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Heartwarming / Wasteland 2

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Despite how bad the Wasteland can be, there are moments that make it worth it.

  • Despite some Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like and Ungrateful Bastard in the Wasteland (Highpool is especially sulky) most of the people whom you save and/or are very thankful for saving them.
  • Mistress Victoria dropping the Dominatrix act and asking you to help save the slaves.
    • In fact her entire story line. You help her enough and you can Reform the God's Militia, clean up Hollywood, put her in charge, and help her find true love.
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  • Rescuing the daughter from Tinker in Damonta.
  • Corran Cain has lost all faith in gods and religion, and searches for something to believe in. But if Corran Cain stays behind to blow up the bomb, part of his character end states that "The Great Glow welcomed him like he had never left".

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