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Tear Jerker / Watch_Dogs 2

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  • The gameplay demo already hits hard, with a surprisingly heartfelt conversation about the people DedSec is trying to help from being screwed over.
    Wrench: Don't even feel it. Just... numb.
    Marcus: That's fucked up.
  • The Crapsaccharine World is absolutely sad to look at in the Cinematic Trailer. There's people screwing around, street performers, gang activity... and then DedSec doing their best to convince you to join them.
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  • Miranda's backstory. She's a transgender woman who went up against New Dawn over their practices, so the church published video footage of her surgeries, as if to say "You will never be a woman". No wonder she helps Marcus raid one of their facilities.
  • The failed !NVite infiltration. The entirety of DedSec is just so depressed, after all their work is torn apart by Blume, to the point that, had Marcus not been The Heart, the San Francisco chapter would possibly disband!
    • Sitara is normally very level-headed and helps keep everyone else calm. Hearing her read all the negative tweets while hiding out at the festival in the desert really hits home how important DedSec is to her. The way she just snaps at Marcus...
    Marcus: Yeah, so we got some shit-stirrers. Who cares what they think?
    Sitara: Who cares what they th...? Jesus, Marcus. Have you been paying attention? I care what they think. I've worked my ass off for years to earn us respect long before you ever showed up. This is my brand, and now it's completely FUCKED!!
    Marcus: So unfuck it.
  • Horatio's murder. Marcus is only able to get there quick enough to be with him before he expires and is desperately telling Horatio to hang on while Josh calls an ambulance. The fact that Marcus almost immediately goes on a rampage against the Tezcas for this makes it worse.
    • What makes it more heartbreaking is that even the other Tezcas didn’t see it coming. They even tried to stop his killer from stabbing him to death.
  • During the mission to infiltrate Tidis by using Wrench's robot as an EMP bomb, there's a spot where Wrench hugs the bot like he's about to put a dog to sleep.
    • Even sadder, since Wrench hates animals. Wrench Jr. was the closest thing he had to a pet.
    • The entire argument between Wrench and T-Bone beforehand is really tragic, because Wrench is breaking character to defend Wrench Junior. Despite his anarchist tendencies, Wrench is a nice, somewhat violent Anti-Hero, and never really gets angry. Wrench also basically calls Marcus a traitor for saying to use the plan. Then T-Bone has to tell him to "grow up", and Wrench finally snaps.
    T-Bone: We had a working plan here.
    Wrench: (desperately) NOT WITH HIM!
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  • The ctOS and wiki profile of Wrench explains that he's actually very insecure, likely due to Abusive Parents. Seeing a previously cool, edgy character turn out to be wearing his mask because he's insecure is very sad. Oh, and he's subjected to Police Brutality in custody and has his mask taken away from him. By the time we see his face, he sure as hell acts the part.
  • Two separate side missions involve people attempting/contemplating suicide. It's possible to save them, but if not they will die.
    • The first is a Privacy Invasion. According to an email on the phone of the guy trying to kill himself, he just lost his job and is trying to end his life with car exhaust fumes.
    • The second one is a whistleblower who got caught by his employers. On the wrong end of a massive retaliation - being framed for embezzlement and had a photoshopped image made showing he was in an affair sent to his wife. You have 3 chances to save him, and every time you fail to do so by hacking his phone before getting his contact's number from the nearby laptop he'll be driven over the edge by completely undeserved "The Reason You Suck" Speech from his friends and family. Worse, if you fail the man's body will land only a few feet away while DedSec tell Marcus it wasn't his fault.
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  • "Pet Dog" is certainly an adorable new addition to the game, but go ahead and Melee the dog's owner. Soon enough, the dog will lie down next to his "unconscious" human, whimpering.
  • Speaking of dogs, the mission "Eye for an Eye" has a section where you infiltrate a dog fighting ring, and it's pretty upsetting to play through if you're an animal lover. You can see two dogs tear each other to shreds in an arena with others locked up in cages waiting their turn, and there's a high chance you'll have to put a few dogs down as they'll attack you on sight.


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