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A list of tropes applying to the many, many, many characters in Wasteland 2.

For a list of tropes from the game itself, click here.

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    Desert Rangers 

Desert Rangers in General

"Born a man, died a Desert Ranger."
Ace's Epitaph

The Desert Rangers were founded by a US Army Engineer division who survived the 1998 nuclear war, thanks to their remote posting in the Arizona desert. Soon after the fallout, the Engineers quickly stormed and commandeered the nearby Federal Prison to use as a base of operations, throwing the inmates out into the wasteland to their deaths and converting the prison's industrial manufacturing facilities to their needs. From 1998 to 2087, the newly-christened Ranger Center grew as nearby survivalists joined the organization.

In 2087, a team of four Rangers were sent on a scouting mission to Las Vegas, where they discovered something much worse than the raider gangs they were used to: an ever-increasing army of cyborgs and killer robots seeking to exterminate all human life. Scouring through near-century old military bases, they found the source of the problem: Irwin John Finster, the Director of Base Cochise, and the Base Cochise AI. After preventing a second apocalypse, the Rangers' fame grew, and they decided to relocate to the technologically advanced Guardian Citadel northwest of AG Center and southwest of the Abandoned Radio Tower.

It's been 15 years since then, and the Rangers are stretched thin trying to fix everything that went wrong during their exodus. However, mysterious radio broadcasts from the West calling for the destruction of the Rangers and everything they stand for. The General is spooked enough to send out the newest batch of trained rookies, Team Echo, to look into what's stirring up the Arizona wasteland.

  • Ranger: It's in their name. They were inspired by the pre war Texas Rangers to bring the law to the lawless wasteland.
  • The Remnant: Their founders were the surviving members of an army engineer division who took it upon themselves to bring order back to the wastes.

General Snake Vargas
Voiced by: Marc Graue

The leader of the Cochise Team, who saved the Arizona wastes from Finster and the Cochise AI in 2087. In the 15 year interim, Vargas rose through the ranks and became the leader of the Desert Rangers. While he's a skilled tactician and a devoted leader, some of his decisions have been called into question by other high-ranking Rangers, and doubt is settling in about his ability to lead.

Vargas is the radio operator for the Arizona portion of the game, relaying information to the team and providing field promotions (level-ups) when necessary.

While he can join the party for the final battle, he still plays a significant role in the plot beforehand, and thus will remain in this folder.

  • Awesome Mc Coolname: One which doubles as a Shout-Out.
    • Embarrassing Nickname: He reveals how he got the nickname of "Snake" in the first tie-in novel: he's a snakebite magnet.
  • Badass Beard: His portrait portays him with quite a large beard. And he's certainly badass enough to fall into this trope.
  • Badass Grandpa: He's considerably older than most of the rangers. But if anything, he's even more deadly than he was in his youth.
  • Big Good: He's the leader of the Desert Rangers after all, and is the one who sends you out on all your missions to help spread law and order across the wastes.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger: He can join the squad for the final battle, putting his years of experience to use one last time.
  • Four-Star Badass: He's General Vargas now.
  • General Failure: Played with. He's undoubtedly a good tactician, and he knows the ins and outs of the wasteland, but many of his decisions are called into question by his Lieutenants, who believe he's not focused enough on securing the Rangers' territory.
  • Handicapped Badass: He retired from field work due to a lame leg. However, he still trains new recruits, and initiating combat with him will show that he's still quite capable.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He volunteers to stay behind and detonate the nuclear bomb in the Rangel Citadel to stop Cochise if Kekkahbah or Corran Cain aren't in the group at the end of the game.
  • The Gunslinger: According to the scrolling text, whenever he fires his pistol, he opts for the Quick Draw.
  • Mission Control: He takes over as radio operator for the Rangers during the Arizona portion of the game, and characters level up by calling in progress reports to him. The role is given back to Wade Woodson, the Rangers' usual operator, for the second half of the game.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: He was one of the default player characters in the first game, along with Angela, Thrasher, and Hell Razor.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: In his character portrait, fitting with his cowboy aesthetic. Of course, he uses a 1911 (which is referred to as a pearl-handled revolver in the dot matrix printer text) when he's actually seen in battle, so...
  • Suddenly Voiced: As with most returning characters. Justified, considering the original was released on the Commodore 64, MS-DOS and Apple II.
  • Wasteland Elder: Those fifteen years have not been kind to him.

Cpt. Angela Deth
Voiced by: Rachel Robinson (original), Sarah Anne Williams (Director's Cut)

The second member of the Cochise Team from 15 years ago, Angela played a key role in defeating Finster and the Cochise AI. Born in an extremely religious community, she ran away in an act of rebellion, and would have gotten herself killed if the Rangers hadn't taken her in. Because of this, she considers the Desert Rangers to be her family, and is willing to do anything to protect them. She was also fond of Ace, and her desire to avenge his death is part of what convinces her to join the party.

While she can join the party early in the game, she only does so briefly, and has her own role in the plot afterwards. Thus, tropes relating to her will remain in this folder.

  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Her last name is Deth, and it's implied that unlike with her old squadmates, this was her given name.
  • But Now I Must Go: She leaves the party once they reach Titan Valley, as she's been assigned to track down Ace's killers... and lead the first expedition to California.
    • Bus Crash: Her helicopter crashes shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, and finding the crash site is part of a sidequest. Her body is not found there, but her ultimate fate remains a mystery.
  • Crutch Character: You can recruit her at the very beginning of the game. She is also pretty high-level, and she doesn't drain other characters' experience gain, making her a must-have for first-time players.
  • Defector from Decadence: A minor example - she grew up in an extremely religious community, but ran away in an act of rebellion when she was a teenager. She now considers the Rangers to be her real family.
  • Fiery Redhead: She's been a troublemaker since a young age, and joined the Rangers after they threw her in the drunk tank when she was 19. She's still pretty fiery today, despite having reached middle age.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Take a look at her surname. Angela herself lampshades it in one of her battle quotes:
    Angela: Who is stupid enough to fight someone named Deth?
  • Never Found the Body: Her body is never located after the helicopter crash, but the Rangers eventually hold her a funeral anyway.
  • Overrated and Underleveled: She doesn't have even a tenth of the gear she would have had at the end of the first game, like Power Armor or a Proton Axe.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: She was one of the default player characters in the first game, along with Vargas, Thrasher, and Hell Razor.
  • Suddenly Voiced: As with most returning characters. Justified, considering the original was released on the Commodore 64 and Apple II.
  • Tragic Keepsake: She carries Ace's wrench as a melee weapon, which she refuses to part with.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Between the original version and the Director's Cut. Her spoken dialogue in the original version was very sparse and she was voiced by Rachel Robinson. Come the Director's Cut, which made all the major character have full voice acting. Rather than Rachel coming back in to record all the previously silent dialogue, either because of scheduling conflicts or refusal or even not asking her to, they brought in a new voice actress to dub it instead. The difference is rather noticeable, since they use both the original audio and the new audio: Rachel's version has a huskier and harsher voice, while Sarah's is softer and more emotional.
  • Wrench Wench: Her weaponsmithing skill aside, she carries Ace's monkey wrench and can use it as a melee weapon.

Sgt. Gilbert "Thrasher" Sagarra

The third member of the Cochise Team. Thrasher lost a leg in the assault on Base Cochise, despite receiving medical attention for it. After retiring from field duty, he took on the role of the Desert Ranger cartographer. His leg was recently replaced with an advanced cybernetic prosthesis by a woman named Dr. Kyle, who currently operates out of the Canyon of Titan.

  • Artificial Limbs: He got an advanced prosthetic leg from Dr. Kyle, a traveling surgeon.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Thrasher. It may be a nickname, but all of his former squadmates will assure you that it was well-earned.
  • Badass Bureaucrat: What he became after his leg injury. Don't be mistaken, though - he can still kick your ass.
  • Badass Long Robe: Subverted - it's a bathrobe.
  • Badass Mustache: Depicted with one in his portrait.
  • The Big Guy: Described by Angela as being like a bear. He certainly fits the bill, being 6'6" and all. He's also a bit chubby.
  • Career-Ending Injury: He was crippled from the final battle at Base Cochise in the first game.
  • Cartography Sidequest: He offers the player rewards for finding new locations that he doesn't have on his map yet.
  • Cigar Chomper: His portrait depicts him smoking a cigar.
  • Commander Contrarian: He's always got stern words for the player, since he's a cynic that tends to look at the big picture. You can get on his good side, but it's tough.
  • Handicapped Badass: Despite the loss of his leg, he can still get around due to an advanced prosthesis... and can still knock around new recruits if need be.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: He was one of the four default player characters in the first game, along with Vargas, Angela, and Hell Razor.

Sgt. Erik Tidemann

The Rangers' resident medic, Dr. Tidemann has seen better days. This is mainly due to his severe lung cancer, which causes him constant pain and leaves him with a nasty cough. Unless someone manages a cure for cancer in the near future, it's likely that he won't survive more than a few years.

  • Contest Winner Cameo: invoked He is modeled and named after the real-life Erik Tidemann, who donated a large sum to the game's kickstarter.
  • Cure for Cancer: The only thing that could save him at this point. But what are the odds of finding that? Pretty high, actually - the cure can be found in Darwin Village.
  • Incurable Cough of Death: Justified, as it is lung cancer. Even after it goes into remission, he still has a pretty bad cough.
  • Reality Ensues: Even if you get him the cure and his cancer goes into remission, he notes that he'll be coughing and in pain for a while yet - damage that bad can't be fixed overnight.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: He gets his cancer cured only for him to die in the attack on Ranger Citadel.
  • Super Doc: As with all in-game doctors, he can cure almost anything the player contracts while restoring them to maximum health. Doubly so once you bring him the Cure for Cancer, as he notes that the lab boys are working on reverse-engineering it for distribution.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: He doesn't know quite how long he has, but he know's he'll be dead sometime soon. If you find the cure, however, his cancer goes into remission, and he shows signs of recovery. Ultimately he ends up being right regardless, as he is killed in Matthias' assault on the Citadel with even the flavor text pointing out that "he didn't die of cancer after all".

Lt. Min Liang "TNT" Tan

Lt. Tan, better known as "TNT Tan," is the Rangers' resident demolitions expert. He's in charge of manufacturing all of their explosives and gunpowder, but has lately run into a problem - he needs more shit. Specifically, he needs the chemical compounds found in animal droppings to manufacture more explosives.

  • Asian and Nerdy: Downplayed. While he is a genius, he's far more interested in the actual explosions than the science behind them.
  • Demolitions Expert: He's in charge of manufacturing the Rangers' explosives.
  • Fingore: He's described as being missing a few fingers, due to his penchant for Stuff Blowing Up.
  • Killed Offscreen: Dies in Matthias' assault on the Ranger Citadel at the end of the game.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: His favorite pastime. The other Rangers advise newcomers not to linger in his workshop because of it.
  • Toilet Humor: The vast majority of his sidequest, which involves collecting animal droppings. The game makes a point of referring to it as "shit" every time.
    Tan: "Got any good shit for me?"
    Player: "Have a look at this shit."
    Tan: "Shit yeah, let's have a look!"
    *Forks it over*
    Tan: "Good shit, brother. Good shit."
    • Alternatively, if the player doesn't have any:
    Player: "I don't have shit."
    Tan: "Well, shit. Any other shit I can help you with?"


A mechanic who the Cochise Team rescued from Ugly's Gang in Quartz. He was sent there from Vegas by the "Legitimate Businessman" Faran Brygo to recruit soldiers to fight against the robot invasion, and the Cochise Team was just the group for the job. Skilled with a gun and good with cars, he was deputized by the Rangers on the spot, and eventually became a full member. He died investigating the strange radio signals from the west, and Team Echo is tasked with continuing his work.

  • Ascended Extra: Originally, he was a slightly above-average recruitable who had the unique ability of being able to fix and drive a jeep (which was pretty useless, since you could just as easily walk from place to place). In Wasteland 2, however, he is stated to have been a valuable member of the team who aided in the Battle of Base Cochise and was in a relationship with Angela Deth.
  • The Faceless: His face is never revealed, as he died before the game starts.
    • He is described in the tie-in novels, but all that's mentioned is that he had curly hair and a gang tattoo on his neck.
  • Posthumous Character: His death kicks off the plot of the game.
  • Promoted to Love Interest: With Angela Deth.
  • Starts with Their Funeral: The opening narration is his eulogy, and the game begins immediately after the funeral has ended.

Hell Razor

The final member of the Cochise Team. Like Ace, he was sent to investigate the strange radio signals being transmitted to Arizona, though they were apparently tackling the problem from different directions. He is killed by a Synthetic at the Rail Nomads' Camp shortly after the game begins, his body dumped in a ditch near the Hobo Camp.

  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Possibly the most awesome in the game. It's unclear whether it's a nickname or not.
  • The Berserker: He is described as this by his comrades, fitting with his name.
  • The Faceless: His face is never revealed, as he is killed shortly after the game begins.
    • He is described in the tie-in novels, though: lean wiry build, black hair, and a face like the joker in a pack of cards.
  • Killed Offscreen: He dies shortly after the game begins, killed by Tinker, the metal priest.
  • Knife Nut: His name indicates that he was good with a blade. The tie-in novels outright say he wielded a buck knife that was the size of a machete.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: He was one of the default player characters in the first game, along with Vargas, Angela, and Thrasher.


A Cloned Ranger who found himself outside the cloning chamber in Sleeper Base 1, with no memories of who he was other than the fact he was a Desert Ranger. He eventually found his way to the Cochise Team, who helped explain his origins.

Ghost is the protagonist of the tie-in novels The Earth Transformed and The Death Machines, which explain his origins and novelize the second half of Wasteland. He does not appear in the game proper.

  • Attending Your Own Funeral: The Rangers wind up giving his original self a retirement party. It winds up being pretty awkward.
  • A Day In The Lime Light: He is the protagonist of the tie-in novels The Earth Transformed and The Death Machines, which also mark his only appearances in the series.
  • Canon Foreigner: Unlike the other returning party members, Ghost was not featured in Wasteland, and was created entirely for the tie-in novels.
  • Clone Degeneration: Likely the cause of his memory loss. It doesn't help that he was cloned from another clone.
  • Cloning Gambit: Whoever was the genetic original of Ghost had this in mind when using Sleeper Base One's cloning chamber.
  • Cloning Blues: He was recently revived via the cloning machine at the Sleeper Base. What he doesn't know is that he was cloned from a clone.
  • Determinator: Counting the original and the previous clone, Ghost died in the line of duty three times to fulfill his mission.
  • Expendable Clone: Begins to develop this mindset about himself in the later parts of the story once it's revealed that he's the clone of a clone.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He and VAX held off the robots at Base Cochise in a Last Stand long enough for the rest of the group to escape from the base's self-destruct.
  • Identity Amnesia: Aside from his status as a Desert Ranger, he has no memory of who he is.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: He is never mentioned in the actual game, likely due to the minor Continuity Snarl created by his status as a Canon Foreigner.


     AG Center 

AG Center in General

"Where were you when our people were dying?!"
Kathy Lawson

A center for agricultural research - hence the name - AG Center is located in an old satellite array west of Highpool. It was visited by the Cochise Team 15 years ago, when it was a simple farming community under attack by a crazed mutant.

The mutant, who called himself "Harry the Bunnymaster," had been harassing the farmers with a horde of mutated animals that he was able to somehow control. The animals were nimble and ferocious, driving the locals out of their fields, and the settlement quickly found itself in danger of starvation. After defeating the madman, the Team was met with praise by the locals, who have maintained close relations with them ever since.

In the intervening years, AG Center has become home to some of the brightest minds in Arizona, who work to provide the local farmers with crops genetically engineered to survive in the wasteland, hoping to one day end hunger in Arizona. They succumb to a disease outbreak early in the story, and Team Echo must choose between them and Highpool.

Kathy Lawson
Voiced by: Linda Kruse

The leader of AG Center, who oversees all research conducted on the premises. She's rather abrasive towards the Rangers, but gradually loosens up as the crisis winds down.

  • Black and Nerdy: She's a brilliant scientist, as with most of AG Center's inhabitants.
  • Commander Contrarian: For most of the AG Center crisis, she'll have nothing but stern words for you, no matter how well you do. She calms down considerably once things are dealt with.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She starts off as a rude, abrasive jerk, constantly berating the Rangers as being irresponsible, incompetent idiots, but gradually begins to show a softer side once the situation is under control.
  • Hysterical Woman: She spends the first few minutes of the AG Center crisis complaining loudly about how horribly things are going, and does little to aid Team Echo aside from point them in the right direction. After things start calming down, she regains her composure.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Going by her portrait and attitude.

Ranger Matt Forestall
Voiced by: Martin Jones

The Ranger liaison to AG Center, who earned the position after a long career of dedicated service. He was caught in the blast of an exploding pod, and is in danger of succumbing to the infection.

  • Call to Agriculture: He notes in his journals about AG Center that he's come to enjoy the lifestyle of the local farmers, considering it a sort of retirement after his years of service in the Rangers.
  • Career-Ending Injury: He's confined to a wheelchair due to injuries sustained in the outbreak.
    • However, if you save him, he'll show up at the end of the game to help out.
  • Handicapped Badass: He may be in a wheelchair, but give him a gun and he's just as dangerous as any other Ranger.
  • Zombie Infectee: He contracted the infection during the initial outbreak. Curing him is an important part of ending the AG Center crisis.

Dr. Larsen
Voiced by: Scott Holst

A high-ranking researcher at AG Center. The science team lost contact with him early in the outbreak, and the Rangers are eventually tasked with locating him. He is actually a plant for the Synthetics, sent to spread chaos in Ranger territory.


A young man with an androgynous name that he's often ridiculed for. Many people at AG Center suspect that he may have been involved in the outbreak, due to his status as both a recent arrival and a loner. Unfortunately, his misplaced sense of altruism inadvertently causes the infection to spread beyond AG Center, forcing the Rangers to contain several minor outbreaks in surrounding locations.

  • Chummy Commies/Dirty Commies: Several communist and socialist manifestos can be found in his room, and while he's something of a weirdo, he's ultimately a nice guy. Despite this, his ideals are what caused him to inadvertently spread the infection further.
  • Gender-Blender Name: As befitting of a Johnny Cash shout-out.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Everyone at the Center seems to think so.
  • Shout-Out: The game makes a point of referring to him as "A Boy Named Sue" whenever possible.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His decision to send out AG Center's seeds, while well-intentioned, is ultimately what causes the infection to spread out to other locations.


Highpool in General

"I grew up hearing you Rangers were a bunch of dog-killing no-goodinks."
Mark Stachowiak

A large water-gathering community and trading post, Highpool is situated on top of an old dam, east of AG Center. They use the dam to store the rain they collect, and provide the majority of Arizona's water as a result.

A summer camp before the war, Highpool was visited by the Cochise Team 15 years ago; during that time they were forced to put down a rabid dog. The owner, a boy named Bobby, was enraged and charged the Team with a rifle - they only learned it was a BB gun after they'd shot him in self-defense. Legend has it that they were soon after driven away by a child-protecting vigilante named Red Ryder, who has since become something of a folk hero to the townspeople.

The people of Highpool never forgave the Rangers for this incident, and to this day they're shunned by the community. They come under attack by a gang of unusually effective Raiders called the Wrecking Crew early in the story, and Team Echo is forced to choose between them and AG Center.

  • Teenage Wasteland: Highpool boasted large numbers of Juvies during both the events of Wasteland and Wasteland 2 since it used to be a summer camp during the campers' full season when the nuclear war left a significant majority trapped and orphaned. Though adults do exist in the forms of camp staff and residents of Highpool, the town (still) had to deal with overflowing numbers of orphans (and their descendants) even after adopting and taking in so many of them in the past.
  • Ungrateful Townsfolk: Justified Trope, Cochise Team gunning down Bobby, who was alive and became the leader of Red Skorpion, soured their relations with the Rangers even after answering their call for help. Though they do mellow out when Kate remained in charge.

Sean Bergin
Voiced by: Scott Holst

The Sheriff of Highpool. He hates the Rangers more than anyone else in the town, as he's the uncle of Bobby, the boy the Cochise Team accidently killed. He is one of the two candidates for Mayor, along with Kate Preston. He's not that popular, but the townsfolk generally agree that his no-nonsense approach and shared hatred of the Rangers would make him a good leader.

  • Commander Contrarian: No matter how much good you do for Highpool, he'll still hate you at the end of the day. You can redeem yourself slightly in his eyes if you do nothing but good and wipe out the Wrecking Crew, but he's still a bit of a jerk about it.
  • Noble Bigot with a Badge: He despises the Rangers and is something of a racist towards Vulture's Cry, but ultimately he's just trying to protect the town and do his job as sheriff.
  • Secret Keeper: It's heavily implied that he knows Commander Danforth's true identity, which is part of why Highpool is protected by the Red Skorpions.
  • Sole Survivor: If you prioritize the AG Center over Highpool, he will be the only resident left stand when you make it to Highpool, and even then he is in danger of getting killed by the Wreckers if you don't intervene.
  • You Killed My Nephew: Even after 15 years, and he still hasn't forgiven the Rangers for the death of Bobby. However, it's likely that there's more to it than just that, as evidenced by his relationship with Commander Danforth.

Kate Preston
Voiced by: Terri Doty

A community leader in Highpool who oversees maintenance on the Dam. If Highpool is chosen over AG Center, Team Echo must assist her in normalizing the water pressure within the dam to prevent a flood. She is also one of the two candidates for Mayor, along with Sean Bergin, and while she does appreciate the Rangers, many people in town resent her for it, unless you help out everybody in Highpool.

  • Big Dam Plot: In order to save Highpool from disaster, Team Echo must help her to regulate the dam's water pressure before it causes a flash flood. The Director's Cut made the quest easier by removing the airlock control puzzle.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Her role in the Highpool conflict boils down to this, presenting a level-headed and agreeable counterpart to Bergin.
  • Women Are Wiser: Compared to the bigoted, emotionally-charged Bergin, she stands out as a kind and intelligent leader.
  • Wrench Wench: She's in charge of regulating the pressure in the dam, and seems to be a pretty skilled engineer in general.

Alexey Chuklin

A strung-out hippie living in the valley below the Highpool dam. He's a social outcast, mainly due to his bizarre ideas about "life energy" and obsession with something or someone called "Gaia." He tasks Team Echo with delivering a message to his secret lover in Highpool, though he refuses to disclose any information about the recipient.

  • Bestiality Is Depraved: The punchline of his quest.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: He's pretty whacked out, mostly as a result of his drug usage.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: invoked He's named and modeled after the real-life Alexey Chuklin, a Formula 3 Racer who donated a large sum to the game's Kickstarter.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: He's constantly rambling about Chi Energy and loving the earth.
  • Noodle Incident: He apparently saved Highpool from a disaster at some point, though how or when nobody knows.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: He claims to be in a relationship that "can never be," and tasks you with delivering a message to his lover. Turns out, it "can never be" because it's a dog. A male dog.
  • The Stoner: If his general demeanor didn't give it away, he offers various "pharmaceuticals" to you for sale once you complete his quest.


A deluded young woman living in the valley below the Highpool dam. Her father pampered her throughout her life, and she is now convinced that she's a beautiful princess waiting on a knight in shining armor to take her away. Before he ran away, her father left her a dowry to find a good husband with. Unfortunately, he lost it in a card game with some Red Skorpions in Highpool shortly thereafter, forcing Team Echo to find it for her.

  • Bling-Bling-BANG!: Her dowry turns out to be a Gold-Plated Derringer pistol, with her initials carved into the handle.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: She is completely out there. The quest journal makes note of it, at one point saying that her innocence is almost heartwarming.
  • Disappeared Dad: Her father ran away on her a while ago. She insists that he had noble intentions, and had gone off on a "quest," though judging from what is revealed of him, that's somewhat unlikely.
  • Daydream Believer: Her father read her so many cheesy romance novels that she's convinced she's living in one, referring to the Rangers as her "brave knights."
  • That Mysterious Thing: Her dowry. Notable in that even she isn't sure what it is, as her father never actually showed it to her - it's apparently something "as beautiful as her" and is marked with her initials.

     Rail Nomads 

Rail Nomads in General

"Even the strongest man needs two arms to drive the train."
Chief Kekkahbah

The Rail Nomads have a long history that has mostly been passed down through oral tradition, and as such, much of it has been lost or misinterpreted over the past hundred years. They can trace their lineage back to a place known as "Kansas," but for now, they're camped out north of the abandoned Radio Tower. They are divided into two main tribes — the Atchisons and the Topekans, whose cultures are heavily influenced by both Native American tradition and Railroad mythology, most notably the legends of John Henry and the Golden Spike.

For a time, there was peace between the tribes — the Topekans using their knowledge of engines to maintain the train while the Atchisons navigated and maintained the tracks. This peace came crashing down around 15 years ago, however, when a saboteur ruined the train's brakes, causing an accident that took many lives. Both sides blamed one another, and have been at war ever since. Their camp has become something of a trading post in the meantime, with many Hobos and vagrants making their home there.

While the Cochise Team visited their camp years ago, little could be done to resolve their conflict — indeed, several Topekans even tried to murder the Rangers for associating with the Atchisons. Ultimately, they left without having accomplished much of anything, and many of the tribes' number have succumbed to drug and alcohol addiction in the time since then.

  • All Hail the Great God Mickey!: The tribe worshipped John Henry as god of iron who built all the rails in the Wasteland and consider the Golden Spike as sacred relic along with coveting anything related to rail mythos. Though, Atchison tribe were not impressed with Topekan's old worship of Choo Choo Charlie, a mascot from a candy bar.
  • Cargo Cult: Their worship of railroad mythology and trains come across as odd to many outsiders.
  • Grey and Gray Morality: Both of the tribes had good and bad sides but their grudge over an accident along with pre-existing tension (namely over sharing profits from railroad trade) made peace treaty somewhat difficult.
  • Magical Native American: A Native American tribe (or rather impersonators, based on a comment by an authentic Native American like Vulture's Cry) who worshipped and made their livelihood around trains and railroads.

Chief Kekkahbah
Voiced by: Sean Chiplock

The leader of the Topekan tribe, Kekkahbah is a jovial and welcoming man, and respects the authority of the Rangers. However, while he welcomes their aid in disposing of the Rail Thieves and Junkies, he refuses to allow them to interfere in the business of the tribes, insisting that the matter is an internal one that should be settled as such. This is mostly due to his personal stake in the matter - he lost his left arm in the accident that divided the tribes, and firmly believes that the Atchisons' leader, Casey James, was responsible.

He commands an elite group of loyal soldiers known as Choppers, who willingly remove their left arm as a sign of respect. He is also in possession of the Golden Spike, a holy relic that is coveted by both tribes. Convincing him to give it up plays a key role in the peace negotiations.

  • An Arm and a Leg: He lost his left arm in the train crash that divided the tribes. His elite soldiers, the Choppers, also lack left arms, though they remove them voluntarily as a sign of respect. In order to achieve peace, the player can use his missing arm as a clever metaphor for the tribes' conflict.
  • Cargo Cult: He and his people worship the railways, and hold the Golden Spike to be a holy relic. Kekkahbah is currently in possession of it, and thus commands a great deal of respect.
  • Handicapped Badass: He and his Choppers may be missing their left arms, but they can still hold their own in battle.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: If he's allowed to join and survives the final assault on the Ranger Citadel, he will offer to stay behind and detonate the nuclear bomb in order to wipe out Cochise. The ending slides mention that his sacrifice ends up setting an example for peace and cooperation between the various tribes and groups in the wasteland.
  • Meaningful Echo: The Rangers are at one point given the option of asking him why he can't drive the train himself, to which he replies that it is impossible to do so with only one arm. They have the option of repeating this to him to negotiate a peace.
    Kekkahbah: "Give me one good reason I should change my mind, when he has not changed his!"
    Player: " Because even the strongest man needs two arms to drive the train."
  • Noble Savage: He and the rest of the Rail Nomads play into this role, despite the fact that many of them aren't even Natives. Lampshaded by Vulture's Cry, an actual Native American tribeswoman, who is confused by their obsession with the stereotype.
  • Take a Third Option: In order to negotiate a peace, he and Casey James must both be talked into taking one, driving the Golden Spike into the rails as a symbol of unification, so that neither of them must have it.
    • Also having him set off the Nuke at Ranger Citadel is the best option. That way you don't lose any of the very valuable rangers and his sacrifice helps keep the peace between the two tribes.

Casey James

The leader of the Atchison tribe, Casey James has little respect for the Rangers, due to their lack of intervention in the conflict that has claimed so many of his tribesmen's lives. He has a particular grudge against Chief Kekkahbah, his former friend who now blames him for the accident that nearly killed them both. The Atchisons' underdog status has made him vindictive and underhanded, resorting to planting bombs around the Topekans' camp and terrorizing any Topekans who stray towards their territory.

While he is extremely vicious, it is done in pursuit of vengeance for his long-abused tribesmen. As such, he believes that the Topekans must be destroyed, and that the Atchisons are the rightful owners of the rails... and of the Golden Spike. Convincing him to let go of the Spike plays a key role in the peace negotiations.

  • An Arm and a Leg: For peace negotiations to succeed, he must cut off his own left arm as an offering. The game doesn't show it, but the quest log notes that it may have been "the bloodiest peace talk in history."
  • Cargo Cult: He and his people worship the railways, and hold the Golden Spike to be a holy relic. Casey covets it, as Kekkahbah has taken it as his own.
  • Deep South: Compared to Kekkahbah's Noble Savage airs, Casey James is closer to this, having a thick southern accent and dressing less stereotypically. He still follows tribal customs, of course.
  • Demolitions Expert: He and his tribe made bombs out of explosives and coffee cans to launch a guerrilla campaign to make up for Topekan's larger wealth and manpower.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: The game fades to black when he removes his arm, though the sounds and quest log entries confirm that it was not pretty.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: If he was given the news that his daughter was almost killed by a bomb intended for Topekan children in the playground, he began to show regret over his terrorist tactics.
  • Take a Third Option: In order to negotiate a peace, he and Kekkahbah must both be talked into taking one, driving the Golden Spike into the rails as a symbol of unification, so that neither of them must have it.

Jessie James

The daughter of Casey James, Jessie is an adventurous young girl who is disillusioned with the conflict between the Atchisons and Topekans. Because of this, she maintains a secret relationship with a Topekan boy by the name of Ralphy Parker, and frequently visits his tribe's camp in secret.

Eventually, her life is threatened by bomb at the Topekans' playground, and her fate plays a key role in resolving the conflict peacefully.

For tropes relating to her boyfriend, Ralphy Parker, see "Party Members."

     Red Skorpion Militia 

Red Skorpions in General

"Tresspassers will be shot and fed to my dogs. Rangers will be fed to my dogs alive."
Commander Danforth

A large, long-standing gang of Raiders, the Red Skorpions have been a thorn in the side of the Rangers for decades on end. Much of this is likely the result of their origins — indeed, their earliest members were the death-row inmates that the Rangers cast out from the Federal Prison shortly after the apocalypse. The Cochise Team was beset upon by them many times during the Robot War, and relations haven't really changed much since.

They haven't bothered the Rangers too much in the past few years, though, and claim to have reformed into a Peacekeeping Militia. Fact is, they've just taken a more business-like approach to their criminal activities, lording over homesteaders in their territory through harsh, dictatorial laws. Those who resist quickly find themselves hanging from a noose, a cruel reminder not to disturb the peace in Happy Valley.

Initially a nomadic gang of killers, the Skorpions now operate out of the Federal Prison east of Highpool that used to be the Rangers' HQ. But if you play your cards right, you might just be able to get the RSM to reform a bit and work with you, exchanging prisoners and information.

Chris Van Overbake & Chaos

Chris Van Overbake (left) is the Red Skorpions' resident bureaucrat, who helps them devise various taxes and fines to keep Happy Valley locked into servitude. He collects these taxes with the help of Chaos (right), his brutish enforcer whose lack of brain cells is made up for with muscle. He charges the Rangers a fee to enter the Prison area "peacefully," but fails to radio ahead to the next outpost, forcing the Rangers to either sneak by or blast through.

  • Brains and Brawn: Chris is the brains, Chaos the brawn.
  • The Dragon: Chaos serves as this to Chris, though not to the Red Skorpions themselves.
  • Dumb Muscle: Chaos can barely speak in complete sentences — all he needs to know is how to pound someone's head in.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Chris intentionally fills this role to keep Happy Valley under the thumb of the Skorpions.
  • Smug Snake: Chris oozes smugness from every orifice, and loves to taunt the Rangers over every little thing. It is clear that the only reason someone hasn't straight up broken his scrawny body over their knee yet is because Chaos protects him.
  • Tacky Tuxedo: Chris manages to wear a combination of this and a Rummage Sale Reject — a tacky pinstripe suit with patches from other clothes sewn on and, inexplicably, a fish skeleton for a tie.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: They fill this role for the Red Skorpions, never leaving each other's sides and playing off each other's personalities.

Jim Auwaerter

Jim is a friend of the Red Skorpions whose connections allow him to thrive in Happy Valley, presenting an idyllic image to unsuspecting homesteaders, making them susceptible to the Skorpions' protection racket. Once the homesteaders have been robbed blind, they're forced into indentured servitude and put to work on Auwaerter's farm. Despite this, he seems almost blissfully ignorant of the suffering around him.

  • Anti-Villain: He's a pretty nice guy who legitimately believes that he's doing good work, but this is mostly because he's utterly blind to what's going on around him.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: He's modeled and named after the real-life Jim Auwaerter, who donated a large sum to the game's kickstarter.
  • Innocent Bigot: He legitimately doesn't realize that the people working for him are slaves, due to the Skorpions fierce propaganda and his own blinding ignorance.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Like Danforth, he seems totally convinced that the Skorpions are doing good work in Happy Valley, remaining utterly blind to the suffering of his "employees."
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After Danforth goes ballistic, he disappears from the valley.


Pitbull is a psychotic pimp who uses his status as a Red Skorpion enforcer to keep girls across Arizona under his thumb. He operates out of Happy Valley, near the Prison, where he keeps his favorite girls locked up in cages at his "Fuk Shak," but his reach extends as far as the Rail Nomads' camp, where he's got several working girls in deep debt.

  • Artificial Limbs: His original arm got gangrene after one of his "girls" bit him, and has been replaced by a robotic one, courtesy of Dr. Kyle.
  • The Brute: He has surprisingly high HP and armor for a single man, though he's typically no match for a well-prepared team.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Even Danforth, who is usually too deluded to see any faults in the Red Skorpions, will admit that Pitbull had it coming if you kill him.
  • Reused Character Design: He shares a portrait with O'Biggun, of the Leather Jerks in Rodia.
  • Tattooed Crook: He's got his name stamped across his chest and a Red Skorpion insignia on his arm.

Commander Danforth (Bobby Bergin)

The leader of the Red Skorpions, Danforth is a somewhat deluded man with a personal vendetta against the Desert Rangers. To this end, he's taken over the Red Skorpions and transformed them from a nomadic gang of killers into an organized gang of killers. He's also quite paranoid, refusing to leave his heavily-fortified Prison - as such, he mostly communicates via loudspeakers.

Turns out, he's Bobby Bergin, the boy from Highpool that everyone thought was killed by the Rangers. The town's doctor saved his life, but he ran away, swearing vengeance on the Rangers.

  • Alliterative Name: Bobby Bergin.
  • Berserk Button: Never harm one of his dogs.
  • Canned Orders over Loudspeaker: He periodically provides these to the residents of Happy Valley from his position at the Prison.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: He is the last major threat before the second half of the game begins.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Killing Pitbull is one of the few things he won't hate you for - the guy makes him sick, too.
  • Heel–Face Turn: If Team Echo passes a series of difficult conversational skill checks, he can be convinced to cease hostilities and negotiate with the Desert Rangers, putting an end to decades of conflict.
  • No One Could Survive That!: He was on the receiving end of this as a child, as he was left for dead after being shot by the Rangers.
  • Pet the Dog: Literally. He absolutely dotes on his dogs, and harming them is the fastest way to piss him off.
    • He also has a protection deal with Highpool that is surprisingly benevolent. This is because he's Bergin's nephew.
  • The Resenter: He despises the Rangers and all that they stand for, as they apparently wronged him in the past. Not surprising, considering they killed his dog and left him for dead when he was 10.
  • Start My Own: This is his way of getting back at the Rangers for what they did to them, taking over the Red Skorpions and turning them into an organized Militia. It didn't work out exactly as he'd hoped, but by now he's too deluded to notice.
  • Suddenly Voiced: He is actually Bobby, Sean Bergin's nephew who was seemingly killed by the Rangers in the first game. He survived, barely, and swore vengeance in the name of his dead dog, Rex.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He genuinely believes that the Rangers are evil and legitimately wants to use the Skorpions to protect people. Unfortunately, he's so blinded by rage and narcissism that he fails to realize the Skorpions are little more than a post-apocalyptic protection racket.

     Canyon of Titan 

Canyon of Titan in General

A radiation-worshiping cult that's been around since the war, the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud, better known as the M.A.D. Monks, can trace their origins back to Las Vegas and the surrounding area, where they once had a strong presence. They worshiped creatures they called "Radiation Angels," beautiful, glowing mutants that had a habit of exploding into clouds of radioactive particles.

They first encountered the Rangers during the Robot War 15 years ago. The cult, while not necessarily benevolent, nonetheless pledged themselves to protect Las Vegas from the invading robots, and lent their aid to both the Rangers and the city's own defenders, led by the "Legitimate Businessman" Faran Brygo. Nonetheless, they were eventually driven out of the city, and began an exodus to the east. There, they found a religious idol that they believed to be a sign from their god - an intact Titan II ICBM.

The Monks will, for a reasonable toll payable on arrival, escort anybody through the Canyon safely, and nearly all fights become avoidable, since even most raiders aren't keen for a Monk to set off his bomb. But lately an organisation known as the Diamondback Militia have been showing up, ambushing Monks and robbing travellers. While they claim to stand for law and order, they have done little since their founding except skulk around the edges of the M.A.D. Monks' territory, plotting to take the Canyon and use it as their base of operations. And they're very keen on getting hold of that Titan...

  • Downer Ending: No matter who you side with, the ending for the Canyon kind of sucks for everybody in the area, even when compared to the Highpool versus Ag Center choice. And unlike the Rail Nomads, you can't get the Monks and the Militia to work together.
  • Grey and Gray Morality: Neither side is a sterling choice to side with either.
    • The Monks seem like nice guys with reasonable tolls, but they're clearly crazy (i.e.- a few who blew themselves up with dirty nukes that kill the hostiles along with their escorts), and their leader even asks you for another nuke to keep their 'god', Titan, company. If you help them, the area will become a smoking crater.
    • The Diamondback Militia are undoubtedly sane but a trip through the Canyon shows that they are utterly ruthless, shooting travelers and ambushing Monks. If you help them, you'll come back to meet them killing raiders and Monks alike by firing squad. If you disarm the nuke, you'll come back to that, and they'll attack you.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: The least depressing ending revolves around disarming that nuke. Sadly, it doesn't help the immediate problem. The two factions just dissolve into war and there's nobody to stop Raiders from taking advantage of the chaotic situation.

Dr. Sidney Kyle

A prosthesis specialist, Kyle is one of the few doctors in Arizona who can augment humans without killing them. Her handiwork can be witnessed throughout the wasteland, worn by the likes of Dr. Rose, Sgt. Thrasher, Pitbull, and various Servants of the Mushroom Cloud in the Canyon of Titan and Titan Temple. She is very protective of her secrets, and keeps herself under constant guard.

She is actually a plant from the Synthetics, sent to cause chaos in Ranger territory.

  • Artificial Limbs: She's a master at creating these, though she doesn't visibly sport any.
  • Hot Scientist: Plenty of male characters comment on her, ah, "assets."
  • In the Hood: Her outfit, as depicted in her character portrait. Makes sense, considering she's working for a cult.
  • The Mole: If you hand the Titan over to the Monks, she'll launch it at the Canyon on orders from the Synthetics.
  • No One Sees the Boss: Visits to her clinic are brief and few in number, and one requires an escort just to talk to her.

Captain Cliff Sadler
Voiced by: Sean Chiplock

The leader of the Diamondback Militia, Captain Sadler is single-handedly responsible for reforming the militia into a professional fighting force. Sadler firmly believes that the M.A.D. Monks pose a direct threat to the safety of the canyon, and that control over the Titan should be wrested from them by any means necessary.

He also suffers from a severe case of hemorrhoids, though this tends to take a, er... back seat to his other problems.

  • Beneath the Mask: Sadler tells you he wants to bring law and order to the area and take the Titan out of the hands of the Monks. And the Diamondback Militia certainly looks organised. But when you learn Titan is fake and therefore not a threat to the area, he still wants one for himself. The actions of the Militia that he set up and trained also betray his true intents, as they're so ruthless that some travellers think them worse than Raiders. They have no respect for Monks even as escorts for civilians, and are robbing traders as they pass through.
  • The Extremist Was Right: Despite his organization's unsavory status, they're right on the money about nearly everything - handing the Titan over to the Monks results in Dr. Kyle nuking the Canyon, while disarming the Titan will cause the Canyon to erupt into uncontrollable chaos.
  • The Hypocrite: If you set them up with a nuke, Sadler just uses it as a threat in much the same way as the Monks did, except without the religious doctrine.
    • The Diamondback Militia seem to be causing a lot more trouble in the Canyon than random Raiders right now.
  • Necessary Evil: He claims that the DMB's policies are all to support their efforts against the Monks, and that he'll turn the policies around once the Canyon is under control. What are these policies, exactly? Robbing travellers for supplies and ambushing the Monks.
  • Toilet Humor: His hemorrhoids. There's a Toaster sidequest dedicated to helping him with them, involving "Preparation G."



Damonta in General

"Are you tired? Hungry? Lost in the trackless reaches of the wastes? Then point your tired tootsies toward the friendliest little town in Arizona - Damonta!"
Werewolf Wally
Once a former airfield and boneyard called Davis Monthan Airforce Base, the society after the nuclear war began to take interest in its vast wealth of salvages that they can no longer produce. The wealth from that area made Damonta as one of the wealthiest settlements with the highest quality of life. While the settlement's economy may attract potential residents, the intense radiation clouds during the summer season and a fear of local deactivated robots made migration difficult. Unfortunately, by the time Team Echo reached there, things had to not turned well. entire town is under siege by the said robots and somewhat related to a mysterious person called Tinker.

Werewolf Wally
Voiced by: Marc Graue

The lively DJ of Damonta's resident radio station, K-POW, Werewolf Wally is the town's unofficial spokesperson, sending out radio broadcasts advertising the town's various businesses and comforts. He's very serious about his job, and during the robot incursion, dedicates himself to keeping the town and the people outside it updated on the situation. The Rangers need to use his radio tower to track the mysterious broadcasts, but he won't allow it unless they help out the town first.

  • Alliterative Name: Werewolf Wally.
  • Jive Turkey: He drops a lot of "groovy"s and "radical"s in his dialogue.
  • Large Ham Radio: As befitting of a Wolfman Jack parody.
  • The Last DJ: K-POW seems to be the only commercial radio station still on the air in Arizona, or maybe even the world. As such, he takes his job very seriously.
  • Nice Guy: He's one of the friendliest people in the wasteland, always having good things to say about people. Unless you leave Damonta to die, in which case he'll use his last broadcast to curse you out for it.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He's a clear reference to the famed and oft-parodied 60's DJ Wolfman Jack.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Delivers one to Team Echo, if they leave the town without dealing with the robots.

Hopi & Magee
Voiced by: Anne Vydra (Hopi) and Joann Tassone (Magee)

A Native American descended from the Hopi tribe, hence her nickname, Hopi is one half of Damonta's bombastic mechanic duo, operating out of an old chop chop. The other half is filled by Magee, Hopi's wife, who she married at the Canyon of Titan with the blessing of the M.A.D. Monks. During the robot incursion, they started up a spirited defense using their machine gun, Big Betty, but the weapon eventually broke down from overuse, leaving them trapped.

  • BFG: Big Betty, their customized M60 LMG. It's broken down from overuse by the time Team Echo arrives, but if they provide Magee with the parts to fix it, she'll give it to them as a gift, encouraging them to kill as many robots as possible with it.
  • Butch Lesbian: Magee, despite outwards appearances. Hopi likes to tease that she's the "husband" in the relationship.
  • Cool Car: Magee's wedding gift to Hopi. It doesn't run, but she still loves to keep it on display.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: If Team Echo brings Vulture's Cry along to see them, she and Hopi will have a brief conversation in Spanish. It's about what you'd expect.
    Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Hey, sister, what's happening?"
    Hopi: (translated) "Not much, except for these damn robots."
    Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Yeah. America's leftover shit, am I right?"
    Hopi: (translated) "True, true. They died, but their messes are still kicking."
    Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Well, as always. Be careful."
    Hopi: (translated) "Back at you, buddy."
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Hopi, despite outwards appearances. Magee notes that while she acts like a bombastic butch, deep down she's a real sweetheart.
  • Those Two Gals: They're never seen apart, and do pretty much everything together.
  • Wrench Wench: Both of them apply to the role, being the town's resident mechanics and all.


At first, the Tinker is just a mysterious figure to be investigated by the Ranger. In actuality, Tinker is an agent for Matthias who activated the then-inactive robots of Damonta and experimented Lexicanum and Binh to created cybernetic soldiers in upcoming extermination campaign for New Citadel and by extension Cochise AI.

  • In the Hood: Even character portrait had one.
  • Reused Character Design: Her portrait art is used for every Synth characters.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: All in the craftsmanship of Matthias' New Citadel.
  • Walking Spoiler: Her role in the story of Wasteland 2, not only applied to Damonta's robot problem, but also the schemes of Matthias and Cochise AI in exterminating mankind.


     Santa Fe Springs 

Santa Fe Springs in General

"Copy, Ranger Team Echo, this is Santa Fe Base. Over."
Lt. Wade Woodson

The Rangers' forward outpost in Los Angeles. Formerly a water treatment plant, Santa Fe was the perfect place for the Rangers to hole up - defensible, open enough to land a helicopter, and filled to the brim with water. Angela Deth touched down here along with Lt. Woodson and Team Foxtrot before taking off in the helicopter again to scout the city.

Unfortunately, things went to hell in a handbasket fast. Angela's chopper was shot down by heat-seeking missiles after flying too close to the Robot Army's headquarters, and contact was lost with the ground team shortly thereafter. Team Echo arrives at the base with almost no fuel left and wrecks their helicopter as a result, and finds the reason that the outpost stopped transmitting - a horde of mutant dogs rushing in through holes in the fence.

Lt. Wade Woodson
Voiced by: Michael Ralph (original), Michael O'Neil (Director's Cut)

The Rangers' previous radio operator, Woodson is a radio genius and a critical asset to the Rangers. Vargas takes over for him during the Arizona portion of the game, as he's busy with getting the repeater units online, working to triangulate the source of the Mysterious Broadcasts. Once it's determined that they're coming from California - Los Angeles, specifically - he is sent in with Angela Deth and Team Foxtrot to establish an FOB and get communications running smoothly.

Woodson takes over Vargas's role as radio operator in Los Angeles, relaying distress signals to the team and giving promotions (level-ups) when necessary.

  • Alliterative Name: Wade Woodson.
  • Black and Nerdy: He can go on at extreme length about the inner workings of radio transmission if you let him, and the rest of the Rangers advise you to steer away from the topic if he brings it up.
  • Mission Control: He retakes this role once the Rangers arrive in Los Angeles, handling distress calls from the locals and level-ups for the team.
  • Reused Character Design: His character portrait is a cropped and flipped version of the generic Black Ranger, which is also used by the companions Gary "NaCl" Wolf, and Pistol Pete.
  • Sole Survivor: He is the only survivor of Team Foxtrot after their helicopter was shot down and Nuke Pooches came down on their lightly-defended outpost.

Sgt. Dave "Killer" Carlson

The leader of Team Foxtrot, Killer Carlson got his nickname after a particularly violent first assignment that earned him several promotions and a lot of respect. Now, he fears the nickname will have a different story behind it - his entire team has been killed, overwhelmed by Nuke Pooches, and he blames himself. He's on his last legs by the time Echo arrives at Santa Fe.

  • Almost Dead Guy: His team is wiped out and he's barely alive by the time you reach him. He still manages to pass on a surprising amount of information before he passes, though.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Killer Carlson.
  • A Father to His Men: He deeply regrets the deaths of his squadmates, wishing he could have done more for them.


Rodia in General

"First place gets 100 bullets! Second place gets to keep their farm. And third place gets full-time employment on my farm, which used to be yours."

Known across the wetlands as "The Jewel of Los Angeles," Rodia is a prospering settlement southwest of Santa Fe Springs. Boasting landmarks such as their Meteor Crater Farms and twin radio towers, as well as amenities such as a bank, a doctor, and a bar/casino/strip-club, the town is rightfully considered one of the nicest places to live in the LA wetlands, alongside Hollywood and Angel Oracle.

Unfortunately, this kind of prosperity is bound to attract predators - in this case, a gang known as the Leather Jerks. The Jerks had a small presence in Arizona during the Robot War 15 years ago, though they were significantly less of a threat than the Red Skorpions, Robots, and Mutants. How and why they relocated to Los Angeles is a mystery, but it's clear that they've stepped up their game.

Posing as a group of security contractors, the Jerks made an offer of protection to the Mayor in exchange for authority in legal matters. The Mayor agreed, but never expected them to be such... well, Jerks. They quickly enslaved the population, locked the Mayor in a hanging cage, and forced the local farmers to start growing Agave almost exclusively, all so they could distill it into alcohol and profit from the town. Now the townspeople are left cut off from the outside world, slowly starving, and dying of a mysterious plague.

Dengler & O'Biggun

The leaders of the Leather Jerks. Dengler (left) was pressed into the gang as a child when he was captured in the mountains, but quickly turned the situation around using his cunning and guile. His first move was to befriend O'Biggun (right), who, as his name suggests, became the muscle of his operation, and eventually rose to become the leader of the Jerks.

Dengler was the one who masterminded the plan to take over Rodia, and while it's undoubtedly killing the town, the Agave business he set up has become quite a profitable enterprise. If the player so chooses, they can accept work from him, helping to secure his stranglehold on Rodia.

  • The Dragon: Dengler claims to be this to O'Biggun, though one look at the two will tell you that's not the case.
  • Dumb Muscle: O'Biggun can barely speak coherently at all, and all he seems to do is yell and eat meat.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Always has a calm, level voice... even when he's threatening to make people slaves and execute their loved ones.
  • Reused Character Design: O'Biggun shares a character design with Pitbull, of the Red Skorpions.
  • Those Two Guys: The dual leaders of the Leather Jerks, these two are never seen apart.

Mayor Sam Van Graas
Voiced by: Gary Reed

The Mayor of Rodia, Sam wasn't exactly popular before the Jerks came in, but now that the town's been enslaved, people are longing for his leadership. He tried to force the Jerks out of town early on in their occupation, but was beaten up and locked in a cage, suspended from Rodia's famed towers for all to see.

If Team Echo drives out the Jerks, he must be freed from his cage in order to put the town back on track, after which he will task the Team with informing Angel Oracle of the leadership change.

  • The Atoner: Part of his desire to restore Rodia comes from his feelings of guilt over letting the Jerks into town. One conversation blurb from him reveals that he's been personally attending the funerals for every single person who died because of the Jerks.
  • Nice Guy: If he's freed, he reveals himself to be this, taking great care to restore Rodia to its former glory.
  • The Pollyanna: The game's text notes that even in his cage, starved and baked by the sun, he's still doing his best to put on a smile.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: If he's reinstated as Mayor, Rodia becomes a prosperous trading post once more, attracting visitors and settlers from across the wetlands.
  • Ultimate Authority Mayor: His ending slide if returned to power reveals him to be this.

Doc Horchata

Rodia's famed sawbones, Dr. Robert Horchata is a former member of the Mannerites who was cast out of Angel Oracle for excessive swearing. He has since dedicated himself to providing top-notch medical care to those in need, and has come to care deeply about the town that he's made his home, and would do anything to help them.

He tasks Team Echo with helping him find a cure for the parasitic plague that's been running rampant throughout Rodia since the Jerks' arrival.

  • Defector from Decadence: He was once a Mannerite, but his foul mouth earned him no end of scorn from his fellows, and he eventually fled to escape execution.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: His bedside manner could use a lot of work. However he cares for his patients and is doing everything possible to save them.
  • Not So Different: He and his rival at Angel Oracle give much the same arguments for not helping one another, and both must be reminded that their duty as doctors comes first to snap them out of it.
  • Reused Character Design: He shares a portrait with Dr. Larsen at AG Center.
  • The Rival: To the Mannerites' doctor, who used to be his partner.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: The main reason he was shunned by his fellow Mannerites. Dude swears like a sailor.

    Angel Oracle 

Angel Oracle in General

"... and remember - stay polite, Los Angeles!"
Mister Manners

If Rodia is "The Jewel of Los Angeles," then Angel Oracle is almost definitely the crown. Sited upon the ruins of the Los ANGELes MemORiAl CoLossEum, northwest of Rodia, the Oracle was founded decades ago by the first Mister Manners, and now boasts its own water supply, solar power, and a literal football field of farmland.

Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Los Angeles, the Oracle is divided between two ideologically opposed groups, the Mannerites and the Robbinsons. The two organizations were originally one group of scavengers, but split after their leaders found inspiration in two radically different books - one using a guidebook called "The Book of Nauseatingly Correct Manners," while the other followed a self-help book called "Maximum Power!"

With one side believing in politeness above all else and the other believing that it's cool to be cruel, the two naturally had a falling out. While their relations remain nominally cordial, and membership to either group is not mutually exclusive, the two are locked in something of a cold war for control of the Oracle, each doing their best to politically outmaneuver the other.

Mister Manners

The nauseatingly polite leader of Angel Oracle, and by extension, the Mannerites. Mister Manners is the son of the Angel Oracle's founder, and strives to bring civilization to the wetlands through kindness and proper manners. Unfortunately, his organization's altruism is tainted by a bizarre moral code that hands out the death sentence to any members who break etiquette too often.

On top of this, while they do accept calls for help (if the caller is polite, that is), their twisted obsession with manners and politeness means that they'll occasionally punish the wrong person, assuming that anyone who violates etiquette must be morally wrong. Sadly, much of this is the result of nearly a generation of them cannibalizing their dead out of a misguided devotion to the community, causing the slow decay of their higher brain functions.

  • Alliterative Name: Mister Manners.
  • Beneath the Mask: His annoyingly polite manners tend to hide his other traits, especially the negative ones. He can utilize underhanded tactics as Tori Robbinson and lust after a woman to the point he would make a Kangaroo Court for her husband to keep her for himself. In fact, the said woman happened to be an agent for Tori Robbinson, who wish to exploit his flaws to discredit him as a leader and take control of Angel Oracle. Though he did regret about his decision, once the Rangers exposed Tori's plot to him.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He makes it abundantly clear in his first broadcast that just because he and and his people are nice and polite, they are not meek, and know fully well how to defend themselves.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: When the Mannerites say they value manners above all else, they mean it. They're just as liable to punish the victim of a crime as they are the culprit, all depending on who they believe was being more polite.
  • Comically Missing the Point: A number of their radio call-ins involve this, combined with a hefty dose of Gallows Humor. Man's wife went out to investigate some shady figures, then started screaming and disappeared? How dare she not inform her husband of how long she would be out! They will arrive shortly to administer punishment.
  • Expy: He looks almost suspiciously similar to Colonel Sanders.
    • In addition, his organization bears a startling resemblance to the White Glove Society, right down to the cannibalism.
  • Eyepatch of Power: The only part of his ensemble that isn't 100% prim-and-proper.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: His organization feels that it is only proper to eat the dead, feeling that it allows them to continue helping each other after death. This is causing them to slowly lose their minds, and convincing him to switch to beef is a major part of setting them on the right track.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Quite a few of his decisions run on this, with his obsession with politeness coming before common sense and logical reasoning. This is because of the Mannerites' cannibalism damaging their brains.
  • Legacy Character: The title of "Mister/Missus Manners" is passed down from leader to leader in the Mannerites - he's just the most recent.
  • Man in White: As befitting of his organization's prim-and-proper attitude.
  • Overly Polite Pals: Every single Mannerite exhibits this trope, but Mister Manners especially.
  • Passive-Aggressive Kombat: The Mannerites are masters of this. After all, being polite doesn't necessarily mean being nice.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Despite his insistence on politeness to the extreme, he and his group come across as genuinely benign people that they've become the most influential group in Angel Oracle, if not the Los Angeles wasteland, which brought the attention to the traders seeking a fair deal. Of course, their lack of selfish ruthlessness of Robbinson, along with abandoning ritual cannibalism from insistence of the Rangers, do help improve their image.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: He certainly does love his toast.

Tori Robbinson
Voiced by: Robin Knight

Leader of the Robbinsons, a band of wastelanders who value personal ambition above all else. While she doesn't hold an official position, due to the Robbinsons' philosophy discouraging a proper hierarchy, she is their most influential member, and as such has taken the name "Robbinson." Her group believes that Maximum Power should be obtained at all costs, and that each individual is within their rights to seize as much control as possible whenever they can.

The Robbinsons are generally the underdogs in the Oracle's cold war, either because they're too self-obsessed to work together towards any sort of goal or because they're content with their lot in life, feeling that they've already maximized their potential. Tori, however, is a different story, desiring to seize control of the Oracle for herself. To this end, she has framed a Mannerite for a breach of etiquette that he did not commit, hoping that his wrongful execution will allow her to depose Mister Manners.

  • Ambition Is Evil: Her organization believes in the opposite, though it's debatable how true that is. For her, at least, it's definitely evil.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Once she's confronted about the conspiracy, she drops her Mask of Sanity and launches into a long-winded, buzzword-filled rant about "self-actualization" and "maximizing potential."
  • Legacy Character: The last name "Robbinson" is always used by the most powerful member of the Robbinsons gang - Tori's just the most recent.
  • Mask of Sanity: She presents herself as an average, normal person, and does a pretty good job of it. Underneath that mask, though, lies a violently insane manipulator who has taken her gang's teachings far too seriously.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Everything about her and her organization is a blatant reference to infamous self-help author Tony Robbins.
  • The Social Darwinist: As with many of the Robbinsons, she believes that only the strongest and smartest should be allowed to succeed in life, and is thus opposed to the overly-kind Mannerites.


     God's Militia 

God's Militia in General

Samson, Samson, protect me
Raise your hammer for all to see
Blazing bright throughout the night
Keep me safe 'till morning light.

In the Tunnel, Samson died
Saving us from evil's tide
Now he watches over all
Helping us when 'ere we fall.
The Hymn of Red Samson

The Salvation Church was founded in 2027 by a man called Luke Samson (better known as the Red Messiah among the faithful). Believing that the world was stuck in the midst of a thousand year tribulation, Samson set to rally people to his faith. Though brutal, he has gained a sizable following and managed to secure a territory for his church. Dubbed the Angelus Temple, it became the first seat of God's Militia.

However, the violent nature of the faith quickly led to problems. Angelus Temple was set upon by an angry mob of people fundamentally opposed to the policies of the Church and burnt down to the ground. The survivors retreated under Samson's lead towards Griffith Park, establishing the Bastion of Faith in the Griffith Observatory.

Samson himself is believed to have perished sealing the tunnel used for evacuation. Since then, God's Militia has evolved into one of the most brutal and savage entities in Los Angeles, routinely committing atrocities, enslaving people, and indulging in general debauchery, all in the name of spreading the faith.

  • All Hail the Great God Mickey!: A downplayed variety of a cult who worshipped the word of a televangelist named James King and later Samson rather than the bible itself.
  • Corrupt Church: Despite their message of purity and crusade against sins, the entire organization had fallen into debauchery. One example being "confiscating contrabands (alcohol and drugs)" to be consumed later by various members and prostituting their penitents (or enslaved bystanders from raids) for their pleasure.
  • The Fundamentalist: Ironically, they tend to worship the word of James King rather than the biblical texts. Retribution Jones and Church Militant tend to be more zealous of the organization.
  • Church Militant: Thanks to Samson's teachings, they've taken a militaristic stance against the unbelievers and launched raids into nearby settlements in the name of purity.

Luke Samson

The founder of God's Militia, Luke Samson was once a mentally unstable mercenary with little regard for religion, but that all changed when he and his partner found the tape-recorded sermons of the fire-and-brimstone televangelist, Reverend James King. A violent an uneducated man, Samson took to the televangelist's teachings to heart with terrifying zeal. Soon after, he began experiencing visions of the Reverend, eventually founding the church with the intent to wipe the world of the "sinners" described in the sermons.

In his crusade, Samson converted dozens, and killed hundreds. He waged war on the people of Hollywood for years, until the day of the exodus to Griffith Park, when he was cut off from the church by an explosion in the tunnel. Lost and alone, he stumbled upon the long-lost final episode of the Reverend's show - where he admits to lying about God's will, begs for forgiveness, and shoots himself on live television.

Distraught, Samson swore to root out the evil in the church he'd created and end the mad crusade - only to be lynched by an angry mob before he could return to his flock. Considered a martyr by his followers, the Militia's zealous rage only grew, and he is now revered as their prophet and messiah.

  • Affably Evil: The spies sent by Hollywood were shocked by how kind and trusting he was to his followers, though they could never forgive him for his innumerable crimes.
  • A Day in the Limelight: His story is the subject of the supplementary book All Bad Things, which was available as a Kickstarter reward and preorder bonus.
  • Drop the Hammer: His signature weapon. He murdered hundreds with it, and it is treated as a holy relic.
  • Dark Messiah: His followers call him the second coming. The people of Hollywood call him a mass-murderer.
  • The Fundamentalist: He fit this trope to a T, driven by his mad desire to purge the world of sinners and unbelievers.
  • Hearing Voices: He apparently heard the voice of Reverend King in his head, which commanded him to slaughter nonbelievers in the name of God. The voices stopped once he learned the truth about the Reverend.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After he discovers that his beliefs were Based on a Great Big Lie. Unfortunately, he was martyred before he could do anything about it.
  • Holier Than Thou: He made his feelings about the "whores and sinners" of Hollywood very clear.
  • Knocking on Heathens' Door: He offered the people of Los Angeles a simple choice... join the church, or die.
  • Posthumous Character: He was lynched to death by an angry mob decades before the game begins, and the true events of his death are revealed only in the tie-in book All Bad Things. Still, his followers and their devotion to his ideals play a large role in the California storyline.
  • The Red Baron: He is known to his followers - and most of Los Angeles - as "Red Samson," or "The Red Messiah."

Malediction Mayweather
Voiced by: Sean Chiplock

Nominally, Malediction Mayweather is the pious leader of the Church Ecstatic, bent on bringing the God's news to the wasteland. In reality, he is one of the most corrupt, heinous creatures in existence, abusing his position in order to get all the luxury he needs, including whores, alcohol, drugs, and other pastimes banned by the teachings of the Militia.

Retribution Jones
Voiced by: Rex Anderson

Head of the Church Militant, Retribution Jones is a tall fellow with a mean look in his eye. As the Church's military commander, he is tasked with "spreading the faith", though in reality, all this entails is murdering anyone who rejects the Church's authority.

  • Church Militant: He's the head of them. As such, he's the most dangerous of the three leaders.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Due to being a fanatical zealot, he reacted Malediction Mayweather's pictures of his time with prostitutes in disgust.
  • Noble Demon: While he's genocidally insane, he still adheres to a moral code, warped as it may be. If you follow his path in the Militia's questline, he ramps up the crusade to new levels of depravity, but spares you and the Rangers, along with anyone who chooses to convert.
  • Obstructive Zealot: Unlike the corrupt, self-serving Mayweather and the jaded, repentant McDade, Jones is a fierce believer in the Militia's tenents - mostly the violent ones.
  • Race Lift: The original game's text describes him as a Scary Black Man with a scarred face and an Eyepatch of Power, which his character model appears as in-game. His portrait, on the other hand, is of a Caucasian man with a receding hairline and wearing a pair of Sinister Shades. The Director's Cut changes his character model to match his portrait and describes him as a tall, thin man with a high forehead and a cold glint in his eyes.
  • Sinister Minister: In a way he serves as the counterpart to Mayweather's version of this trope - while Malediction is a hypocrite who is Hiding Behind Religion, Retribution is a mad zealot who fiercely believes in the Church for all the wrong reasons.
  • Sinister Shades: As depicted in his character portrait.
  • Knocking on Heathens' Door: His job, as leader of the Church Militant, though he's less focused on "converting" and more on "massacring."

Ascension McDade
Voiced by: Kyle Blessing

Ascension McDade was pressed into the Church at a young age after he was captured by them in a raid. He joined the Church Vigilant, the Militia's intelligence-gathering branch, eventually becoming its head. However, years of torturing folk and extracting information have turned him into a weary, old man, keenly aware of the corruption among the ranks of the faithful.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: He wears red and black, has a grim look on his face, and is the church's head torturer... and yet he's the one of the few members that possesses a moral compass.
  • Heel–Face Turn: If you choose to follow his path during the God's Militia questline, he makes peace with Hollywood and completely changes the Church's policies.
  • The Mole: For once, it's not for the Robot Army - he's been feeding information to Hollywood spies in the hopes of ending the Militia's mad crusade.
  • Saintly Church: If the players help him take control of the God's Militia, he reformed the entire church into this. His major reforms are establishing welfare programs (soup kitchen and halfway houses) for the less fortunate inhabitants of Hollywood, expanding biblical sources to older and more accurate bibles other than the group's staples like James King, and freeing the Penitents along with ending the practice.
  • Token Good Teammate: Unlike other high-ranking members of the Church, McDade is sickened by the monstrous acts that the Militia has done in God's name.
  • Torture Technician: He does not relish his job. Unfortunately, he is the only one who can be trusted not to go too far with it and kill his prisoners.

Fealty Mayweather

The Wife of Malediction Mayweather, Fealty is one of the more pleasant members of the Militia. Unlike many others, she believes there is good in the church, and would like for them to do good in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she is in no position to enact changes, as Malediction is corrupt, mistreats her, and is liable to kill her if she steps out of line.

  • Domestic Abuse: Just one look at her portrait tells the story, with a black eye and other bruises across her face.
  • Nice Girl: She's very soft-spoken and friendly, though this may be a result of the trauma her husband has caused.
  • Token Good Teammate: Along with Ascension McDade, she is one of the few people in the church that isn't a sadistic hypocrite or a mindless zealot.
  • Widow Woman: Her first husband was a Militia soldier named Simms, but when she caught Mayweather's eye, he had him killed and took her as his own.

    Robot Army 

Robot Army in General

"Nothing can save you from being ground beneath the iron-shod feet of my robot army."
At the same time when the Children of Citadel broadcasted their messages of machine-human integration, the Robot Army began to announce their malevolent intents as they rampaged across Los Angeles wasteland. While their combat robots fought the locals, their worker robots secured supplies to sustain their goal of terror against mankind. At least this was their impression they give to distract the locals from finding out Matthias' plan to convert sizeable populace in cyborg army for Cochise AI to control.


A malevolent robotic overlord who intends to annihilate all organic life.

  • Card-Carrying Villain: He's very forthright about his hatred of humans and his intention to exterminate them all. It's all part of the act to get everyone to rightfully fear him, and thus rally behind the "hero" set to defeat him.
  • The Dragon: He presents himself as an Outside-Context Problem that Matthias will save the wasteland from in order to draw more people to the Children of the New Citadel.
  • Evil vs. Evil: He desires to destroy humanity, and is thusly opposed by Matthias, who wishes to enslave humanity. At least, that's what he tells everyone - they're actually in cahoots.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Although he presents himself as an Outside-Context Problem and the game's true Big Bad, you don't actually hear about him until shortly before you meet him. When you confront him face-to-face, he seems almost offended by the fact that you don't know who he is. Makes sense, as he's actually just Matthias's dragon.
  • Kill All Humans: His first goal for the Robot Army, though he claims that he's willing to temporarily spare any who aid him in his conquest. This isn't actually his goal at all, of course - he's actually helping Matthias to reawaken the Machine God.
  • Large and in Charge: Is noticeably larger than other Synthetics, and has a minigun for an arm.
  • Large Ham: In contrast to the creepy and soft-spoken Matthias, Dugan is a full blown scenery-chewing supervillain.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: His second goal for the Robot Army, converting the entire earth into a giant factory to produce more of his robots. This isn't actually his goal at all, of course - he's actually helping Matthias to reawaken the Machine God.
  • The Remnant: Like Matthias, he's a surviving member of the Guardians of the Citadel, who were driven out by the original Desert Rangers.
  • Resistance Is Futile: Every single thing that comes out of his mouth on the radio is some form of this.

Scorpitron 2.0

Enormous robot scorpions that have been terrorizing Los Angeles.

     Children of the New Citadel 

Children of the New Citadel in General

"Matthias's law is vengeance. And soon, Matthias's law will stretch all the way to Arizona..."
Mysterious Broadcast

The Children of the New Citadel is a cult that believes in the union between man and machine as the next step in the evolution of humanity as a whole. Founded by Matthias, a former member of the Citadel, who wish to embrace the seemingly benign message through promises of artificial implants; ranging from simple prosthetic limbs to atomic hearts. In truth, entire plot was for Cochise AI to control the converted cyborgs to his cause.



  • Bald of Evil: Going by his portrait.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: With Dugan.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: He's just another pawn of the Machine God.
  • Cyborg: He's actually a synthetic "shell" that was to be used to house the Cochise AI.
  • Evil vs. Evil: He wishes to enslave humanity, and is thusly opposed to Dugan, who wishes to destroy humanity. At least, that's what he tells everyone - they're actually in cahoots.
  • Machine Worship: He worships the Machine God, an advanced AI that he believes will bring about a golden age.
  • Not So Different: In the endgame, he eventually asks Team Echo why they've continued to chase him down and oppose him, despite the constant risk to their lives. If they answer that it's because he's an enemy of the Rangers, he'll invoke this trope.
    Matthias: "Ah, honesty at last. You hound me because I threaten your status as the alpha wolves of Arizona, just as you hound all others who defy you. At least you're honest enough to admit that it has nothing to do with humanity, or morals, or civilization. Your gang hates my gang, and that's that."
  • The Remnant: He is a survivor of the Children of the Citadel, AKA The Guardians of the Old Order.
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: He preaches that by awakening the Machine God and destroying the Rangers, he can bring about a cybernetic golden age for humanity. He's wrong, obviously, and he knows it.

The Machine God (Cochise AI)

The God of the Children of the Citadel, an all-powerful machine that they claim will guide humanity into a cybernetic golden age. They're wrong, of course - it wants nothing more than to eradicate all life on earth, starting with the human race.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Absolutely. Players of the first game know this from experience.
  • Contagious A.I.: Its intended method of spreading its influence.
  • The Corrupter: At the beginning of the final battle, it will take over any of your party members who have cybernetic implants, forcing you to fight and kill them on top of the regular enemies in the fight.
  • Creepy Monotone: Speaks with a flat, robotic voice, due to it's nature as a machine intelligence.
  • The Dreaded: The Rangers fear its return, and with very good reason.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Matthias learns this the hard way.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Confesses to being responsible for starting the nuclear war in the first place. On a smaller scale, it manipulated the other villains into helping it gain power.
  • Hidden Villain: Doesn't show up until the very end.
  • Hijacked by Ganon: Immediately takes over as the Big Bad when Matthias awakens it.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Its ultimate goal is to wipe the Earth clean of all life that isn't itself.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: It laid dormant for over a decade before Matthias released it.
  • Suddenly Voiced: As with all returning characters from the first game.
  • Walking Spoiler: How'd you guess? Being the first game's Big Bad will do that to you.


     Party Members 

Ashley Brygo, La Loca, and Rook
Voiced by: Ellen Carl (Ashley Brygo), Joann Tassone (La Loca), and Jamal Fahmin (Rook)

A trio of new recruits seen usually hanging out outside the Ranger Citadel, being trained by General Vargas. Ashley Brygo (bottom) is the daughter of Vegas "businessman" Faran Brygo, La Loca (left) is a member of the Atchison tribe of the Rail Nomads, and Rook (right) is the youngest of seven children in a farming family.

These three are a bit different than the rest of the recruits. They can be recruited after the main party installs one of the repeater units at either Highpool or the AG Center, but only if the one of the four player-created Rangers has died. Unlike the rest of the recruits, these three can never be dismissed.

  • Continuity Nod: Ashley's father, Faran Brygo, was a major character in the first game.
  • Creator Cameo: Ashley is named after either Brian Fargo's wife or his daughter. Either way, she appears as the daughter of his own Creator Cameo character.
  • Mafia Princess: Ashley's father is a legitimate businessman. And nothing else.
  • More Dakka/Friendly Sniper/BFG: Ashley Brygo is trained in using SMGs, sniper rifles, and heavy weapons.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: La Loca is only referred to by her nickname.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: La Loca's weapon of choice.
  • The Smart Guy: Rook fills this role, having training in computer science and mechanical repair. Unlike other versions, which are usually snipers, Rook uses assault rifles.
  • Toilet Humor: La Loca earned her nickname by throwing bags of Waste Wolf shit into a Topekan meeting hall. During a meeting.
  • Youngest Child Wins: Rook is the youngest of his seven siblings, and if he joins the party, he's got the chance to be one heck of a hero.
  • We Have Reserves: These three recruits are the reserves. Should at least one of the player-created Rangers die in battle, they can be recruited as replacements. However, they do start at level 1.

Dr. Rose
Voiced by: Linda Joy

One of the Doctors working at AG Center, Rose is a highly respected member of their science team. Once the infection began to spread, she immediately began work on a cure, which the player must help her complete if they choose to help AG Center. Team Echo's actions at AG Center - along with her desire to find the ones responsible for the infection - eventually inspire her to join up.

She can only be recruited if AG Center is saved, and will leave the party if they kill too many innocents.

  • Artificial Limbs: She has a robotic left arm, given to her by Dr. Kyle.
  • The Atoner: Like most people in the Wasteland, she has done things she regrets, and states that this is her reason for joining once the AG Center Crisis has ended. Turns out, she was one of Finster's disciples.
  • Defector from Decadence: Was a follower of Finster back in the day, but left once he began to go insane.
  • Evil Hand: Her arm ends up being her undoing if you take her to the final battle, as it allows her to be possessed by the Cochise AI.
  • Hand Cannon: Her unique weapon, Rose's Thorn, is a custom flintlock pistol modified to fire 12 gauge shotgun shells.
  • Never Hurt an Innocent: Attempting to get her to shoot a civilian NPC will cause her to refuse. This even occurs during the final battle after she's been assimilated by the Cochise AI, as Snake Vargas and all the other NPCs who join are classed as civilians.
  • Never Mess with Granny: She's 67 years old and still a very capable shot.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: She's a biologist, a chemist, a doctor, and depending on the skills you give her, a computer expert.

Vulture's Cry
Voiced by: Amy E. Fisher

A Native American trader who was visiting Highpool when the Wrecking Crew attacked. Scared out of their minds and driven by lingering racism, they imprisoned her under the assumption that she was a spy, refusing to hear her side of the story. Team Echo comes across her while she's being harassed by some delinquents, and can save her if they so choose. Doing so will see her join them out of respect.

She can only be recruited if Highpool is saved, and will leave the party if they kill too many innocents.

  • Deadpan Snarker: She's got one heck of a sarcastic streak when she's not in her Noble Savage persona.
    Vulture's Cry: "Happy Valley?" This place looks more like "Clinically Depressed Ditch."
  • Friendly Sniper: Her primary weapon is a sniper rifle, and she's very skilled with it.
  • Friend to All Living Things: She starts with the Animal Whisperer skill, which allows her to calm and command non-hostile animals of any kind.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Upon meeting Hopi, a fellow Native from the south, she has a brief conversation with her in spanish. If one translates it, they'll find that she remains one heck of a snarker.
    Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Hey, sister, what's happening?"
    Hopi: (translated) "Not much, except for these damn robots."
    Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Yeah. America's leftover shit, am I right?"
    Hopi: (translated) "True, true. They died, but their messes are still kicking."
    Vulture's Cry: (translated) "Well, as always. Be careful."
    Hopi: (translated) "Back at you, buddy."
  • Noble Savage: Discussed and played with. While she initially appears to be one, she quickly confesses that it's mostly an act she uses to attract customers and derides it as something of a stereotype. Still, her skill set and exploration quips indicate she's still got a bit of this in her.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: She pretends to be a Noble Savage to garner sympathy and drum up sales for her caravan. If you don't get her to fess up to it while recruiting her, she'll keep up the act for the entire game.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Her trading party was cut off from their homeland by a shift in the radiation cloud - one that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.

Ralphy Parker
Voiced by: Josh Rachlis

A young boy from the Topekan tribe at the Rail Nomads' Camp, Ralphy has always dreamed of travelling. Upon the Rangers' arrival there, they come upon his girlfriend, Jessie, screaming for help, as he's fallen in the river and cannot swim. Saving him earns them the gratitude of his mother. She then offers to let him join them, as she can no longer support him with his father gone.

He can only be recruited if he is saved from drowning, and will leave the party if they kill too many innocents.

  • Cargo Cult: As with the rest of the Rail Nomads, he ascribes to a faith based on railroad mythology, with John Henry as a god and the Golden Spike as a holy relic.
  • Children Are Innocent: While his profile claims that he's 18, his dialogue runs on this trope. The word "golly" gets thrown around a lot.
  • Child Soldier: While not much fuss is made about it, he's still just a teenager.
  • Disappeared Dad: His father ran out on his mother. You can meet said father, now a M.A.D. Monk, in the Canyon of the Titan, where he'll detonate himself out of shame if you don't talk him out of it.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: He starts off with a pair of brass knuckles and a small amount of hand-to-hand skill, but he's not particularly suited for it.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: He's fairly average at everything, barring an abnormally high Toaster Repair skill. His low level and good attribute distribution also means lots of potential skill points for whatever roles you need filled.
  • Not Completely Useless: His abnormally high Toaster Repair skill is actually quite handy, as it can help unlock several hidden quests throughout the game.
  • Small Town Boredom: He apparently suffers from a case of this, which is part of why he's so eager to join the Rangers.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Jessie, at Rail Nomads. They take it as a sign that the conflict between the two tribes is pointless.
  • Videogame Cruelty Potential: You could kick down the small totem pole to rescue him from drowning... or you could kick the huge one onto his head and murder him.

Voiced by: Bob Hurley

A legend among hobos and traders of liquor throughout the Wasteland, Scotchmo is a terror who can drink a lot and still keep fighting, and is well known across Arizona for his drinking skills. He asks flat-out to join the Rangers, and while seemingly incompetent, his reputation can be of surprising use. Even in California, as it turns out.

He can only be recruited if Team Echo has a combined charisma score of 12 or higher.

  • The Alcoholic: If you have Snake Squeezin's in your inventory, you may find them mysteriously "disappearing" while he's with you.
  • The Berserker: Mostly out of sheer, drunken courage.
  • Code of Honor: Despite his rough appearance, he takes the Hobo Code of Ethics very seriously, at one point Shaming the Mob with it.
    Scotchmo: "We beg, we borrow, we do not steal!"
  • Drunken Master: He's constantly drunk on Snake Squeezin's, and has a higher-than-average rogue chance because of it. Despite this, he can still hold his own in combat.
  • Hobo: ... with a Shotgun.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: It's very well hidden, but he's a good man at heart.
  • King of the Homeless: Though he holds no official position, he's still highly respected by the Hobos of Arizona, as he holds their Code of Honor very close. Should he accompany the player to the final battle and survive, though, his brethren will officially appoint him to this position.
  • The Lost Lenore: As it happens, he drinks to mourn his wife, who is buried at the Rail Nomads' camp. Disturbing her grave will turn him hostile immediately.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: He carries one as his primary weapon.
  • Walking the Earth: As to be expected from a Hobo. Turns out, his travels have reached as far as California.

Voiced by: Guy Taylor

The most wanted man in Arizona (or so he claims), Aidian "Chisel" Bomositabo is a "legendary" criminal who turned a new leaf and went legit in his old age. He works as chief of security for the Atchison Tribe, but will retire from it if the conflict is resolved peacefully. He then allows Team Echo - or rather, begs them - to "arrest" him, allowing for a somewhat informal and unorthodox recruitment.

He can only be recruited if Team Echo reunites the Rail Nomads.

  • Badass Grandpa: Seventy-two years old with an extremely high strength score and joins at level 10.
  • The Berserker: Has an extremely high rogue chance and requires high-level leadership to keep under control.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Focused on melee fighting, and quotes Led Zeppelin when charging into battle.
  • Dirty Old Man: Hits on several female NPCs throughout the game, much to their chagrin.
  • Dumb Muscle: Chisel has terrible intelligence and charisma, limiting his skill gain and level up rate.
  • My Grandma Can Do Better Than You: "... and she's dead!" This is one of his taunts when a Player Character misses in combat.
  • Grumpy Old Man: He complains about pretty much everything not involving fighting or drinking.
  • Retired Monster: Or so he claims. His biography implies he made most of it up to sound tough.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Played for Laughs. He claims to be a hardened criminal who's done more dirty deeds than the devil himself, but nobody in the whole of Arizona has ever heard of him, and most people just treat him like an eccentric old man.
  • Still Wearing the Old Colors: During the game's beta, Chisel was a ranged character who focused on More Dakka weapons. Following the game's release he was re-made into a strength-based melee character, but his portrait remained the same and shows him wielding an AK-47, a weapon he's no longer proficient in.

Voiced by: Ryan Stephenson

The son of a miner from Leve L'Upe Mine, Takayuki was only ever exposed to fiction that his mother deemed "manly" and "heroic," as she hoped for him to become a lawman. He joins the Rangers after they save his mother from the mine's collapsed tunnels.

He can only be recruited if Team Echo completes the Leve L'Upe Mine sidequest and saves the miners.

  • An Axe to Grind: Kinda. His default weapon is a pickaxe.
  • Ascended Fanboy: His mother only ever let him watch action movies and read superhero comics; as such, joining the Rangers is a dream come true for him.
  • The Big Guy: All those points in Strength have to count for something.
  • Demolitions Expert: Starts with a moderate skill level in Demolitions, as befitting of a miner.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: A number of his random comments indicate that he considers guns to be cowardly. Of course Gameplay and Story Segregation means that you can have him use guns if you want to.
  • Dumb Muscle: His strength is almost maxed and his intelligence is almost the minimum.
  • Mama's Boy: Joins the rangers after they save his mother.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: He's obsessed with fighting, and has a very strong sense of honor. This is mostly due to his mother only letting him watch or read "manly" things.

Voiced by: Adam McLaughlin

Real name "Dan", Lexicanum was a lonely nerd who Tinker tempted into volunteering for augmentation with promises of power. She was right, in a way - her augmentations did increase his strength tremendously, but they came at the cost of Tesla coils implanted directly into his brain and mechanical prostheses for hands. He hates what he has become, but he hates robots even more.

He can only be recruited if Tinker is defeated and he is broken out of his cage, and requires a combined charisma score of 12 or higher. He will also leave the party if they kill too many innocents.

  • Ascended Fanboy: He's a Warhammer 40,000 fanboy, having taken his nickname from the series' term for "dictionary," and ended up being involuntarily turned into the wasteland equivalent of a Space Marine. Subverted, though, as he's in no way happy about it.
  • Badass Bookworm: He used to be a Hollywood Nerd. Thanks to his augmentations, he's this.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: He has a special unarmed attack with his robotic arm.
  • Berserk Button: Has a - HABIT, PROCLIVITY, TENDENCY - to go out of control around robots.
  • Cannot Talk to Women: At one point, while describing a pretty girl, he lists "unobtainable" as a synonym for "pretty." Indeed, he gets extremely fidgety around beautiful women.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: He feels that his implants have made him a - DEMON, BEAST, MONSTER - something less than human. This reaches its logical conclusion if he's taken to the final battle, as they allow him to be possessed by the Cochise AI.
  • Cyborg: Made one against his will. He's kind of - UNHAPPY, DISPLEASED, PISSED - about it.
  • Verbal Tic: He - INTERCHANGES, COVERTS, SWITCHES - his words at random, due to an error in his implants.

Corran Cain
Voiced by: Markham Anderson

Brother Cain was a Servant of the Mushroom Cloud. But if you disable - or 'kill' Titan, he dismisses his faith in a false god, and he wants to travel the world in hopes of finding a god with a better retirement plan. He may join Team Echo after they return from Silo 7, in the hopes of discovering what other gods the Wasteland has to offer.

He can only be recruited if Team Echo disarms the Titan, proving to him that it was not a god, and requires a combined charisma score of 18 or higher.

  • Crisis of Faith: The reason he joins the Rangers. With Titan disarmed, his faith in it became pointless.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: As a direct result of the above-mentioned crisis - he wants to find something new to believe in.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: If he's alive and in the party after the final battle, he will volunteer to stay behind in order to detonate the nuclear bomb in the Ranger Citadel.
  • Knife Nut: He favors bladed weapons... and precious little else.
  • Master of None: He's a melee character with mediocre strength and speed, his intelligence is too low and his level too high to be a Skill Monkey and he starts with no ranged weapon skills at all. He has great Awareness, but not enough AP to use it well in combat.
  • Suicide Attack: He was a reserve suicide bomber for the M.A.D. Monks, but by the time he joins you, he's lost faith in the cult and abandoned the role.

Dan Q
Voiced by: Guy Taylor

Dan Q is a self-proclaimed comedian who travels the wastes putting on shows in bars, barns, missile silos - anywhere he can gather an audience and pass the hat. Sadly, his travels have made him a cynical, sarcastic man, and thus tends to be a glass-half-full type. He may tag along with Team Echo after they return from Silo 7, hoping to pass through the Valley with someone who isn't a thermonuclear suicide bomber.

He can only be recruited if Team Echo hands the Titan over to the M.A.D. Monks, solidifying their hold on the Canyon, and requires a combined charisma score of 18 or higher.

Gary "NaCl" Wolf
Voiced by: Adam McLaughlin

Corporal Gary Wolf is a freelance security expert currently working with the Diamondback Militia, skilled at cracking keypad codes and safes and doubling as a range sniper and tactician. He may offer his services to Team Echo after they return from Silo 7, hoping to find new work now that the Militia's operation is completed.

He can only be recruited if Team Echo hands the Titan over to the DMB, allowing them to take over the Canyon, and requires a combined charisma score of 25 or higher.

  • But Now I Must Go: Not within the game itself, but in his ending, where he leaves the Rangers behind the second he gets his pay.
  • Cold Sniper: He focuses on long-range killing with cold, ruthless efficiency.
  • Consummate Professional: He's a seasoned mercenary who's more than willing to get his hands dirty.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: He was named after one of the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter backers, though his appearance is not based on him.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Despite his chemistry-based nickname (NaCl is chemical shorthand for Sodium Chloride), he's not much of a scientist at all, unless you count his hacking abilities.
  • Reused Character Design: His portrait is a slightly modified version of the generic Black Ranger portrait, which is also used by Wade Woodson and Pistol Pete.

Pistol Pete
Voiced by: Anthony De Longis

Fred "Pistol Pete" Pettersen hasn't exactly had an easy life. Between the hardships of the wetlands, the dangers of weapons trading, and the recent occupation of Rodia, he's lost quite a bit, including his vision in one eye. Nonetheless, he's a skilled gunslinger, and is devoted to the wellbeing of his town and his wife, Willa.

He will only be recruitable after Team Echo completes their first distress call in Los Angeles.

  • Determined Homesteader: Part of the reason he's so keen on forcing the Jerks out of his town - they're stealing the land, piece by piece, and they're coming for his farm next.
  • The Gunslinger: As his nickname implies, he's quite skilled with handguns, and comes equipped with a Click 17.
  • Happily Married: To Willa, a possum farmer in Rodia.
  • Reused Character Design: His portrait is that of the generic Black Ranger, which is also used by Wade Woodson and Gary "NaCl" Wolf.
  • Walking the Earth: If you help out Rodia and don't take him back to Arizona, his ending will see him and his wife leave the town behind behind and start up a travelling weapons business together.

Neil Thomas
Voiced by: Markham Anderson

Brother Thomas is an ex-God's Militia gunner who became disillusioned by the corruption in the church. He wanted to do good in the world, and after he left, he hung up his guns, not seeing any group that seemed to have the interests of the common people at heart. Now, however, having heard about the Rangers on the Militia's frequencies, he's decided to find out if they are worthy of his skills.

He will only be recruitable once Team Echo completes the three God's Militia distress calls.

  • Badass Preacher: He still very much believes in the Lord, and will strike down the unrighteous who would use his name to mask their evil.
  • Combat Medic: His skill set contains level 8 Surgeon and Field Medic skills, as well as some high-level combat abilities.
  • Defector from Decadence: He could have remained a powerful figure within the Militia, but he was not willing to forfeit his soul for it.
  • Drop the Hammer: His secondary weapon skill is blunt weapons, as befitting of a former member of God's Militia.
  • More Dakka: His primary weapon skill is submachine guns, and he comes equipped with an MP5.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: He is able to accompany the player to the headquarters of God's Militia with no fuss, despite having betrayed them in the past. Why? Because he shaved his beard. Although depending on how large his beard was beforehand, shaving it can be a surprisingly decent disguise.

Voiced by: Dee Jackson

Real name "Andy", Ertan is a self-proclaimed badass with a heavy machine gun, who heads to Santa Fe Springs to join the Rangers after hearing about them in a Mannerite broadcast. His only desire is to use his combat skills to kill people, and claims he gained strength after sacrificing a goat to Satan, though this claim is dubious at best.

He will only be recruitable once Team Echo completes the two Mannerite distress calls.

  • The Big Guy: With skill points in Heavy Weapons and Hard Ass, he fits the bill perfectly.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: Though he tries to cover his tracks, one of the first things he says to the Rangers is that if they don't accept him he'll probably just go back to his mom's place.
  • For the Evulz: He thinks killing is "rad."
  • Gatling Good: He's particularly skilled with these, as they fall under the category of "Heavy Weapons."
  • Hollywood Satanism: Invoked. He's only knows about Satanism because he read about it in a book once, and only calls himself one to make himself look tougher.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He claims to be a Chaotic Evil Satanist badass. Only the "Evil" and "Badass" parts seem to be true.
  • Token Evil Teammate: He presents himself as this. If anything, he's Stupid Evil.


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