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Tear Jerker / Watch_Dogs

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  • Clara's death, and especially the message she leaves for Aiden.
    "In our world we hide in the dark, behind monitors. That's the only place we feel safe. It isn't enough to say that I didn't know that lives would be lost or that it was only a job. I thought if I could help you heal, help you find answers -- maybe I could heal myself. But I can't. When this is all over, I hope we can at least talk. Or if least I can disappear.
  • Equally sad is the scene where Nicky and Jackson leave Chicago for their own safety.
    Nicky: Remember when we were kids and I would follow you? And you'd try and get away from me and me, and, stupid me, I kept trying. I didn't like your cars or hockey, and your friends were gross.
    Aiden: Yeah.
    Aiden: All I can say is I'm sorry.
    Aiden: I know.

  • One of the intrusion missions: After you breach the security you see a webcam of a man and a woman in their bedroom. The man is coughing and retching horribly and his wife is trying to comfort him. Using the scanner you see that he is a terminally ill cancer patient and by listening more you learn they have a baby on the way. Even as much as it would be easy to take the money from their iPad and forget the entire thing, it's just impossible to do it. They need that money and to steal it would just be a horrible thing to do.
    • Another intrusion mission involves seeing through another camera in a house. You can see a man lying on the floor, not moving. Looking at him through the profiler reveals that he has had cancer, but it is now, supposedly, in remission. Hacking his phone reveals a voicemail of his son reassuring him that he is not a burden to his family, and that his son's going to stop by after work to check on him.
    • Another one is filled with yelling, a woman screaming at someone, both parties out of frame... Until you realize, no one else is talking, it's just this one woman. She starts saying things like "you ruined my life", and eventually, in between tears and screaming, she screams, "just DO IT!" followed by choking sounds, and thirty seconds of silence. Then Aiden is forced away from the system. It's really difficult to know that no many how many crimes you stop if you play Vigilante, there's no way to stop the things in the intrusion missions.
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  • Maurice's Audio Logs, scattered throughout the game map, really paint him in a tragic light. Especially the last two, where he goes into a full-on breakdown.
  • This. (NSFW) For context, this is a human trafficking operation that Aiden is undercover in.
    • It's legitimately impossible to describe how horrific and tragic the scene is. Take your pick, is it the fact that they're all close to weeping and alone, terrified? Is it the way the people at the auction treat them, like toys or machines- to say they are treated like animals is an Under Statement. Oh, it could be the fact that the cTOS, the thing that is scarily good at tracking people has no idea they're there and can't even find their names. Of course, nothing compares to the fact that this scene? It's fucking real. Seriously, a moment out there for all the people who experience and have experienced this. The scene is so far past Tear Jerker it's soul-crushing, possibly the most upsetting scene in Video Games in years, and it's beyond cathartic to kill everyone you can in that mission.
  • Shockingly enough, there is also a Tear Jerker with one of the buyers from the Auction as well. You track down one of the buyers to Pawnee and find him in front of a grave. When you hack his phone you see him texting his wife about how losing her caused him to fill the hole she left in terrible ways. It is at this point you realize that said grave is his wife's grave, and when he sends the message he only receives and error in return. When you find his case you see by this point he couldn't care less if he got caught now and he knows he has done terrible things.
  • Jacks has been cornered by some of Quinn's goons, so, true to form, Aiden tears through them to save him. Turns out Jacks was watching the whole thing on security cameras, and when Aiden finds him, the boy flinches away from him in wide-eyed terror. Though it does cause some problems if you decide to knock everyone out or simply snipe them from the highway, as there is no way he could have seen you kill them.
    • If you snipe everyone, Jackson still sees a lot of people dying, and then Aiden walk in immediately afterwards. It's not hard to link the two incidents. If you knock everyone out then Jackson still sees how terrifyingly brutal Aiden can be, just to a slightly lesser degree. However you approach that mission, Jackson is smart enough to realise just how dangerous his uncle is.
  • In Bad Blood, Default's reason for hating T-Bone- His brother was one of the people who died as a result of Raymond's blackout in 2003 - namely, he was on suicide watch, but used the chance T-Bone provided to hang himself.


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