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Heartwarming / Jurassic Park: The Game

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: Nima's hallucinating while in the car next to Jess comes off as bizarre the first time around, and Jess has to use Spanish to ask Nima to rest. This takes on an extra poignancy the second time around, when it's revealed that Nima has a daughter, and mistook Jess as her own during the hallucination.
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  • Gerry giving his daughter confidence when she starts having doubts about her plan to escape the Rotunda.
  • In Episode 3, after seeing that Oscar, Billy, and Nima survived the helicopter crash, Jess runs up to and hugs them one by one.
  • When Nima has her first run-in with the mercs, she clearly hates their guts, especially Oscar's. By the time of the latter's Heroic Sacrifice, she's clearly developed a strong respect for him and his character.
  • The "cornered" death scene in Episode 4, where Gerry and Jess accept that it's the end and silently hug as they are surrounded by Troodon, is as touching as it is sad.
  • If Nima dies at the end, Gerry and Jess mourn while the island shrinks behind them, but then Gerry resolves to keep his promise to his former companion.
  • After Nima shares her back story, she tells Gerry that she's come to forgiven her father for his being tricked. And although Nima and her people were dealt a bad hand, she wisely admits that the experience has made her older and wiser, enough that her cynicism is more like a strength.
  • Nima's Character Development. At first, she cared about nothing but delivering the dinosaur embryos to her contact so she could get enough money to care for her young daughter. She even takes Gerry and Jess hostage so she can get to her contact on time. By the end of the game, however, Nima has grown very fond of them (especially Jess); when Billy decides to leave Gerry and Jess for dead and escape with Nima, she refuses, choosing to stay with them. The player can also choose to have Nima save Jess instead of the embryo canister, an action that destroys the canister but lets Nima survive.
    • It seems even the video-game rewards you for saving Jess instead: on the boat they find the substantial amount of money Nima and Miles were promised, but with Miles dead, it's all Nima's.

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