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  • Given the mess World of Warcraft will create for this world, the end of the main Warcraft III campaign is surprisingly poignant.
    • Despite the fall of the east to the undead, Jaina's established a new start for the humans.
    • Thrall has finally freed his people from the blood curse of Mannaroth and given his people a land away from enslavement and the sins of their past.
    • The Night Elves succeed once again in defeating the burning legion, even willing to give up their immortality to do it, but happy to do it together.
    • And "the prophet" finally walks away into history, happy to have united the 3 races to save the world and grow a new generation of heroes.
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  • Jaina and Daelin's reunion, while short lived and abruptly ended, is rather nice to see.
    Daelin Proudmoore: Jaina! Bless the stars I've found you at last! When I heard that Lordaeron fell, I despaired. But I knew you'd find a way to escape!

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