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Tearjerker / Wasteland 2

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  • When you arrive near the Red Skorpion's prison, you will hear a woman on radio calling for a man named Elroy. She sounds anguished, in pain, and the more time passes, the more sad and desperate her radio calls become. You can find her in the north-west, lying in her bed: she is called Anna Hegedus, is surrounded by swarms of flies, and has a total of 1/1 HP. If you brought Rose with you, she will immediatly comment that even with her skills, she won't be able to save her. Her condition implies that she is terminally ill, and she has become so physically weak that she can't even move anymore. When you arrive, she reveals that Elroy was supposed to come back with medecine, but never did, and her pain became so unbearable that she wants to die, and will beg you to end her suffering. Should you leave her alive, she will keep calling Elroy on the radio, in a state of pure despair. And just when you begin to forget about her, she will softly sing Amazing Grace on the radio for several minutes. If you managed to remain stoic until now, you will become teary-eyed at this point.
    • If you kill her, a boy comes and sees you, and you'd better have some good speaking skills to stop him talking.
  • Having Rose and/or Lexcanium assimilated by the Cochise AI during the final battle. Especially jarring if you've spent the time building them up and having them as part of your adventure for the duration of the game. It makes it all the more difficult to have to put them out of their misery when they attack you.

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