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    The Franchise 
  • Fake American: A good majority of the cast are Canadians playing Americans, which is only natural as the games are mostly handled by Ubisoft's Canadian offices. There are, however, a few Americans who actually play their respective nationalities, such as Jerod Haynes and Randall Charles Wilkerson, two real-life Chicago natives, as cousins "Iraq" and "Bedbug", respectively, and the American Ruffin Prentiss as Watch_Dogs 2's leading man, Marcus Holloway. Watch Dogs: Legion also has many British actors voice the populace of Britain, such as Pascal Langdale, who is ironically noteworthy for his role as an American.

    Watch Dogs 
  • The Cameo: Aisha Tyler appears several times in the game as herself. As does Phil Brooks
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
  • Fan Nickname: “Not deadmau5” for Defalt.
  • Prop Recycling: Many of the weapons in this game are lifted straight from Far Cry 3.
  • Screwed by the Network: The Wii U port was delayed due to Ubisoft moving the team developing it to help finish the main versions (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) on time, and when it ended releasing six months later in November, it was a Porting Disaster and didn't include any of the DLCs (they eventually added the bonus addons in the Nintendo E-Shop after some backlash) and was sold at full price. Upon release, Ubisoft would state that this was the last M-Rated they would publish on the console.
  • Technology Marches On: Because the AI's moves are not scripted, it's impossible to get three stars on some of the Survival Chess puzzles on more powerful PCs. The intended solutions intentionally take advantage of mistakes the AI is supposed to make based on its usually limited capacity to think ahead. On CPUs faster than the game was designed for, however, the AI's increased forethought means it doesn't make those mistakes, leading to it going Off the Rails and causing the intended solution to completely fall apart.note 
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early gameplay demos showed that the ctOS mobile app could be used in the main game to assist players with missions. This feature didn't make it to the final release; instead, the app was retooled into a competitive multiplayer mode where the console player races through a series of checkpoints under a time limit while the mobile player uses the app to activate hacks and deploy police in an effort to stop them.
    • The E3 2012 demo has several graphical options that were locked deep in the PC version of the game, which was unlocked by a modder. While they do make the game look better, some people who have activated them have noticed the gameplay slows down a little.
    • This game was originally developed as a sequel to Driver: San Francisco, Ubisoft repurposed it as an original IP due to losing faith in the franchise.
    • As detailed in this mod, vehicular theft, especially when stolen from someone off the street, was meant to negatively affect the Reputation bar. This was probably removed to make managing the Karma Meter less of a headache, especially in a pinch.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.
  • Word of God: David Theriault has indicated the Alternate Character Interpretation of Aiden as a subversion of the typical gamer power fantasy is accurate.

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