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Heartwarming / The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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  • Mido is the resident bully in young Link's hometown, Kokiri Forest. After Link finds the Master Sword and travels seven years in the future where Ganondorf has taken over Hyrule, Mido guards the Forest Temple on Saria's wishes. When Saria is revealed to be a sage and leaves the forest for the temple of light, Mido asks the grown up Link (whom he no longer recognizes) to tell Link that Saria really liked him and that he's sorry for being mean to him.
    • There's a good chance that that Mido did realize that it was Link, and the whole thing was his way of saying sorry to Link while unable to fully admit that it was Link.
    Mido: I don't know why, but when I see you, you remind me of... him.
  • The final farewells between Link and each sage:
    Saria: Saria will always be your friend.
    Darunia: Remember: You and I are now true brothers!!
    • The Saria one even more so in the 3DS remake:
    Saria: I will always be your friend.
  • The Spells of the Golden Goddesses the Great Fairies bestow upon you according to the 3DS remake all summon power from their respective deities upon command. The aptly-named "Nayru's Love" encases Link in an impenetrable crystal, protecting the hero from all harm.
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  • Saving Lon Lon Ranch, Malon, and Epona from Ingo. The best part of this? The next time Link talks to Malon, she remembers him from when they were both children. Keep in mind nearly every other NPC doesn't recognize the now-adult hero, including the Kokiri that Link lived with for ten years of his life. And yet, the farm girl who has a minuscule role in the main plot is kindhearted and grateful enough to still remember him. (This is also a huge feather in the cap of Link/Malon shippers.)
  • The dying soldier was mortally wounded trying to stop Ganondorf from capturing Zelda. Since Zelda escapes, he succeeded.
  • After the player defeats Ganondorf for the first time and Link and Zelda get out of the collapsing tower, Link and Zelda hear a noise from the rubble. Instead of jumping or gasping in surprise like any other person, Link's instinctive reaction is to throw his arm protectively in front of Zelda.
    • They also share a brief, relieved smile right before it happens. Not surprising, but how often do we see Link smile (especially this one) outside of Item Get!?
    • The goodbye scene between Link and Zelda in which she sends him back to his own time. In the era of 3d polygonal graphics, trying to mimic facial expressions was often awkward and went into Uncanny Valley status but not here. Zelda asks Link to give her the Ocarina. As she takes it, she puts her hand on his and her face is painfully sad. She is genuinely heartbroken she must do this because of the bond they shared yet she recognizes it as the right thing to do. Then of course, she plays the poignant Zelda's lullaby to send him back.
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  • The manga version of Ocarina of Time involves a scene of Young Link first meeting Epona when he is going to Death Mountain while playing the ocarina, which does not happen in the original game. After the second boss fight, Link meets up with Epona at Lon Lon Ranch. Much later, when Link is an adult, he witnesses Epona about to be taken away to Ganondorf, while a kid desperately tries to save her. Link plays his ocarina, and Epona recognizes it. Link then embraces Epona.
  • The ending credits of Ocarina of Time, where all of the people of Hyrule gather at Lon Lon Ranch to celebrate the end of Ganondorf's regime. Highlights include Talon and Ingo drunkenly and happily leaning on each other like old friends, and the Cucco woman playing with her birds (ignoring her allergy to them). At the end, we pan to Death Mountain, where the Sages gather to look out in triumph over the land they have helped to save, with Saria riding piggyback on Darunia's back and Nabooru and Ruto sharing a significant look (with the implication that both pairs have become friends, based on their mutual love of the forest and attraction to Link respectively).
    • The first thing Link does when he returns to his original (young) timeline, is go and find Zelda in her castle. Cue THE END still-shot, complete with "Old Film" style screen coloring.
  • The Ad for the 3DS port. Robin Williams - truly One of Us - narrates, comparing his admiration for his daughter (named after Princess Zelda) to his feelings for the legendary princess. You can watch it here.
    Robin Williams: The first time I saw you, I knew we would be linked forever. For you I traveled to the four corners of the world. I faced adversity. I became a hero.
    Zelda Williams: Dad?
    Robin Williams: I saved your kingdom!
    Zelda Williams: Dad!
    Robin Williams: ...yes, Zelda?
    Zelda Williams: Are you mixing me up with the princess again?
    Robin Williams: Hard to say, you're both pretty magical!
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  • When you consider that Word of God compares Navi's feelings towards Link to how Tinker Bell feels about Peter Pan, the way Navi cries "Watch out!" when an enemy appears is just so... heartwarming. She genuinely cares about Link and wants him to be safe against the hordes of enemies he must battle.
  • Also when Navi helps you fight Ganon at the end.
    Navi: There's no way he's going to hold me back again! This time, we fight together!
  • When you go to the Goron City for the first time as adult Link, you meet a young Goron who is Darunia's son, and is named after the legendary Goron hero. He is named after your character.
  • During the Very Definitely Final Dungeon, you have to go through mini-dungeons themed to each of the Sages' elements. Five of them exhort you to defeat Ganondorf and save the world. Impa? "Please save Princess Zelda!"
  • A very minor one, but if you go to Ingo wearing the Goron Mask, you actually amuse him.
    Ingo: Heh. That cheered me up a little. Thanks kid!
  • While in the Fire Temple, you see the poor Gorons in cages throughout the dungeon, cowering into little rocks and begging whomever approaches them not to eat them. It's entirely heartwarming to be able to free them all as they thank you and happily walk away from certain doom (and the music more than helps to cement the joy of the scene).
    • On a lesser scale, when you free the trapped workers from the Gerudo Fortress. They're so grateful for Link's help, they build the previously cut bridge into Gerudo Valley.
  • In Lon Lon Ranch, in the upstairs room of Talon and Malon's house, there's a pot between the dresser and wardrobe. Behind that pot is a tiny drawing. Talon and Malon, holding hands.
  • Fridge Heartwarming: After the massive tear jerker that is Volvagia's death in the manga, it ends - just like the game - with Link getting sent back to his childhood. Meaning he can go find Volvagia again and this time, he won't be cursed by Ganondorf.


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