating and stealing to get money. Volke might be spending the money to find a cure for their mother, but to no avail so far. After all, he doesn't like to talk about it.

Shinon's hatred toward the Laguz extends all the way back to his backstory (that was never elaborated on) amongst other things that explain his actions in game...
Shinon is one of the few members of the Greil Mercenaries who lacks a backstory (the same could be said for Gatrie, but he comes off as happy-go-lucky and normal). If you talk to him with the other members of the Greil mercenaries in chapter 19 (hopefully neither him or the other members get killed) as well as pay attention to Janaff's support, Shinon's conversations come off as a roundabout way of telling everyone what he went through in life, but given his personality, he would never directly say it out loud.

His support with Janaff; Janaff asks Shinon if he's the type of human that would go making weapons and hunt animals and their kind, and Shinon retorts that it's the other way around. Ha!

"We make weapons to protect ourselves from you half-breeds! Only wealthy bluestockings with too much time on their hands hunt for sport!"

Now, there's one thing this troper didn't notice originally, which was that Shinon wasn't lying when he said that. When playing the game, this troper noticed that Shinon hasn't lied once in the game, simply because he's a Jerkass and is very blunt with his opinions. What does that mean? This troper believes that Shinon might have been attacked in the past by Laguz, hence his hatred for Laguz continues even in Radiant Dawn, when all the Greil Mercenaries have gotten used to Laguz. Even Soren, who was rather racist toward the beast tribe, changed his opinion (at least in Radiant Dawn). However, Shinon's refusal to change might not be because he's a Jerkass, but because he has a hard time letting go of the past (as proven when every year, he apparently gets drunk whenever the time of Greil's death arrives). This is further shown when he insults Lyre when she wasn't doing anything until she hears him using the term "Sub Human". Even when Kyza apologizes for her, when Kyza leaves, he tells Gatrie that he's worse than Lyre because "he's trying to act like them when he's not." Of course, Gatrie didn't hear him, so the brief moment of Shinon actually letting out his frustration that might be about his past is ignored again.

This troper can conclude that Shinon's reason for hating the Laguz is mainly because of the beast tribe, most likely a tiger Laguz, given that his attitude toward Kyza was worse than it was with Lyre.

Also, the series makes it seem like the only tribe that will attack Beroc for fun are the ravens, mainly because their main personality is that of being stingy. The series makes it seem like the beast tribe are usually easy to get along with once the boundaries are passed. What's to say that there are beast Laguz that instigated in the same activities as Beroc? Given that Naesala makes his dealings with the Begnion senators (not by choice, mind you, but because of the Blood Pact), it wouldn't be a surprise if other Laguz did it as well. After all, Janaff seemed startled at the suggestion that Laguz would do the same thing as Beroc.

Then let's go back to the conversations he can have with the other Greil mercenary members, such as Oscar; you find out that he did try to serve the Begnion army after he left the group, but apparently his status as a "commoner" (which could range from middle class to poor to slaves) made Begnion reject him as a whole, hence he went to Daein, where status apparently didn't matter as long as you could fight. Not that this would be related to the fantastic racism, but given the WMG, this troper would apply it to his backstory.

Path of Radiance states that Shinon joined shortly after Titania. However, given his age being 27, he would have at least joined when he was a child. After all, Titania is at least in her 30s and has been with Greil for a while despite the fact that he already hooked up with Elena. If the evidence of Shinon being attacked by a beast Laguz and being a commoner above is supported, then that would mean that this past is what made him join Greil.

If he has a support with Sanaki in Radiant Dawn, he comments that his mother "wasn't loving". From Janaff's support in Path of Radiance, he explains that he hates Ike because he takes everything for granted (there's also his drunk outburst on Ike). This could imply that he saw Greil as the father he either a.) never had or b.) one he had but lost. If his hatred for Laguz runs deep to the point where he says that weapons are made to protect Beorc from them, despite Laguz rarely interacting with Beorc, it probably indicates some confirmation bias on Shinon's part. There's no doubt that Ike loves his father, but in comparison to Shinon, who seems to have to work for everything, instead of Ike, who had everything handed to him by the person he admired with a passion, it would make sense why he would take his anger out on Ike. And then there's the fact that despite his hatred toward Ike, he never left after being forced back and Aimee simply says that Shinon doesn't like Ike or people in general but is willing to help the Greil mercenaries out in terms of money regardless of all his insults and complaints.

This troper wonders if everything lines up with the timeline... but she thinks this would explain a lot of his actions in the series and why he comes off as more distant than a huge Jerkass everyone labels him as in series and outside.

There will be a sequel to Radiant Dawn.
Maybe 10 years after RD, after the only one who could bring stability to Tellius (Ike) has left for good, there will be another war. The plot will center around Micaiah and Soren (who has not left with Ike). Sanaki will be kidnapped/assassinated and Begnion will fall into chaos. To bring peace back again, Micaiah will use her birthright and take over as the Empress, although she still is queen of Daein. Soren, on the other hand, will by now have learned of his heritage and hangs around in Goldoa. Micaiah's dual-kingdom-rulership will lead to political tensions in Daein so that Soren instead claims rulership over it as Ashnard's son, finding many supporters in the ranks of Ashnard's former men as well as being backed by Goldoa. So Tellius will fall into a bloody war between Begnion, Goldoa, and a divided Daein.
  • They can't just Retcon an ending (Soren leaving) like that.
  • No? Why? It's not like the ending is entirely canonical. It only happens if Soren and Ike share an A-Support. In other FE-Games, that would be the equivalent of marriage for the main char. They never made any of those entirely canon, except for certain cases. They could also say that Soren was about to leave with Ike, but then somehow ended up staying for some reason, as to not entirely un-canonize the ending.
  • According to Serenes Forest, Soren's A-Ending is, and I quote, "When peace had settled on the land, Soren packed lightly and set off with the only person he had ever trusted." Now, just because the person he set out with was never seen again, it doesn't mean Soren is also gone forever... very likely, yes, but it's certainly possible that he could leave Ike (or whatever's left of him) and return to Tellius on his own.
    • However, his non A relationship epilogue is "Though his tactical genius was unmatched, Soren never used his talents for anyone but Ike." So, even if he leaves with Ike, it's apparent that he'll never fight or strategize again without Ike telling him to. I guess it's possible for him to sit out the game or be a kidnapping victim, but otherwise his involvement in the story contradicts his ending.
  • Spoilers abound, but, actually, the more I think of it, it could work... considering Micaiah and Soren are both going to live a very long time — Sanaki too, maybe, although I'm not sure if she's also a Branded or just has laguz blood that's lying dormant. So it could be Sanaki gets assassinated, or instead dies of old age with no apparent heirs. And while Daein would probably not care about Ashnard's true heir a hundred years after Micaiah's been reigning, a Soren post-Ike would be more than a little crazy and powerful enough (at least in my games, he could do it on his own!) to take over, especially if Micaiah's in Begnion at the time. And although most of the heroes (all the beorc ones) would be dead, the laguz would still be around and the conflict could escalate when they start choosing sides. I remember Nasir didn't think three years was long at all, so maybe a fondness for Ike would still motivate some to side with Soren even though they haven't seen him in 100 years?
  • Adding on to that, Soren is Kurthnaga's nephew — Kurthnaga, the king of Goldoa — and if Almedha is still in Daein and prompts him, then Kurth will likely side with family. And we all know that the King of Gallia, Skrimir (Caineghis abdicates right after the war), would side with the little tactician that almost won the laguz war for him back in the day — after all, he makes clear to Micaiah that the only reason he respects her is because she's a vessel of a goddess, and after the war, Yune disappears (I think, but everyone talks about living in a godless world...). So that leaves the Bird tribes, which could go either way - Tibarn is their leader and would probably side with Soren, again because of Soren's showing in the war or conversely because Ike was just that awesome, but Reyson might convince him to side with Micaiah out of respect for Sanaki, considering she was the one who gave them back Serenes. Naesala will probably betray whoever they decide anyway, so no one will ask him. Daein will be under Soren's command, Begnion under Micaiah's, and that leaves poor little Crimea, run by Elincia's child or grandchild (with Geoffrey, probably) to try being neutral. Again. (Geez, I've thought about this too much.)
  • What about Stephan's new country?
    • That is a good question. I can see it going a number of ways - if you got an A support between Stefan and Soren in Po R, Stefan sides with him; if not, he sides with Micaiah? But that would be a lot of effort for the theoretical developers to make the game have 2 paths. Or maybe at this point Stefan's country hasn't been founded yet, so whoever makes it to the desert first and steps on a certain square gets him ;) Or maybe his country does exist and he insists on neutrality and spends the game trying to get Micaiah and Soren to knock it off because they're both Branded and need to work together.

Ike is descended from Negi.
He's not only one of the biggest badasses in Tellius, but on top of that he's also one of the biggest Chick Magnets, and he managed to punch out a goddess (Negi apparently managed to whoop the Lifemaker, but we don't know how). Clearly, these are inherited traits.

Elena, Ike, and Mist are also members of the Begnion Imperial family.
I's never made clear how laguz ancestry affects people who don't inherit the brand. While Elena and Mist are not branded, Lehran's blood could still cause their spirits to be sufficiently orderly to be unaffected by the medallion. The reason Elena was in Daein and no one remembers their ancestry is because they are descended from the younger sibling of an earlier apostle. As for why Ike couldn't touch the medallion without going insane, he never actually touched it. Greil assumed he would go insane like everyone else but never actually tested it.

Shinon is a Branded
The following comes from having read a long fic based on the idea, but think about it. Those who hate Laguz fall into roughly three camps: Those who were taught (Jill, other Daein natives), assholes who want to control everyone and everything (Beignon Senate), and the Branded (Soren, Petrine). Since we're never told where Shinon originally came from, another guess is that he's Branded and was subject to horrible abuse by the Laguz. His worship of Greil could be from Greil having rescued him — Greil was to Shinon what Ike was to Soren. It could also explain why Shinon doesn't like most people aside from Titania, Gatrie and Rolf — all Beorc who couldn't possibly figure out whether or not someone's Branded.
  • Not necessarily jossed, but unlikely. If Shinon were Branded, a few things would have likely happened. Stefan would likely have sought him out to join the colony in the Grann Desert like he did Soren and later listed Shinon alongside Soren, Micaiah, and Amy when talking to Yune. Shinon would have had a special conversation with Petrine, also like she did with Soren. And the various laguz he interacts would likely have either figured it out immediately (like Muarim with Micaiah) or felt an urge to avoid him (like Vika with Micaiah). At worst, the laguz just retaliate for Shinon being a dick to them first.
    • Ah, right. Excellent points, all of them. Especially the last one, given that Shinon can support with Janaff. Still, it'd be interesting if this were the case...oh, well.
      • I don't think its necessarily jossed. I mean you look at all the content cut from Path of Radiance and Shinon had a lot of support characters cut out. And of course you saw how Radiant Dawn was with handling the support system and the story in general.

Nephenee is a Branded
She doesn't like to talk much because of her "country accent", but I've always thought that seemed like a bit of a flimsy excuse, especially since it's not as thick before it's pointed out by Calill. Mordecai says something in-game about how laguz don't communicate with words, but rather actions and sounds. Maybe Nephenee has a shaky grasp of Beorc language because she wasn't raised among them, and agrees with the first thing Calill says as a cover. Also, she is pretty damn skilled for a simple militia volunteer, so perhaps she has loyalty to the Beorc village she lived in before she was kidnapped along with Kieran and Brom.
  • That has a lot of the same problems Shinon does. There are people who would have noticed no matter what she did to hide it.

Every Apostle eventually gets assassinated.

Given how long herons and by extension their branded descendants, even the ones not directly blessed by a goddess, live, several of Misaha's predecessors should still be alive. Apostle Yoram herself may be stretching it a bit but is certainly within the realm of possibility considering her grandfather's age. So what happened to all of them? A very likely scenario is that when the Apostles begin to reach an age where people would start getting suspicious of their youthful appearance, the senate has them stop making public appearances, then quietly kill them two or three decades later and claim she died of an illness or in her sleep. They had to speed things up and find a different excuse with Misaha because she was about to blow the lid off the whole thing. Alternately, the assassination is performed soon after the successor's birth, but Misaha's was delayed since it took an extra generation for another daughter to be born.

  • Maybe some of the earlier Apostles had retired, or had their deaths faked?

The ancestry of confirmed Branded.
The only three Branded to have their exact ancestry confirmed are the three the player recruits, and by extension, the grandmother of one of them. They do provide a baseline.

Soren: Black Dragon. All dragons, not just White Dragons, are known for having very powerful seid magic. Since Soren was mistaken for a spirit charmer, he was forced to develop the resulting magical potential, while his theoretical physical potential atrophied due to neglect and early malnutrition.

Stefan: Lion. Whether or not the lion in question was Soan is beside the point. Despite the typical squishiness of his class line, he has unusually high physical stats and his con stat is either the highest or second highest among beorc units depending on which game is checked.

Micaiah: Heron. Herons have very powerful seid magic and are extremely fragile. Micaiah is a very powerful magic user and is fragile even by the standards of her unit type. Her brand resembles a heron with its wings folded.

Micaiah and Stefan also have a big meta consequence of both their ancestries. When they interact with Laguz, Micaiah gets along well enough with Muarim, Naila, and Volug, but she develops a particularly close friendship with Rafiel, who is of the same clan as Micaiah's Laguz ancestor, and her interactions with Vika also relate closely to her Branded status. Stefan is never scene interacting with other lions, but he joined out of a desire to speak to the beasts, and his closest friendship is with Mordecai; a member of the beast tribes.

With all this considered, the exact ancestry of the other confirmed Branded can be inferred.

Petrine: Raven. She's clearly very strong and agile. She also seems to have above average magical potential considering her famous flame lance. Her brand resembles a feather and she is most frequently seen interacting with ravens.

Zelgius: Hawk. He is clearly exceptionally strong, and considering his class, he seems too fast to be part lion or tiger. He's most frequently seen interacting with the hawks, and earns Tibarn's hatred in particular. His brand resembles a bird.

Amy: Cat. Her demeanor is stereotypically cat-like, and she seems to have a close friendship with Ranulf.

  • The Tellius Recollection Book confirmed Petrine as a Tiger Branded.

Laguz eventually evolved into wesen.

After a while, all laguz lost their obvious external parts and their transformed animal states became more humanoid. The descendants of Branded mages like Micaiah and Soren evolved into Hexenbiests, while Grimms were the descendants of Branded infantry like Stefan, Zelgius, and Petrine—passing on both the Fantastic Racism of the world and the knowledge that they were more the most powerful beings alive.

Female Laguz lose the ability to transform after marrying Beorc for childbirth reasons
This only applies to female Laguz. Women essentially have to carry their child in their bodies for nine months (may be different for Laguz), and transforming would interfere with the process considerably. Their entire body structure would change, and who know how that would affect the baby?
  • But then why don't they get their powers back after the delivery? And why would male Laguz lose their powers at all?

Altina was Lehran's second wife.
Lehran had a laguz wife before the war against Yune, and they had kids from whom Reyson, Leanne, and Rafiel are descended.
  • Alternately, Lehran had a sibling. The series has used that idea before.
    • On the other hand, Reyson called himself and Leanne "descendants of Lehran" and said that they had inherited the ability to sing the Galdr of Rebirth from him.

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem will involve Yune and Ashera as major characters.
I'm entirely serious about this one. Goddess of Order, Goddess of Chaos, two halves of the same whole, and mankind cannot exist properly without both of them in balance. Considering MegaTen is heavy on the Order vs. Chaos themes, if these characters don't somehow factor into the story, I'm going to wonder what the guys making the game were doing.
  • On a less serious note...

The angels of Disgaea are descended from Heron.
Some of the Heron fled the planet and stumbled across Celestia. They then found a new god and evolved to have the ability to harm people. (They fulfill the human protecting as a courtesy.)

Oliver had a near death experience and feared what happened.
After Ike and co beat him up in Fire Emblem 9, he was severely injured but recovered... now that he had seen death (or what he thought was death) he wants to make sure his life is full of beauty and wants others to see it too. When Ashera petrified the world (or killed them... depending which translation you are playing) Oliver nearly had a mental breakdown again and was looking for a way out... and sure enough, here comes Ike! He is more addled, possibly having some minor brain damage or having a hit on the head.

Sothe and Elincia are somehow related.
They have the same hair colour and similar eye colours (Sothe's are lighter in portraits, but in CGI cutscenes they're the same), as well as similar facial features. Sothe's first family-type person was Micaiah, and his earliest memories are of living in Nevassa as an orphan on the street, so he has no confirmed relatives. There's nothing to say that Ramon, Renning, or Elincia's mom (or some combination of them) didn't have a kid, with their spouse, who would be several years younger than Elincia, and the geography issue is kind of solved by the fact that Ashnard's son grew up in Gallia (aka the opposite side of the continent from Daein). Given the latter part, it'd be more likely that Sothe is Elincia's cousin or half-brother via an extramarital affair that one of the aforementioned previous-generation Crimean royals wanted to keep secret. Imagine if that somehow came out (ancestry-test spell?) after an RD ending where Micaiah and Sothe get married and become the queen and king of Daein...

Astrid was just fawning on Makalov out of pity
It might explain why she stood up to him when everyone pulls the card of What Does She See in Him? Basically, Astrid would have realized that nobody loves him, and she can't bring herself to just join the hate bandwagon, because she's apparently too nice. So she decided to stand up for him when no one else would, otherwise she can't stand the sight of him dying ignobly and Marcia losing her brother. Note that her fawning happens, regardless if she gets an A Support with him or not in PoR, and she definitely is still sane and remembering her past because of her dialogue with Lekain in the Tower of Guidance, so if she doesn't have A Support Makalov, then this is a plausible explanation why she 'fawns' over him. If A Support is reached, then it becomes genuine love instead of pity.

Volke once had a relationship with a laguz.
This might explain why he's such a recluse now and why he seems to have such a personal hatred for Izuka and wants to be the one to take him down. Maybe he pulled a Heel–Face Turn after witnessing the experiments or his lover was one of the bodies at Gritnea Tower. This may also tie in with why he was so willing to kill Greil, either from knowing what it's like to lose someone you care about or disgust at Greil killing his own wife.

Meta WMG: The movement penalty that mounted units suffer in indoor maps in Radiant Dawn was an attempt to bring back the Dismount mechanic from Mystery of the Emblem and Thracia 776 in a way that would be more palatable to the fanbase.
For those unfamiliar with this, in those two Japan-only games, mounted units were forced to dismount indoors, with it automatically happening if the entire map was indoors and the units having to do it manually to enter indoor areas of maps that had both. Dismounted units were essentially shuffled into a new class, so this came with heavy stat drops and different weapon proficiencies—lance- and axe-wielders that lacked a sword in their mounted class would be completely incompatible with their new weaponry (bow and magic-wielders still kept their usual weapons). Naturally, this restriction was hated and seen as unnecessary Fake Difficulty. In Radiant Dawn, mounted units are reduced to the movement range of a non-mounted unit of equal tier when taken indoors, but otherwise suffer no penalties—a far more palatable prospect. (Of course, this ignores the fact that aside from the range reduction, pegasus and wyvern units are still able to move about without impunity.)

Almedha found Ike and Soren again after the events of Radiant Dawn.
Since she was unable to transform into a dragon, and since her son was traveling the world with Ike, Almedha didn't really have a place in Goldoa with the other dragons. Some time after Radiant Dawn, she somehow found Ike and Soren again and traveled with them. As thanks for saving her son's life, Almedha offered herself to Ike, and they had a kid from whom Priam is descended.