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  • Marcus helping console Jimmy Siska over his mistakes in life (mainly, joining New Dawn in the first place) before he breaks into New Dawn's compound.
    • Jimmy's role in the video is a lot happier and more confident, showing how he's no longer a broken man once he's out of the church's sway.
    • The Hallelujah chorus plays when you trash the New Dawn and escape their compound. Religious and atheist gamers alike will enjoy the irony.
  • Some of DedSec's targets involve stealing money from Corrupt Corporate Executives, and wiring the money to people who need it. One example is when they pulled a soundboard prank on an Expy of Martin Shkreli, and duped him into donating $20,000,000 to a leukemia research fund, effectively funding a cure for the disease he was selling overpriced medication for.
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  • After Josh found out that most of the app downloads are coming from dead accounts, he is blaming himself for failing to spot such a massive problem; everyone else in DedSec is very quick to point out that he did incredibly well spotting the fake accounts and he should be applauded for finding it.
  • After Marcus not only being set up, but also had his criminal records brought back again by Blume during the failed !Nvite break-in, the Dedsec gang went into hiding in the Swelter Skelter festival. What it seems to be a Darkest Hour lasts only for awhile after finding out how much camaraderie the Dedsec are. The scene starts with Marcus consoling Sitara simply with one word: So unfuck it. This follows with the Dedsec accomplishing the Jabberwock hack, which while it seems to be a That One Puzzle, it's alleviated by the fact that there is no time limit (except the gate cycle), you use the quad chopper drone even if you didn't bought it yet, and the fact that you don't need to sneak in.
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  • One main story mission has Marcus breaking into an FBI hideout not only to get their data, but also to collect Wrench's mask.
  • One side-mission has you hacking ATMs and deciding whether you want to give money to people using them or not, it feels really good to give money to the people that really seem to need it. (I.E. a young foreign student via adding money to her account and covering her tuition as a whole.)
  • One Home Intrusion in Elmhurst has a man stuck in his garage who's attempting to commit suicide via car fumes. You can actually try to save him by spamming the car horn so someone will notice and also try to save him.
    • It's one of two mission chains which involve someone's attempted suicide and in both cases you can save both people. The second one, however, has Marcus hacking a whistleblower's phone. If you don't do the mission properly, the second target will jump and everyone immediately tries to console Marcus about how it wasn't his fault. Do the mission correctly, however, and the man walks to safety after a reporter he was in contact with gleefully reveals that she was just sent a file containing enough evidence to exonerate him to the public and to his family such as disproving the photoshopped image of him which destroyed his marriage. He later goes off to speak publically about what he learnt.
  • Wrench and Marcus watching a movie trailer together, Wrench even waited for Marcus to come back before watching it on the big screen.
    • Actually, pretty much any interaction they have can fall under this. From the moment they met, they got along swimmingly and ever since it's lighthearted banter and teasing, with a dash of fierce protectiveness. Marcus gets along with all of DedSec but Wrench has really turned into his best friend.
  • Some of the Driver SF missions can count as this, like convincing a bride with cold feet to go through with her wedding.
  • The game sometimes generates random pictures of Marcus's buddies taking selfies on the Scout X app. Kinda cool by itself, but seeing Josh taking a selfie and goofing off is awesome, since he barely leaves the hideout.
  • You have to admit, Marcus’s general care for his home town of Oakland is pretty sweet. In fact, the reason he decides to help Taylor and his team in the ekart races is that they’re from Oakland as well.
  • Occasionally, you might see a proposal take place.
  • The ending of the game, particularly compared to the first game; Aiden finishes stood on a light house, accompanied only by Damien's corpse, with all his personal relationships gone, Marcus finishes in the Hackerspace, hugging his friends and generally celebrating their victory.
    • Even more, at one point we see Sitara and Ray hugging, a small moment but sweet considering the distrust between the pair for most of the campaign.


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