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See here for Warcraft Expanded Universe.

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    Warcraft II 
  • Let's go oldschool: In the second to last orc mission of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, you are finally given your last missing piece of the techtree, and the Large Ham narrator announces in the mission briefing:
    Fortunately... Orgrim Doomhammer has saved his greatest weapon... ready to unleash it upon the unsuspecting Alliance... at just this moment...
    • After that, the final mission's objectives are simply "DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU BEHOLD IN THE NAME OF THE HORDE!" Then the completely kick-ass Orc Ending Cutscene.
  • The Alliance campaign is not without its awesome moments, the most notable of which has to be the campaign's final cinematic of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, which depicts Khadgar unleashing his full power to destroy the Dark Portal.

    Warcraft III 
  • The cinematic cutscenes that end each campaign in Warcraft III tend to be of the Crowning Moment of Awesome kind.
    • Arthas returning home as a war hero after a successful campaign against The Undead only to walk up to his father the King and stab him through the neck.
    Arthas: You no longer have to sacrifice for your people. You no longer have to bear the weight of your crown. I've taken care of everything.
    Terenas: What is this? What are you doing, my son?
    Arthas: Succeeding you, father...
    • Arthas has another Crowning Moment of Awesome in the ending cinematic of the Undead campaign of Frozen Throne: Arthas shatters the Frozen Throne with Frostmourne and the screen goes black. It the shows the Lich King's Helm of Domination fall and slide to the feet of Arthas, who, picks it up and puts it on, after which his eyes shine with blinding blue light.
    Ner'zhul: Now we are one!
    • Speaking of Arthas, being able to raise an absolutely enormous blue dragon as a Frost Wyrm may also count, especially since his powers are greatly diminished at that point, which makes one wonder what he could do when not losing power. You can then control the Wyrm in question for the rest of the level - it is by far one of the most powerful units in the game, and can annihilate the enemy base pretty much by itself.
    • The first thing Archimonde does after arriving on Azeroth is destroying the wizard city of Dalaran just by drawing in the sand.
    • Grom Hellscream killing Mannoroth after Mannoroth taunted him in Warcraft III, freeing Orcs from their demonic enslavement. Mannaroth being so powerful that his body releases a huge burst of hellfire killing Hellscream is also awesome.
    Hellscream: The blood haze has lifted... The demon's fire has burnt out in my veins... I have freed myself
    Thrall: No old friend... You've freed us all.
    • Finally, the ending cinematic of Reign of Chaos, a Crowning Moment for Malfurion Stormrage, when he calls upon an army of thousands of Wisps to destroy Archimonde, using a World Tree empowered version of Detonate. Of course, Wisps don't work that way in the actual game.note 
  • One for Thrall is at the end of Warcraft III, where he confronts Archimonde, telling him that all that mattered was that the Orcs were free before being teleported away by Jaina, but not before hitting him with a lightning bolt. Considering that this actually hurts Archimonde, a commander of the demonic Burning Legion makes it pretty awesome. Even Archimonde himself is impressed by the puny mortal daring to stand defiant before a border-line Eldritch Abomination.
  • During the interim between the Blood Elf and Undead campaigns of The Frozen Throne, Grand Marshal Garithos and the Alliance Remnants have managed to push back the undead from Dalaran through Silverpine Forest and drove them all the way back into the Plaguelands. Their advance was ultimately halted when they were placed under mind control by the Dreadlord Detheroc, but the fact that they had made it as far as they did in the first place is quite the feat.
  • At the very end of The Frozen Throne we have Arthas, having finally beaten the Elves and now about to enter the Frozen Throne... only for Illidan to show up, which is followed by one of the only actual fight scenes in Warcraft III, and by far the best-animated. Arthas leaves Illidan for dead, finalizing his victory and ascends to the Frozen throne to become one with Ner'zhul. The Lich King is born.
    • Following this, the end credits show Arthas playing some heavy metal to the tune of Power of the Horde, all while a trio of Orc heroes Hold the Line against basically everything.
    • To put the above in context: Illidan is thousands of years old and has had centuries to train and master his blades compared to Arthas, who is less than thirty years old. Despite this, Arthas is not only able to match him in single combat, but defeat him.
  • The spell Inferno combines Death from Above and Summon Magic into a Dynamic Entry. It drops a flaming green meteor that will deal moderate damage and stun anything caught in the blast. Then it's revealed that the meteor is really a rock golem wreathed in green fel fire, ready to pulverize everything in its path. Now tell me how many games summon and deliver their golems by dropping them as meteors.
  • The ending of March of the Scourge is a giant moment of awesome, with Arthas stoically holding on and beseeching the Light for strength as his line crumbles before the undead horde. Just then, Uther arrives with an army of knights, charging the horde in the rear and completely scattering them. Had it not been for the Ner'Zhul being The Chessmaster he is, the undead menace would have been all but eradicated that day.