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    Pre-Release Theories 

Aidan will make an appearance in game
Either as a cameo in a side mission or perhaps finding himself in San Francisco after all the shit that happened in Chicago.
  • CONFIRMED. Aiden makes a cameo in a side mission, and from what we learn, he's currently tying up loose ends from the events in Chicago...

The final mission will be like the end of Watch Dogs 1
In that game, Damien Brenks got control of ctOS and used it to wreak havoc to keep Aidan from shutting it down. Who knows who Marcus will have pissed off to have that power coming back to bite him in the ass?
  • Jossed

There will be Shoutouts to The Division
Just like how the previous game had a bit of Assassin's Creed mentions, this one will have some mentions to The Division with it being a game In-Universe.

Maurice Vega will be in the game
If he shows up, then Aidan letting him live is canon and he'll have descended into alcoholism due to a lot of events that happened in the previous game being his fault, as well as being guilty of being responsible for Lena Pearce's death.

Marcus and Co. belong to a DedSec splinter cell
Bad Blood had the Council of Daves sub-plot where a Rogue Dave wanted to militarize DedSec into an actual army, as they felt the rest of the leaders didn't care enough about the actual issues and were holding the group back. The Rogue Dave was never found or stopped, the storyline ending with the other surviving Daves abandoning their HQ to go into hiding. Marcus's cell seems oddly reminiscent of what the Rogue Dave tried to accomplish: Marcus (optionally) uses firearms and lethal force to achieve their goals, with their DedSec cell even having its own 3D printer that can manufacture weapons. Additionally, the San Francisco chapter seems to have a greater emphasis on the ideals of personal freedom that DedSec stands for.

It'll be a mid-game twist that (one of) the leader(s) of this group is the same Dave who betrayed the Chicago chapter. This doesn't necessarily mean the protagonists and their group are in the wrong; rather, this will be a twist to make Marcus and the player to reflect upon themselves and come to their own conclusions, and may also potentially introduce a non-corporation antagonist in the form of the "original" DedSec.

  • Adding to this, there's a brief moment where the "Hack Everything" trailer is "hacked" by DedSec near the beginning, and a prompt reading "Rebooting Version 2.0" is seen underneath the DedSec logo, which also has a small "v2.0" next to it. Judging from this, it definitely looks like this version of DedSec in San Francisco is a splinter movement trying to distance themselves from the original group in Chicago.

Nicole and Jackson will show up.
They decided to head to San Francisco after leaving Chicago.
  • Jossed. They never appear at ll.

If Marcus's reputation goes too low, he will not just be chased by the cops, he will be pursued by Aiden as well.
If Marcus's rep dips enough, Aiden will reveal himself, forcing Marcus to fight him. He may take over the system as well, like Damien did.
  • Jossed, there's no reputation system like in the first game. It's just a quick cameo, nothing more.

Aiden will have joined DedSec during the timeskip.
Well, Marcus is wearing his logo. Additionally, it seems like a logical idea for a second game.
  • Jossed. T-Bone/Ray does, though

Marcus will meet Aiden and he will become a Broken Pedestal.
Whether through the main storyline or through DLC, Marcus will meet and join forces with Aiden, only to realize that his idol is a brutal self-serving Hypocrite and a Sociopathic Hero. A boss fight will occur at the end.
  • Jossed. While Marcus does see Aiden in a side op, Aiden's unaware of who he is.

There's going to be a Shout-Out or two to Mr. Robot
Since it's a hacker-centric show that's come out in the years between 1 and 2, there'll most likely be a group similar to fsociety.
  • Potentially Marcus could wear a hoody similar to Elliot's or an Expy of Mr. Robot's jacket.
  • In a bit of hilarity, Ubisoft has streamed Rami Malek playing the game on their Twitch channel.

Aiden will appear, but he will be a hallucination by Marcus.
In an attempt to justify his anarchist tendencies.
  • Jossed. He does appear, but Marcus has no idea who the guy is.

There will still be Assassin's Creed shoutouts
Like someone thinking they'd know their way around Boston after playing hours of AC3.
  • Confirmed! One quest is based around leaking a trailer for a new Ubi game with an executive wanting it under tight wraps because of the leaks of Unity, Syndicate and Osiris...!

     Post-Release Theories 

That Space game we see in Ubistolen is real.
That looks too well made for just an in-joke over all the leaks of past Ubi games.

A future DLC will have Aiden Pearce as the player character
And it will explain why he is in San Francisco, starting with the moment Marcus helped him escape the Bratva by distracting the guard holding his cellphone and baton so that Aiden can jump the guard and get his gear back. It may have to do with Aiden Pearce initially thinking the San Francisco DedSec are just as bad as the Chicago DedSec, and Marcus Holloway thinking Aiden is a Trigger Happy Sociopath, only for the two to fight together against the villains of the DLC.

The main character for Watch Dogs 3 will be a law enforcement officer
His or her career will be tanked because ctOS 3.0 fed info that they're corrupt and it ruins their career. Whether they strike out on their own or with Dedsec, he'll be the one doing the exposing.

The future Bratva DLC will lampshade the Lighter and Softer and Denser and Wackier nature of the sequel
Aiden could appear in the DLC, and Jordi is confirmed to make an appearance, so if Marcus and Aiden directly work together then Aiden will call Marcus "Too cheerful for his own good" while Marcus will say, "Geez, who's funeral is it?"

Dusan's just a small drop in a big pond to the rest of Blume
Some of the other executives and higher ups have probably used ctOS and Bellwether to commit war crimes which make election rigging and insider trading look tame in comparison.

Jordi wiped himself off of ctOS
Just like how Marcus erased himself from it in the beginning of the game, Jordi had to have done so long before he met Aiden in the first game.

An expy of Ajit Pai will be in Watch Dogs 3
Ajit Pai is notorious for being the head of the FCC who voted to end Net Neutrality in 2017; a character based on him will be a target either in the main story of Watch Dogs 3 or in a side mission.

Tobias was the little guy in the cage fight.
It looks and sounds like him and in an optional conversation at the hackerspace Ray mentions that he forgot him in the desert.

In Watch Dogs 3 all cars will be autonomous.
In 2 we see that all cars can be remote controlled by CTOS, and fully autonomous cars were used a few times in missions (the DLC and a Driver SF racing mission). By the time of Watch Dogs 3 all cars will fully controlled by CTOS and just enter a destination. The protagonist will be able to drive manually either by overriding CTOS control or hacking the car to run by remote using the phone as a remote, much like how the player can travel in a scissor lift or on a forklift in this game. Of the 2 options the latter is more likely to be used as if autonomous cars are the norm someone in a car on their laptop would most likely be less conspicuous than someone manually driving the car.

The Shuffler is an Isu.


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