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  • Christmas Rushed: Warcraft III Reforged was postponed for quite some time until its eventual release in January 2020... and it was met with the mother of all backlashes pretty much instantly from the playerbase due to the uneven quality of the new graphics, plenty of bugs, cutscenes that were promised and not featured in the finished product (some were even shown at the Blizzcon 2018, only to be replaced by underwhelming ones made with the game's engine), the obligation to download the (heavy) Reforged launcher to play the original Warcraft III, and such.
  • Common Knowledge: Terenas Menethil is commonly assumed to have been voiced by Tony Jay, even Behind the voice actors. Except it was actually Ted Whitnety, who died shortly after (Jay died in 2006).
  • Fan Nickname: After the less than positive reaction to Warcraft 3: Reforged, many disappointed fans have derogatorily named it Warcraft 3: Deforged, Warcraft 3: Refunded, or Warcraft 3: Reconnecting.
  • Mid-Development Genre Shift: Early in its development, Warcraft III was originally going to be an RPG with RTS elements. As time went on, it changed into a RTS with some RPG elements.
  • Model Dissonance: In Warcraft III the Acolyte and Sludge Monster units have their skins stored on the same file, so changing one will change the other. As the Acolyte sees a lot more use than the sludge monster, this can cause considerable surprise if the skin is switched using the editor.
  • Schedule Slip: Warcraft 3 Reforged was announced in 2018 for a December 2019 release. Almost all of 2019 went by without any word or update, before the beta went out in November. By the time of the second week of December, no updates had been given before Blizzard quickly came out and delayed it to January of 2020.
  • Screwed by the Network: Warcraft 3 Reforged is possibly a result of this - looking at when it came out, it's possible Reforged was pushed out the door just so that Blizzard would have some release in between to boost their financial earnings, regardless of the actual quality of the game.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Warcraft I
      • The original game was originally intended as a Warhammer Fantasy adaption, but Games Workshop cancelled the contract with Blizzard at a point where the game was far enough in production that Blizzard decided to change the name and release it anyways.
    • Warcraft III:
      • Both the Burning Legion and Goblins were originally intended in Warcraft 3 to be a playable faction. Remnants of this can be found in the map editor.
      • The original version of the Scourge, as envisioned, would use corpses as resources instead of gold. You'd kill creeps instead of mining. Abominations for example could only be formed by merging three Ghouls together, the Meat Wagons couldn't attack at first until an upgrade called Meatapult was researched, and a few other minor elements like this. This was too hard to balance though.
      • At early stages of development, Jaina was intended to be killed by Kel'Thuzad in Arthas's campaign, providing Arthas with additional motivation to pursue Mal'Ganis, and would later be resurrected as banshee. However, this was scrapped because it was too similar to Sarah Kerrigan's storyline from StarCraft I and, after everything Mal'Ganis did, Arthas didn't need any additional motivation. Meanwhile, the role of the first Banshee was given to Sylvanas. Strangely enough, dialogue in game suggests that after seemingly dying, Jaina would reappear perfectly fine afterwards, making it unclear if her dying was the first choice, or a second change in the script. Also, Arthas and Jaina were going to be written more romantically, but this was toned down, and instead material after the games release would flesh out their relationship.
      • The Culling of Strahholme originally made the civilians come out as hostile units, making it easier to kill them. The team decided to make them neutral instead, as it would make the impact of Arthas' actions resonate more with the player since they were the ones killing the people and not because of solely gameplay reasons. Also, they originally had lines of dialogue expressing horror at Arthas' killing, but the team removed them after testing it due to finding it to be too gruesome and dark for how already serious the level was.
      • Originally, it seems the way to purify Grom of the demonic corruption would involved using a Troll Shaman as the person to cast the ritual. This was changed to Jaina however, likely as a way to develop a better bond with her from Thrall's perspective.
      • There was supposed to be one more Night Elf level that had the player stopping Archimonde for real, but it was scrapped due to the developers feeling it was too long and that the level before was already sufficient enough to use as the final level.
      • The "Dungeons of Dalaran" level from Frozen Throne was going to have a unique mechanic where there would be invisible enemies that could only be revealed with an adjusted version of the Dust of Appearance to reveal ghosts, and the player would have needed to use this to find the ghosts of the fallen Dalaran Magi that fell. However this was removed, likely for being hard to work.
    • Dialgue found in game suggests that the third level for the Undead in The Frozen Throne, The Dark Lady, was originally going to allow the player to use Banshees to possess more creeps such as trolls and bandits. Ultimately this idea was not used and instead if you possess the leaders of said groups, the enemy will simply attack them.
      • The Naga were supposed to be a new fifth faction in The Frozen Throne, but ultimately they were instead made a semi-faction in the story mode, and neutral heroes were made available.
    • The cameo for "Disease Cloud" is a pop-eyed ghoul belching out deep green fog, implying they were going to be affected by it at one point as well.
    • Warcraft 3 Reforged was going to overhaul the story and dialogue to make it match the current Blizzard lore for the series. They even hired Christie Golden to handle the games script and were going to replace the voices for lore characters with their current voice actors. However, fan reaction was very hostile to this approach, and so Blizzard decided to keep the game as it was.
  • The Wiki Rule: The official Wowpedia, WoWWiki, and liquipedia WarCraft Wiki.

    Real-Time Strategy Games - Miscellaneous Trivia 

  • With the release of Reign of Chaos in July 2002, Blizzard would go on to release Warcraft-related games exclusively for the next 8 years. Their first non-Warcraft related game after this period was Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty, released July 2010.
  • The America-based Russian studio behind the animated cutscenes of The Legend of Zelda CD-i Games and I. M. Meen, Animation Magic, were some time later contracted to do the animation for the Warcraft spin-off Warcraft Adventures. Said game was later cancelled due to the popularity decline of adventure games at the time but still, they hired the staff responsible for some extremely infamous scenes, even if what few screenshots from the game that have been seen look a lot better than the studio's previous claims to fame.
  • The voice of the Tinker hero of Warcraft 3 was done by a Blizzard employee, Kaeo Milker.
  • The series' name was coined by Samwise Didier, Blizzard's art director, named after a Dungeons & Dragons character of his. As could probably be expected by its closest sounding word, the idea for it was being an opposite to witchcraft.

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