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  • Aiden in the Announcement Demo. How does he get to his target? He causes a multi-car pileup, and rescues a civilian trapped in the aftermath before tearing through the target's goons and eliminating him.
    • The main game adds to this - Aiden's target was just a name in the demo. Here? He's the ringleader of a human trafficking ring (Many players reported feeling horrified by what they saw there), and you're allowed to kill the SOB in any way you want.
  • The 11 months Later scene in the beginning. Right after the hit it does a Time Skip to under Not-Wrigley Field and Aiden is questioning Maurice, the trigger man, on the hit. After he's down Aiden opens the door and you see about a dozen dead gang members, dead by Aiden's hand.
    • Note that he didn't have a loaded gun at this point — he made Jordi hold his bullets so that he won't kill Maurice.
  • Aiden getting himself arrested. He just walks into the Jail where the witness for the gang massacre is, and pulls out his gun and just hands it over to the cops. The entire thing progressed so quick without any fuss. And then he almost as easily breaks out, either by gunning down almost every dirty cop in the jail or just being really sneaky. It goes to show how efficient Aiden and Jordi are when they work together.
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  • The existence of The Bunker is awesomeness in itself. Clara certainly thinks so. It might remind you of your secret base childhood fantasy a bit.
  • The final exchange between Aiden and Quinn.
    Quinn: Do you think you've won? You see when I die, they'll build a statue. And you? The city didn't stop for your grieving family. Because you don't matter.
    Aiden: Haven't you heard? I'm the Vigilante. I clean up mess like you.
  • How Aiden kills Lucky Quinn at the climax of the game. He thinks he's invincible since none of Aiden's weapons (not even six consecutive auto-shotgun blasts or the anti-matter rifle, tried it) can penetrate his safe room, and he even made most of the safe room hack-proof. So Aiden just hacks HIM to death. To elaborate, Lucky gloats about how he is invincible, considering that he killed people more badass than Aiden, and suddenly you get a prompt to open up the profiler. The profiler and clues in the room indicate that Lucky has a failing heart, which is normal for an old man... and then you get one evil moment to realize that his pacemaker is connected to ctOS. Enjoy.
    Quinn: What are you doing?
    Aiden: Watching an old man die.
    • The beautiful part about this is that there's no explanation. Aiden doesn't shout out the solution; no on screen prompt appears explaining how the pacemaker can kill him. No, it just appears as something you can hack, and the player puts 2 and 2 together for the most satisfying hack in the game.
  • Aiden breaking into Iraq's building in Rossi-Fremont and taking down every single one of his guards and then taking him down is very satisfying.
  • Completing the investigations leads to some CMOA's:
    • Weapons trade: Taking down an entire group of MIB's. Tobias's glee at hearing of this is also amusing.
    • Missing Persons: Taking down a serial killer.
      Aiden: You're just another sick fuck in a city full of 'em.
    • Human Investigations: Shutting down an entire human trafficking ring. The only thing missing would have been seeing the people he's set free, particularly Poppy.
  • Aidan rescuing Nicky from Damien's thugs.
  • In the last mission, Aidan using his phone to distract Jordi and knock him out and then shooting Damien.
  • Aidan and T-Bone's fight against the Pawnee militia, using T-Bone's crazy traps to take them down while "Jesus Built My Hotrod" by "Ministry" is playing in the background.
  • Aidan taking down the Viceroys at "the bricks" with I.E.D.s while "Wu Tang Clan's" "C.R.E.A.M. is playing. Bonus points in that if you know how to make Proximity Charges, you can have twice the boom.
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  • A minor one can be found in one of the privacy invasions: A woman is thoroughly chewing out an obnoxious radio personality for his homophobic comments, saying how she loves her daughter(who is a lesbian) and when he gives the "it's a free country" excuse, she counters by saying that "hate speech" and "ignorance" is not a right and then tells him that a person(the host) who hangs out at a crackhouse has no room to judge others.
  • One can, depending on the area the gang hideout is in, get in a vehicle and run over the gang members, instead of going into shootouts.
  • At the end of Act III, you join forces with T-Bone as fixers close in, planning to kill him. T-Bone built all sorts of Robosaurus-style traps that fire machine guns, breathe fire, or shoot insta-death electricity at the fixers, and you can use every single one of them as many times as you like.
  • Taking down the auction in A Risky Bid. It might not be the way Omar, Frank or Laura would do it, but they'd approve.
  • The trailer for 2? Well, hello, DedSec.
  • As a vigilante simulator, this game is fairly realistic; you don't need to steal cop cars to stop crimes like in GTA, and the game recognizes the nature of each crime; for example, you'll be penalized for using excessive force on a mugger who never hurt anyone. The crimes in progress system is surprisingly deep, and there's nothing better than waiting for a mugger in a powered-off car on an alleyway during a stormy night and then saving someone. No excessive carnage, no over-the-top car chases, no Batman-like strength, just a normal man hunting those who want to hurt the innocent.


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