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  • Internet privacy and security; aggregation of personal information, scattered around the Internet into the all-encompassing "digital shadow"; vulnerability of the essential infrastructure to cyberattacks are topics hotly debated in media and beyond. The ctOS doesn't seem all that friendly, now does it?
  • In the E3 trailer, Aiden caused a blackout to get away from some cops that were chasing him. Just think about it: you're at home, minding your own business and attempting to ignore the fighting outside... Then all of a sudden, the guy that was being chased blacks out the building you're in without warning.
    • For that matter, since everything is linked together and you have to have some form of technology on you, just think that someone, somewhere, hiding in the shadows can mess with you at any time and can do so without batting an eyelid...
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  • Ubisoft set up a viral advertising website for Watch_Dogs called WeareData. The amount of already accessible real-world data is terrifying. And all those are just the authorized parts.
  • Just imagine being on the police force in this game:
    • You're chasing after a supposed 'criminal', but things have a mysterious way of supernaturally working against you. Whether it's blockers snapping up just as you're coming at them full-speed, road spikes causing a blowout, steam pipes rupturing, or even a traffic light you saw turn green two seconds ago instantly turning red... it's as if the city itself has turned against you.
    • And the criminal element doesn't have it any better; circuit breakers or gas lines suddenly exploding in their faces, grenades starting to beep out of nowhere, or a sudden burst of static in your helmet destroys your hearing, making you blind to the man coming straight at you...
  • The second game's trailer and gameplay footage make it very clear that once again, ctOS has ensured that nobody's safe. Highlights include Marcus hacking a billboard to display the DedSec logo, hacking somebody's car while it's parked, and texting an entire mass of civilians just to gain a convenient path. Damn, that's cold.
    • The trailer has another scary moment. DedSec mentions that the social media and search services are being tailored by candidates. That's right, imagine that: Everything you try to look up and see is being controlled, and whether or not it's the truth, nobody knows except the people running it.
  • Game Theory took a look at the hacking that one can do while playing this game, and came to a pretty terrifying conclusion that most of them are perfectly able to be done in real life. Try getting into a car now without thinking how someone can take control of it and drive it over a cliff with you inside.


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