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Awesome Music / WarCraft

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Warcraft and Warcraft II
  • Warcraft I: Orcish Victory Music, especially when the massive Orc Chieftain's portrait is splayed in the background, with the Orcish narrator explaining the utter destruction of the Kingdom of Azeroth.
  • Warcraft II:
    • It's called simply Human 1, but the name is the only non-epic thing about it. "Human 1" got taken Up to Eleven, literally, with a heavy metal remix in Heroes of the Storm.
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    • Orc 1. War drums playing? Rally the grunts, it's time to go to work.
    • Orc 3 uses a minute and a half to build up the single greatest harpsichord face melter in video game history.
    • Also the intro, helped by the vowel-savoring overacting in the narration.
    • Human 6, a victory fanfare reused in WoW for Alliance battleground victories.
    • The human's defeat theme is almost worth losing to listen to.
    • Let's give the greenies some attention. It makes its return in the bonus campaign to the Warcraft 3 expansion, and in WoW when you go back in time to Durnholde Keep via the Caverns of Time, you get to hear it again.
    • The Orc Briefing. It's the first song you hear in the game (it's used for the main menu) and it's probably the one you'll remember the most.

Warcraft III

  • This piece of Night Elf music.
  • The ending music of frozen throne "Power of the horde"
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  • Vengeance of the Blood Elves is the truth! It's greatness from start to finish.
  • From the Orcs, "Doomhammer's Legacy," which expresses the faction's Heel–Face Turn, and "Bloodlust," expressing their darker instincts and inner savagery.
  • The "Comradeship" and "Blood Elf" themes are fantastic, as is Arthas' Theme.
  • The "First" Human song does a good job of tying together the overall medieval-kingdom-feel of the faction. Be sure to hear the track at 3:28, where is the music segues into what sounds like an anthem for the Human Alliance; it really encourages you to get your army moving into battle. From the Frozen Throne expansion, "Human 4" sums up the state of the Alliance perfectly.
  • Tremble before The Scourge! Better yet, try to listen to the first two tracks simultaneously. The combined tracks sound surprisingly good!
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  • Arthas' Betrayal. Sends shivers up the spine.


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