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Trivia / Watch_Dogs 2

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  • Development Gag: There's an Uber parody app called "Driver SF." The original Watch_Dogs game was planned to be the next installment of the Driver franchise.
  • Lying Creator: Interestingly, while Ubisoft was honest and careful about promoting the game, Sony used footage from the game to advertise the then upcoming PS4 Pro and the HDR support coming to all PS4 models. However, upon release the game was identical on all PS4 models, never received a Pro patch, and has no HDR support on (at least) Sony consoles.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: Oh this one didn't even need to wait to be called. Between the progression of technology and how dependent the game is on Ripped from the Headlines, Watch_Dogs 2 is incredibly firmly set in the Bay Area of spring/summer 2016 and only the Bay Area of spring/summer 2016.
  • What Could Have Been: When the developers were making Wrench's character, they wanted him to be a sort of action type character. But because he's voiced by an actor who's not built, they made him into the funny troll he is now.
  • Word of God: The red mark over Wrench's eye is a port-wine stain birthmark, not a bruise or burn scar as some people believed.
  • You Look Familiar: Billy MacLellan, voice of Jimmy Siska, also voiced Tobias Frewer, minor character in the first game and supporting character in the Bad Blood.

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