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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The argument between Gerry and Jess as seen here starting at 8:43:
    Gerry: So you are smoking now? What else are you doing that I don't know about?
    Jess: What? Mom didn't tell you I was stripping?
  • Most of Billy and Oscar's references to past Noodle Incidents qualify:
    Billy: (discussing Nima's plans for the embryos) She may be a pain in the ass, but she knows what she's doing.
    Oscar: That's what you said about that waitress in Colombia's cooking!
    Billy: Hey, that wasn't her fault! It was salmonella!
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  • Billy's Deadpan Snarker attitude tends to provide many of these, too:
    Oscar: You're supposed to be at the crash site.
    Billy Yeah, um... the plan didn't factor in an angry T. rex, so we had to change it. I didn't think about engaging it in a knife fight, sorry.
  • Billy's reply to Oscar's unintentional Cat Scare in Episode 3. "Dammit, Oscar! I only have one pair of pants!"
  • Even a few of the death scenes are quite funny, if you have a dark sense of humor. Some standout examples:
    • This one where Gerry is caught right in the middle of a fight between a Triceratops and T. rex.
    • This one from near the end of Episode 1. DOUBLE KILL!!
    • This one when Oscar fails to hide from a raptor in time. Damn...
    • This one. Don't drop your knife, Oscar.
    • This one. Especially how the raptor just looks down at what she just threw and seems to think "lol um... that was awkward..."
    • This one when Jess fails to escape some raptors.
    • This one, showing Billy's Too Dumb to Live death at the hands of the T. rex. The way his face changes from smug victory to horrified realization in seconds shows he realizes how hosed he is.
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    • This one. You can't be "hanging around", Gerry.
    • This one. REAR.
    • This one where Gerry gets totally pwned by a flung shipping container.
  • The segment in episode 1 where you have to construct Spanish sentences to try and tell Nima to rest. It's like a Peggy Hill simulator!
  • Particularly on console versions, the model and graphic errors can result in unintentional hilarity like Billy and Oscar holding and firing invisible guns and Oscar knife fighting a Velociraptor with a combat knife held firmly through his wrist.
  • This gem towards the end, where everybody is holding still to hide from the T-Rex. With the shaving cream can poised at his feet, Gerry has every right to retaliate Billy for trying to kill them thus far. Billy makes a frown that just screams "You wouldn't..." But Gerry does and kicks the can towards the sea!

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