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  • Maurice's last audio log has him in despair over his wife being put in the human trafficking auction, prompting Aiden to contemplate that he was Not So Different. This is the same auction you shut down in Act 2.
  • Despite his questionable morality, Aiden still goes great lengths to protect his family. And loves them no matter what.
  • Proof that being a good guy has benefits. When Aiden has the "Vigilante" blue side of his meter filled up, the people of Chicago turn him into a celebrity and home-town hero. In one news report, it is said the citizens are actively refusing to tell the police anything that might lead to Aiden's arrest when questioned simply on his reputation alone. They also whip out their phones to take pictures and video of him whenever they recognize him on the street. If they witness him doing something questionable, like tackling a criminal, they may say something to the effect of, "I don't know what this is about but you help people right? Just get out of here before we have to call the cops, okay?". It makes it seem like the citizens truly appreciate what you do.
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  • T-Bone's concern for Aiden's family and assurance that what Defalt has done is now personal, and that he himself will go get the backup data back while Aiden tries to stall Damien.
  • While many of the Privacy Invasions are either examples of Funny Moments or Nightmare Fuel, a few at least stand out as this. For example, one you overhear is of a little girl and father spending quality time, the little girl getting the father to get a "princess makeover". It is sure to put a smile on your face and warm the cockles.
  • In The Stinger Aiden is set in a room with Maurice, and is given the option to shoot him. Now, you could do this. But look back on the game, especially if you have good karma and/or collected all the audio logs. Aiden started as a career criminal with Even Evil Has Standards. You've shut down the auction. Maurice's wife is free. Listening to his Motive Rant, it becomes clear he doesn't know this, as he begs for you to kill him. It seems like Cruel Mercy, but it's not when you spare him. Maurice says "Nothing ever changes" but when you spare him, it's clear Aiden has.
    Aiden: He's getting his second chance. We both are.
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  • After you finish the last mission in Bad Blood and the credits roll, you're treated to a brief scene of T-Bone and Tobias sitting on a beach and drinking together. It just goes to show that even though they give each other shit all the time, they really are best friends.
  • Some of the conversations you can hack into.
    Female Civ: So did you tell them?
    Male Civ: No I chickened out.
    Female Civ: You should tell them. They probably suspect already. I did.
    Male Civ: Wait. Are you saying I tripped your Gaydar?
    Female Civ: Full. Alert, honey.
    Male Civ: *Chuckle* You know what? I'm gonna tell them.
  • Despite their conflicts due to Clara giving the Club the info that led to Lena's death, Aiden still not only spares her, he goes out of his way to try and save her at the end. It fails, but it's a valiant effort.
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  • Upon confronting the loved ones of the people who died because of the blackout incident T-Bone caused, albeit through screens, with Defalt giving them the chance for revenge by poisoning the room he's in, T-Bone pleads to them not to do so, for their own sakes, and that he does feel sorry for what he did. Out of the eight on the screens, only three backed out, but the thought still counts.
  • One of the moments T-Bone lets down his Jerkass facade is when Aiden brings up his sister and T-Bone shows sincere concern and promises that they'll get her back.


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