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Proof that badass metal space ninjas have a heart.

Not of what you are...
But of what you want to be.

Even in the darkness that is Warframe's future, these moments show that it's not all bad out there.

Spoilers Off applies to all moments pages, so beware of unmarked spoilers.

  • Rescued hostages will sometimes say 'I knew you would come. Thank you.' in a very sincere voice, which makes a nice change from shrieking clones and burbling corporate cyborgs. Maybe the Tenno aren't as monstrous as they seem.
  • Evacuating a mission invaded by the Grustrag Three results in the Lotus saying 'The mission was aborted, but you are safe, and that means we won today.' Well, unless she's just worried about losing a valuable resource. Hard to tell really, it's that sort of game. If the players manage to defeat them, she scolds them for disobeying her - and putting themselves in danger. At the end of the mission, she says she is just happy they're all safe. The concern in her voice as she tells the players to run away is equal parts Heartwarming and utter Nightmare Fuel because what could possibly scare the Lotus?
  • If you get captured by the G3 but your team stays to help you instead of getting out of there (when the one that captured you gets killed, you are freed from the cage), many thankful messages ensue.
  • Putting yourself in danger to save a downed teammate can easily be this in the right situation, or the flip side of this, seeing someone running to save you. In public matches, with people from all walks of life being able to play, people tend to Kill Steal a lot and run through objectives as quickly as possible. These people have probably no reason to help you as it will just slow them down, but that clearly doesn't matter to them as going in full force is more important to them than just breezing through the mission.
  • Since Update 14 was released, the Tenno have been able to create domesticated Kubrows (dog-like creatures), take care of them as they grow up, and show them affection to keep their spirits up before bringing them on missions, including petting and scratching them. It really shows there's more to the Tenno than just being deadly space ninjas that kill everything in their path without a second thought; they actually have a soft side.
    • Update 19, Specters of the Rail, introduced the ability to obtain Kavats (cat-like creatures). If you ever wanted a combat kitty of your own, you can create one and give it the same kind of love and care the Kubrows can receive.
    • Update 24 gave players MOA companions, variations on the robotic bipeds that usually hound Tenno in Corpus stages. However, these MOA are more like large mechanical ostriches, and come complete with a lot of personality and some quirks (hacker MOA are infamous for hacking Corpus MOA spawners and literally making friends, happily leading entire flocks of hacked former enemy MOA to protect their master). Many players have gotten quite attached as a result.
    • Update 29 introduced Predasites and Vulpaphyla, infested variations on the Kubrow and Kavat, whom you can mutate to match your desired result. While they lack the traditional charm of their non-infested variations, they are considered Ugly Cute by many, and show that even the most warped and viscerally unaesthetic of creatures can still be loved by someone, and show affection in return.
  • While Ordis expresses distaste at the thought of the mess the Kubrows would make throughout the Howl of the Kubrow quest, he starts to warm up to them significantly - not that he would ever say so. In the end, he asks you make sure to take care of them, a pretty big request considering any mess it makes is essentially pissing all over the inside of his body.
  • Update 15 brings us Syndicates, smaller organizations separate from Grineer or Corpus with their own goals and agenda. Some Syndicates' aims may be quite heart-warming, for example:
    • Steel Meridian, led by a Grineer defector, wants to protect small human colonies that are unable to stand for themselves. It's pretty inspiring to see a Grineer, of all people, totally casting off the whole genetic-superiority thing in favor of a firm and unrelenting creed to protect the innocent (especially since, being a clone, the Steel Meridian leader could be suffering from the hereditary psychosis and degeneration). Reaching a high enough rank actually leads to her commenting "I was wrong about you. You're a hero to these people. And to me."
    • The Perrin Sequence, a group of Corpus merchants who, instead of profiting off the conflict, use their trade to restore order and bring prosperity to the system.
    • New Loka, whose goal is to restore planet Earth and the human race from their current degraded state.
  • Minor NPC activities in Relay can make you feel a bit fuzzy when you look at them.
    • In the Steel Meridian syndicate room, there is a former Grineer soldier who is working but occasionally glances at a potted plant. Eventually he goes straight to the greenery and pets a leaf with a small smile. It's heartwarming to know that the Grineer can care deeply for plant life, especially after the Cicero Crisis.
    • In the Perrin Sequence syndicate room, one of their supporters seems to be reprogramming a MOA without a shred of emotion... until he pets it on the "head". Then the robot begins to act as an adorable puppy.
  • The Tennobaum Event. From Dec. 14, 2016, to Jan. 4, 2017, DE counted how many presents Tenno gave each other, and with each milestone the Tenno reached they increased their donation to the Boys and Girls Club of London; while also giving players an in-game bonus. In the first few days alone over 50,000 presents were given to fellow Tenno, and some Tenno gave more than 1,000 presents away by themselves. The forums also made a thread called the "Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange" where players can enter a small wishlist of what they would like to get from their fellow Tenno, and as it turned out, many wishes were fulfilled.
  • The Plains of Eidolon preview at Tennocon showed a group of children in a colony playing with masks and fake weapons, one with a Volt mask and the others with Grineer masks, and one can't help go 'Awww' at the scene. It also shows that the Tenno are revered like superheroes by the colonies they protect, and not at all feared like some would assume.
    • For added heartwarming value, only one of the children is pretending to be a Tenno. The rest are pretending to be Grineer, and having a lot of fun 'dying' theatrically from the Tenno's attack. Not a lot of children are good enough sports to make-believe they're another hero's disposable enemies. Those are some good kids.
  • The sequence where the Operator bonds with Excalibur Umbra in The Sacrifice. Umbra had to live with the torture of the Infestation and the memory of his son's death, leaving him in a feral state of mind. Eventually, he manages to be able to trust the Tenno, even fighting alongside them while not being controlled.
  • While the Plains of Eidolon was about protecting an innocent colony from the ambitious of Hey Vek, this is taken up to an additional notch with the Fortuna colony. While the people of Cetus are effectively under siege, they are still basically free. The Solaris, on the other hand, are debt slaves trapped in a system designed to keep them there thanks to Nef Anyo. The things you do to help the people of Fortuna is significantly more personal, especially paying credits and resources to buy innocent people out of debt and saving them from a fate worse than death. Needless to say, the Solaris are very grateful to have the Tenno help out. Also, as an added bonus, the conservation activities involve saving endangered species, and while there are benefits to doing so, a lot of people will just do it to save the adorable fuzzy animals.
  • In Fortuna, an NPC named Ticker will sell you the debts of other Solaris. If you decide to purchase them, Ticker makes it clear that you are freeing that person from the debts keeping them enslaved there. Each one also gives a brief about who they were, their debt and their imminent punishment. This makes it heartwarming on several levels:
    • Just reading the descriptions will let you know about their backstories, and several of them have dependents. It's not until you've read into the lore of Fortuna that you realize that by buying this person's debt, you free their dependents (likely brainshelved) as well.
    • Ticker mentions that Nef's temple teaches that charity is a mortal sin, and that should Ticker be caught, that will be the end. Ticker is also implied to be doing this of their own initiative, without the help of the Vox Solaris. All out of the goodness of their heart.
    • Until you become Old Mate with the Solaris, Ticker will seem indifferent when you buy Debt, but become genuinely touched when you trade said Debt in for Solaris Standing. This is because buying the Debt does little for the Solaris (unless you are an Old Mate); their life-debt simply transferred from the amoral Nef to a stranger from off-world. For all they know, you are just as bad as Nef. But if you turn that debt in to Ticker for Standing, that debt is annulled; that Solaris is truly free. Ticker drops this as you move up the ranks because you are slowly proving that you are indeed a friend. If you are an Old Mate (the highest rank)? You are kin. You holding the debt is no different from it being annulled.
  • As you rank up with the Entrati family on Deimos, the family members slowly begin to open up to each other more and more after possibly millennia of hating each others' guts. With each rank up more and more of the family members make nice with each other and give each other new names instead of simply calling themselves by their position in the family. This comes along with several Pet the Dog reveals such as Son never killed Daughter's pets - he freed them and lied about the pile of ashes - and Son's pets were intentionally bred for Father to kill them because he wanted a nemesis to test his breeding skills against. At the end of their rep gains, once all of them have made up, they give the Tenno a family name as well - Ayatan - like the Ayatan treasures you collect that serve as vessels for Orokin memories. To them, your help repairing their relationships has made you just as much of a member of the family. Especially poignant if you've already completed The Sacrifice, as a family is something the Operator is likely desperately seeking with Lotus' betrayal.
    • Their dialog when greeting the player will also change as the player ranks up, becoming much warmer and more grateful for the Operator's efforts.
      Daughter: "I do know, you know. What we look like. I always did. But you didn't hesitate, did you? To help us."
  • Achieving Mastery Rank 30 (aka True Master rank), aside from being a monumental achievement for any Warframe player, results in both the Lotus and Teshin each sending you a special message congratulating you on your achievement, with the Lotus saying that she is So Proud of You and Teshin proudly telling the player that he now considers them an equal.

     Main Questline Arc I - Tenno Awakening 

  • The prologue missions make the Lotus' motherly concern for the Tenno even more clear - Vor even outright says he's trying to 'steal [the Tenno] from their mother's [Lotus] embrace'. Indeed, she cares deeply for them, which is further supported by the Natah quest in an almost tear-jerking fashion: The Lotus is a Sentient agent sent through the barrier to carry out a mission, the last stage of which was to destroy the Tenno. Rendered sterile by the transition but wanting children of her own, she instead defied her orders and sent the Tenno into "the second dream", adopting them as her own. Far beyond merely being a Mother to Her Tenno, she literally sees the Tenno as her children. You may doubt her intention, but do not question that the Lotus loves you.
    • In the updated prologue, the Lotus pulling out all of the stops to make sure you get off Earth alive. "I can't lose another one" indeed.
  • Let's lend a moment of consideration for Vor's motivations in the first two questlines here; he's Grineer born and bred, is implied to be at least ten decades old, and in that time he has risen through the ranks against enormous odds to become a high-ranking unit whose ambition - unlike the likes of the chaotic, bloodlust-fuelled Hek or the ultra-militant Sargus Ruk - is to win the recognition and approval of the Grineer Matriarchy, as well as to sire a succession of units (whom he pointingly addresses as 'sons and grandsons') without the usual weaknesses related with clone degeneration that he and other Grineer personnel suffer from. This ultimately means that he is motivated by a familial love for his kinsmen.. but because he's still an evil bastard at his core, he seeks to find the solution by kidnapping the Tenno (although it's never specified if he wishes to forcibly adopt them, or if he wants to find a solution to Grineer clone degeneration by experimenting on those he kidnaps. Or both.)
    • He could actually be interpreted as the Lotus' Shadow Archetype: both involve themselves in the Tenno's affairs from the beginning, and Vor's motivation to kidnap the Tenno for... adoption, perhaps?... goes on to foreshadow the revelation of how the Lotus herself acting on behalf of the Sentients was originally supposed to assassinate the protagonist before her desire to be a mother compelled a change of heart.
  • Ordis declaring that he is first and foremost the Operator's Cephalon during The New Strange quest, and by doing so, choosing to give up the opportunity of being a Warden for Cephalon Simaris' Data Sanctuary. Why? Because Simaris had endangered the Operator without a single ounce of concern, whereas Ordis wanted to keep his Operator safe.
    Ordis: "I am Ordis, Ship Cephalon. I serve the Operator. I make new memories."

     Main Questline Arc II - Zariman Ten-Zero 

  • The last moments of The Second Dream quest in Update 18 feature The Lotus herself arriving to save your Tenno - who, by the looks of it, is no older than 15 even if they have lived in stasis for centuries - from the Stalker, comforting them and asking them to stay strong. Even with a network of soldiers spanning the system, and knowing she could be followed by assassins, she still came in person to rescue you.
    Lotus: My child. So beautiful to behold.
    • It's hard to overstate exactly how big a moment this was for long-time playersnote . Some players, on seeing the Lotus coming to save them in person, were reduced to tears.
      coatduck: <gasp> ...Mama...?
    • There's also the fact that prior to the questline's conclusion, it's revealed that the Lotus had concealed the entire moon in the void in an effort to protect the Tenno, whom she had adopted as her surrogate offspring.
  • The battle right before The Second Dream's finale is rather ambiguous, but it's heartwarming either way: after Stalker severs the link between Operator and Warframe, shoves the War sword in the 'frame's chest for good measure, and starts choking the life out of the child, your 'frame sits back up and tears War in half with the last of its strength, defeating Hunhow and forcing Stalker to flee. Some think that the Lotus herself controlled your 'frame, others think the 'frame itself is self-aware, but either way it's touching to think they gave their all to save you.
  • Margulis, an Orokin researcher, went against the law to try curing the Zariman Ten-Zero children of their Void rampancy, even if it ends up getting her executed. Made even more heartwarming by the Lotus saying things only Teshin or Margulis would know during the War Within due to all records of the Zariman children being erased, which confirms that Margulis underwent Transference, and some of her essence remains in the Lotus. She is literally watching over you from a better place. It makes certain interactions heartwarming in hindsight, like the Halloween event culminating in essentially an adopted mother comforting her child after a nightmare.
  • When Teshin is not under control of the Twin Queens, it's clear that he will do anything in his power to help the Tenno. Especially in The War Within quest, in particular, when the Operator returns to the Queens' throne room, Teshin is surprised. He did not count on you coming back, and he did not have any other plan - meaning, when he helped you escape, he was ready to face the wrath of the Queens, with no way to resist, evade or deny them, effectively sacrificing himself just so you could get out. And he did it without hesitating.
    Teshin: Tenno, no! After everything you've endured to escape, why did you come back?
    The Operator: I came back for you.
  • Small one, but still there. During The War Within, one of the events you remember from the Zariman Ten-Zero was how all of the adults had become mindless beasts, roaming the ship. However, the Elder Queen says that while this was happening, all of the unaffected children had come together, singing and laughing and playing.
    The Operator: This is my family now.
  • Getting rid of the Kuva blood at the end of The War Within, either by disposing of it, giving it to Teshin, or drinking it. With it gone, Teshin is now free.
  • The letter you receive from Teshin after The War Within is finished can also be rather touching, as it gives a little insight into what's on his mind, the burden he has to carry, and his appreciation for you after you made this burden a little bit easier.
    Teshin: A child no longer. On an icy mountaintop a child, cold and scared met an old man, the prisoner of a poison oath. For the child, a frozen death would have been a peaceful end. Instead, they fought on and found a fire within themselves, a way light the path ahead. The old man was a traitor. He deserved death, but the child was wise and merciful, and freed him from his burden. With that, the child left the cradle behind and became more than a Tenno, they became themselves. Tenno, if you can find a way to forgive this old man's deception, to trust him again, then he will forever be in your service.
  • In The War Within, the dream-Ordis still tries to help the Operator escape even through the programming forcing "him" to attack. This is a Battle in the Center of the Mind designed to hurt the Operator as much as possible, to make them feel utterly lost and alone and despairing so that they can't fight off the Witch. And even then, despite the fact the Witch is running the show, the Operator can't conceive of an Ordis who would truly want to hurt them. That's how deep the bond goes.
    • Also from The Sacrifice, there's a brief one from, of all people, The Man in the Wall, where it will show up and ask the Operator if they're okay after what they experienced, saying that it's good that they felt that deep a connection to Umbra.
    • This line from Ballas best describes the relationship between the Tenno and the Warframes:
      Ballas: We had created monsters we couldn't control. we drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them...we brutalized their minds...but it did not work. Until they came. And it was not their force of will - not their void devilry - not their alien was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing, and take away its pain.
    • This makes the warframe's actions at the climax of the "Second Dream" even more touching and awesome. The warframe sees their Operator, the one person who was able to relate to them and soothe their rage, about to be killed by the Stalker. This gives them the strength to move on their own and shatter the sword in their chest, stopping Stalker and Hunhow. Really shows what compassion and The Power of Love are capable of.

     Main Questline Arc III - the New War (& Beyond) 

  • In the Empyrean missions conducted after the Railjack has been constructed during 'Rising Tide', ship Cephalon Cy will always withdraw you from any mission that is doomed to fail in high orbit or deep space just seconds before catastrophic disaster unfolds, in observance of the pledge he's made to prioritise the preservation of his crew over a mission's success. The questline necessary for constructing the Railjack allows him to go into detail over why he does this, and it's altogether a story that belongs in the Tearjerker section.
    Cy: Our losses can be replaced. You cannot. I am pulling you out.
  • While The New War is one of the darkest quests in the game, there are many moments where the light shines through.
    • Teshin manages to fight off the effects of the Narmer Veil. Despite everything he has suffered, he won't betray the Tenno. Unfortunately, this is the last thing he ever does.
    • The Drifter (a grown up Operator) has been caring for the Lotus after she was thrown into the Void. Some things may change, but some stay the same.
    • Nora Night is still alive and kicking even after the Sentients win the New War, and she's still keeping the light of freedom alive.
    • What ultimately provoked the Operator to gain their Void powers? The Man in the Wall offering them the power to save all of their fellow children aboard the Zahriman.
    • When the choice comes up on whether to play as the Operator or the Drifter for the final portion of The New War, whichever you choose, the dialogue is uplifting. Choose the Drifter, and the Operator will acknowledge that the Drifter has been caring for Lotus since Erra and Ballas won, so they know what is best for her. Choose the Operator, and the Drifter will remark on how the Lotus saved [The Operator] once, and it's their turn to repay the favor.
    • Upon freeing Hok from the Narmer veils in Cetus, the man will immediately start calling out for Pedlek, seemingly out of concern. Pedlek is a useless layabout who annoys Hok to no end, but even Hok won't abandon him to Narmer.
    • Once she kills Ballas and gets her full strength back, the Lotus doesn't even hesitate to protect the Operator/Drifter from the newly arrived Man in the Wall.
    • In a nice case of Book Ends, the final portion of The New War sees the Drifter carry the Lotus back to her sanctuary and place her in her seat, just as she did with the Operator at the end of the Second Dream. The Operator and Drifter then switch out with one another to converse with her, just as the Lotus did with the Operator in the Second Dream.
    • The fact that, whichever form the Lotus ends up as when the quest ends, it's her choice. Natah has been forced to go with different identities all her life. Now, though, she's free to choose who she wants to be.
      • All three of the possible identities she assumes are heartwarming in different ways; if she goes with Natah, she accepts the sentient identity she had previously rejected, making it her own. as Margulis, she takes up the mantle of a healer, stating that the origin system needs compassion after the war. And as Lotus, she reconciles both identities.
    • The implication that, at the end of the quest, Hunhow and those sentients loyal to him make peace with the Tenno. While there are still many who will want to kill them, including those of Narmer, it's nice to finally see the Tenno and the Tau finally put aside their conflict to look toward the future.
  • Kahl's Garrison is full of unexpected heartwarming; from his return in Veilbreaker Kahl makes it quite clear that he is not leaving 'anyone' behind for Narmer, and his camp includes members of all the human factions, arguably including Daughter Entrati and the Tenno, coexisting peacefully. After being at war for so long, those that want it are finding common ground.
    • Daughter Entrati's interactions with Kahl are often hilarious, but from the start it's obvious a mutual respect is growing, even behind all the snark. Kahl clearly sees Daughter as a trusted friend, and she is frequently surprised by his insight and quickly realizes he is more than an expendable clone.
    • A small thing, but sometimes, when you talk with Kahl at his camp, he'll ask if you and he can go fishing.
    • Once you fully rank up Kahl's "faction", he makes a speech about how he's come to realize that everything Vay Hek and the Queens have said about their enemies is a lie, and that the two are merely cowards hiding in fear of Narmer, whereas the Tenno were willing to lend a hand to him and fight alongside him as brothers and sisters in arms.
      Kahl: Vay Hek say Ostron Kahl enemy. But Ostron not enemy. Queens say Tenno is monster. But Tenno not monster. They lie. Narmer is enemy. Pazuul is monster. And Vay Hek. Vay Hek scared of Pazuul. Queens hide in fortress. Cowards. And Tenno? Tenno not coward. Tenno not hide. Tenno fight Archons. Tenno give home. To brothers. Tenno is friend. Tenno... is brother.
    • As of the maximum syndicate level, Kahl's Garrison is the one place that a representative of every major faction in the Origin System can be together in peace. Grineer, Corpus, Ostron, Solaris, Tenno, and (Infested) Orokin, all managing to coexist without strangling one another. Even if the last one is by long-distance communications only, Kahl actively tries to include Daughter as a part of the team.
  • Lore Fragments found in "The Whispers in the Walls" reveal that the Storybook World of Duviri was originally created not by Euleria/Gomaitru Entrati, but by her father Albrecht, who told her stories about the characters that are encountered in it during childhood. Mother Entrati took those characters and used them to create a fiction that could be used to heal and guide.

     Sidequests and Related Miscellany 

  • The history of Inaros. The Orokin kidnapped children from primitive Martian colonists. Inaros was pissed at this, and slaughtered the Orokin (possibly at the same time the rest of the Tenno were doing much the same). He appointed himself as king of the Sand People, not as a tyrant but as their benevolent Protector, and they were all too happy to worship him in return. According to the legend, he defended them for years. One day the Infested came, but Inaros didn't defend them this time - presumably he was caught up in the whole cryosleep thing. That is, until the last possible moment, when Inaros, against all odds and the Lotus' wishes, arrived and tore into the horde, saving the last few families and banishing the last traces of the Infested from the planet for centuries. Inaros's shattered Warframe was found in the desert later, and the surviving Sand People gave him the most proper of burials they could in gratitude. As the player is learning this, they're also learning that the narrator is Baro Ki'Teer's mother. The Grineer killed his parents, and he's repressed the memories to the point that he loathes Mars and the dead Sand People. That is, until he hears the voice of his mother. At first he begs for the voice to stop, but two missions later he's begging the voice to keep talking. Baro is torn up about Inaros not coming to his rescue no matter how much he prayed. At the end of the quest, he tells the player that he understands why Inaros didn't come to save his mother, but that he's confident that now, Inaros will come to save many others.
  • The entire Silver Grove quest is just one moment of heartwarming after another. It starts with Amaryn, leader of the New Loka, begging you to save a shrine in a forest on Earth by brewing an apothic that will awaken its defences. Upon reaching the Shrine, the Tenno discover a consciousness within the trees, the blueprint for another apothic and the logs of an Orokin Archimedian. Further investigation and another trip to the shrine with the new Apothic reveals that the consciousness within the trees is the Orokin Archimedian, Silvana - a botanist who was conscripted into building warframes, but came to despise her creations. Fleeing back to Earth, she used her accumulated knowledge to begin the regrowth of Earth's forests, and transfer her consciousness inside them. This revelation horrifies Amaryn, who orders the Tenno to let the grove burn. The Tenno attempt to save the grove anyway, at which point Silvana gives Amaryn a massive telling-off for her bigotry, reminding her that they both desired the restoration of Earth. With the Tenno out of time, Silvana prepares for death, but Amaryn has a massive change of heart, rushing to Earth with as many of her devotees as she can gather. Silvana speaks of a similar time when the Orokin attempted to destroy her, but she was saved by the sudden return of Titania, her most despised creation, who died defending her. Amaryn swears that by the strength of the Tenno, Titania will fly again, and promises to turn New Loka away from its path of bigotry.
  • Oct. 17, 2016, marked the first Nuptia, a Warframe wedding,, ministered by Lotus' voice actress, Rebecca Ford, complete with an in-game Lotus! It's a combination of cute, sweet, and even funny moments (involving a connection err- I mean, Tyl Regor and his goons crashing the party), but it further cements that real love can form anywhere. Even between mass-slaying space ninjas.
  • During The Glast Gambit quest, we get to see that the Perrin Sequence's leader, Ergo Glast, is one of the most sincerely compassionate characters in the game, especially for a (formerly) Corpus-affiliated member. His concern over the lives of kidnapped colonists is clearly genuine, and the distances he is willing to go to save their lives, up to and including betting and losing his whole fortune over the life of one child show that his words about putting the lives of people over profit is not an empty sound; his disdain and barely concealed anger against Nef Anyo, who caused the whole affair in the name of Profit, only drives the point further even more. And even if you disagree with him the final point of the quest, you can't deny that the respect with which he treats the people of Mycona and their ways is nothing but admirable.
    • As an added bonus, when you find the Mycona people, you can hear them being in awe that the Tenno themselves came to help them fight back the Infested. If there was any doubt than the Lotus' children are the good guys of the Origin System, it's gone now.
  • Octavia's Anthem. Cephalon Suda is having memory problems due to slowly being eaten alive by Hunhow, so Ordis and the Tenno - against the advice of Cephalon Simaris, who seemingly has absolutely no sympathy for her - set off to help her by reassembling a piece of music, Octavia's Anthem, that seems to make her remember. As they reassemble it, Hunhow seemingly completes his goal of devouring Suda, and Ordis dives into the Cephalon weave to save her. He says a heartbreaking farewell to you and then resigns himself to his fate. Having exactly none of that, the Tenno has Simaris zap them into the Weave to save Suda and Ordis, which Simaris complains is a fruitless task, but agrees to anyway - making it clear that he won't lift a finger to help you. Inside the Weave, Hunhow is busy destroying Suda and is about to destroy Ordis as well, but the Tenno begins to assemble Octavia's Anthem on a gigantic virtual instrument. Ordis breaks free of the Weave and finally gets to live his dream of fighting alongside his Tenno, but even his help isn't enough. Just when all seems lost, Simaris shows up with a legion of Sanctuary creatures to assist you, and then very unconvincingly states he doesn't care a jot for Suda, and just "suffered a momentary compassion glitch."
    • Those two lines in particular.
      Ordis: My dream - it's come true! I have joined my Operator in battle!
      Simaris: Beasts of Sanctuary, join me! We cannot let this synthetic destroy one of our kind! ATTACK.
  • The Waverider quest brings plenty of heartwarming moments, with Boon taking care of Roky while she is injured and being prepared to do anything to help her. And then the ending takes it a step further, with Grandmother Entrati buying Neff's share of the vents, saving the Ventkidz from eviction, healing Roky, and revealing she considered Yareli an old friend and was trying to bring her back.
    • It should be noted that in the Cambion Drift, it's Grandmother Entrati who gives you K-Drive races to complete. The Waverider quest implicitly give this another layer: in hosting such races, she's honoring the original Yareli.
    • It gets even better: once they rebuild Yareli, the Tenno can bring her to the vents, and let the Ventkidz meet their hero, to their joy and squeeing.
  • Ordis got some new voice lines in Update 34.0. While most of them are jokes or just banter, there's one that shows how much he cares:
    Ordis: "Remember to take care of yourself, Operator. Pressure creates diamonds, yes, but it also creates rubble."

  • Update 17, which contained a major overhaul of the movement system, came with this message from Digital Extremes.
  • Update 28.0 gave the players many new changes; The Corpus Ship tile and Jackal's rework and the Deadlock Protocol quest, but people were very focused on the small MOA that we see in the Jackal's cutscene which unfortunately gets flattened by the Jackal. When PlayWarframe twitter page showed a preview of the remastered Jackal, one user called Corpusbonds asked if they could adopt the MOA and name it Popcorn only to get a reply that it may be too late for little Popcorn, before PlayWarframe sent a tweet with the tag #SavePopcorn which quickly became popular in the community. Shortly after the remastered Jackal and Popcorn's release in Update 28.0, Digital Extremes released Hotfix 28.0.1 on the same day which had Popcorn, albeit battered, residing near Clem's blunt fort in Iron Wake.