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  • Awesome Art: All of the Art Shift moments in DedSec's promotions, created in-universe by Sitara. A lot of glitchy neon ASCII art by way of Windows 95 and graffiti influence.
  • The gameplay demo is very cool on its own, but special mention goes to the ending, in which Wrench's "escape strategy" comes to fruition. Basically, Marcus has hacked the Corrupt Politician, and he non-lethally escapes via destroying a window, then ziplining down into Wrench's car, while the [Ode to Joy plays. V would be proud.
    • The only thing better? At the end of the Moscow Gambit mission, Wrench and other DedSec members have rigged several Bratva bases with explosives and fireworks. Marcus sets them off, culminating in the grand finale of the fireworks forming the DedSec symbol over San Francisco, all while Ode to Joy is blasting into the night. The only thing missing is the line “Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker”.
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  • Marcus destroying the drug business of the Tezcas and hunting down the four leaders in retaliation for Horatio's murder.
  • Hacking a satellite and getting full access to Blume's server farms in Dublin, Seoul, Dubai and Delaware. Marcus was so happy to do that mission.
    • Special mention goes to just how the Seoul server farm is accessed: after the firewall proves too tough to crack, Wrench gets the idea to overload the power grid to bring the firewall down by hacking into a power station in Seoul. The awesome part? Not only does it work, but as can be seen from the satellite view afterwards, Wrench managed to blackout most of South Korea with it!
    Marcus: Who needs a hammer when you have a Wrench?
  • Do you remember the Spider Tank Digital Trip from the first game? Tidis built one for real and you can wreck their shit with it!
  • One mission has you steal the "Knight Rider"-esque car from a movie set, then it gets a makeover and you get to remote control it around the city and do all kinds of crazy stunts to the tune of "Turbo Lover".
    • What's better is that this is one of the first missions you get to complete. And it only gets more insane!
  • One of the side missions has you spray-painting Dedsec logos on rooftops. In the last part of the missions, you get to spray-paint tags on the Golden Gate Bridge. Seeing the view of the finished tags is very satisfying, and even Sitara is impressed with Marcus's stunt.
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  • When you complete the False Profits mission, the Hallelujah Chorus plays as you escape the Temple of the New Dawn!
  • Taking down an internet troll who has become known for SWATtingnote . The simplest intervention (a single officer investigating a prank call) is Scare 'Em Straight. The most complex one is cops in full-on riot gear and shotguns! Even more awesome, is that you can also use SWATting or straight-up inciting a war between enemy factions to stealthily perform missions.
  • Josh helping Marcus in the Auntie Shu Boys mission. Flying a Big Ass Drone.
  • Many fans hoped that Wrench and Sitara would be playable. They are, temporarily, in the final mission. Special mention goes to Wrench, who gets to ignore all the hacking and stealth the rest of the team does, and uses more simple means. As in, a grenade launcher. Especially satisfying as Wrench has gone through a lot throughout the game.
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  • The fact that DedSec takes down everyone who tries to hurt innocent people. A good number of people are arrested or neutralized, the FBI is taken to task over attempting to pressgang hackers into working for them, and it's implied that everything that happened over the course of the game will result in the ctOS system in general getting investigated. And even better, the latest patches show that the successful public exposure of the true nature of ctOS and Dusan's use of it for personal and political gain has caused DedSec cells to form WORLDWIDE!
  • Meta: The fact that you can now replay missions thanks to the 1.08 patch. You can now experiment with playstyles, wreck early missions with your previously-unavailable abilities, all without wiping your save file. Unlike the previous installment.
  • The finale from Jordi's DLC missions show how Jordi is both a full on One-Man Army, as he systematically picks off the Bratva yacht's security guards before beating the daylights out of their boss and snapping his neck and a Manipulative Bastard, as he calls the police to chase after Marcus, and basically pins the murders of the Bratva on him in the process, before making his getaway with nobody else the wiser.
  • The finale of "Caustic Progress" DLC mission chain. Josh outplays Lenni and disables the experimental nanotech by weaponizing his adorkability, much to Marcus' surprise and joy.


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