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Tearjerker / Warriors Orochi

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  • Sun Ce is sick and tired of serving Orochi that he rebels and leaves. It wasn't an easy choice for him as he had to abandon his father and his younger siblings but swears that he will save them. Of course, Da Ji coerces Sun Quan and Shangxiang to fight their own elder brother, making them believe that he deliberately abandoned them. The following missions shows them angrily fighting and calling out Ce for leaving his family. Ce understands the situation but he believes that he would save their father and defeat Orochi despite all odds. If you're a fan of Wu, you'll find it very hard that Ce have to fight his own family just to save them.
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  • Salvation at Nagashino in the third installment is a huge Tear Jerker. In this, you attempt to recruit Wang Yi, who is under the control of Kyomori Taira. While she is under his control, she continues to fight you even once she regains her free will, simply because Ma Chao is with you. Heck, even Sima Yi is saddened by this whole situation!
  • The repeated, scripted, absolutely unavoidable (until you time travel) character deaths in the third installment. The first time it happens, it's a huge shock because most of the time the "Save X" missions give you a big enough window of time to actually make it and start an Escort Mission. Nope, you have to watch them die and listen to their last words. This then proceeds to happen over and over and over until you've finally punched enough holes in the timestream to save everyone.
    • Especially since most of them are renowed warriors who died to either buy times for their allies Huang Zhong or just trying to help Jiang Wei.
  • The true end of 3 wherein Orochi's world collapses and everyone is returned to their respective times with no conscious memory of what happened. Liu Bei believes for a moment he sees Ieyasu while Ujiyasu has a brief glimpse of drinking with Sun Jian before he and Kai discuss if it was All Just a Dream or not. It's very bittersweet.
  • Near the end of one side mission in 4, Nene, Lu Meng and Zhang Chunhua are able to stop the infighting within the coalition and defeat Kiyomori for causing a ruckus. Mitsunari and Ieyasu, who were affected by Kiyomori's magic, comment that they hope that they never end up fighting each other which is downright tragic as they're fated to be enemies later on in Sekigahara. It's even worse that this mission took place in Sekigahara!
    • Mitsunari, Kiyomasa and Masanori agree with Nene that fighting their friends is foolish which is sad because the former would also end up fighting the latter two in Sekigahara and Nene herself can't do anything to stop them.
  • In his camp conversation with Nobuyuki, Cao Pi reassures to him that he will live long because fortune tellers told him so. Nobuyuki is glad to hear it but since he already knew that Cao Pi would die of illness at a young age of 40, he doesn't want to tell him his fate.
  • In 4, Kaguya teams up with Kai, her old friend. But since Kai's memories of their past adventures are erased, Kaguya feels sad that her friend would never remember their past friendships. However at the end of the mission, she accepts that she and Kai would make new memories.
    • A positive one related to this comes later when Kai refers to Kaguya as "Kagu-chin" once again, before getting all of her memories back.
  • At the end of the second to the last mission, Susan'o and Fu Xi both defeat Orochi. Before Orochi dies, Fu Xi calls him by his real name, Yinglong, which causes the former to look at him again as he falls on the ground. Do remember that this Orochi save Ina and Tadakatsu from Orochi X in an earlier mission which means that Yinglong's presence is still in him.
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  • The Chapter 5 mission, Pursuit of the Demon, shows the coalition facing off Lu Bu's forces. When Lu Lingqi show up in the battlefield, Zhang Liao and Ina confront her with the former pleading her to stand down. Lingqi, being the daughter of the demon Lu Bu, refuses and declares that she will fight for her father. Athena, who is aiding the coalition, is amazed by this pronouncement but she senses sadness in Lingqi's eyes.
  • Perseus revealing his true identity as Loki really brought Despair Event Horizon on Yukimura and Guan Yinping who are very close to him. These two, particularly Yukimura, spend a lot of time with him and dedicate themselves to find him when Da Ji "captured" him. All of these are shattered when Loki admits that he used them to bring his master, Odin, into the new world and had been sowing discord among the Olympians, humans and mystics. Even the other members of the coalition who are present in the battle such as Liu Bei, Kanetsugu and Aya are saddened by this revelation and wonder if most of the things he said are true.

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