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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Episode 1: Nima being competent enough to track down the missing can, fend off the Dilophosaurus pack, and then keep away from the Troodon long enough to reach the road.
  • The entire battle between Rexy and Lady Margaret in the first episode.
  • The first episode's climax has one for Gerry and Jess, in which they manage to cure Nima while facing off with a T. rex. Gerry then gets hit by her head smashing through the door and lives, shoots her repeatedly with tranquilizer darts, and then gets Sorkin to start the tour car and lure the dinosaur away.
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  • The entire sequence in Episode 2 where the Hardings and Nima battle a pack of Herrerasaurs while riding a roller coaster.
  • Episode 2 has Nima aim a gun at Oscar after the mercenaries rescue them. Oscar does an Unflinching Walk and plucks the gun from her hand, with her being too terrified to even attempt to fire it.
  • In Episode 3, Oscar engages a Velociraptor in a knife fight... and wins. Bad frigging ass. He also managed to sneak up on it beforehand for extra badass cred. If the player nails the QTE sequences during their fight, Oscar will also punch it in the face before killing it.
    • Don't forget Gerry fending off three raptors with a pipe so Jess and Dr. Sorkin can escape. Jess turns back around and tries to kill one with a forklift.
    • "Your last friend wasn't so lucky!" Cue the deadly Velociraptors turning tail to flee.
  • Jess gets one in Episode 4, when she manages to steal the can of embryos from Billy, without him even suspecting anything until it was too late.
  • In Episode 4, if the player nails all the action commands without messing up, Nima easily cleans Billy's clock throughout most of their fight on the docks.
    • Even if you don't, her ending the fight by slamming Billy's head into the electric fence is pretty hardcore.
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    • Gerry fending off the Tyrannosaurus through the shipping containers. Boy, did he have to be light on his feet for that.
      • Earlier, he tricks Billy into being eaten by the Tyrannosaurus by manipulating the former's Greed when he kicks the can of embryos towards the sea.
      • In the same vein, the way Gerry executes it. He has the shaving cream at his foot and is poised to kick it away. Billy gives him a scowl like he's wordlessly thinking "you wouldn't dare". Gerry responds with a scowl of his own, as though delivering some wordless Bond One-Liner: "You tried to kill me and my daughter and our friend. What do you think I won't dare?"
      • Not to mention, how crazy and awesome was it of Gerry to run up to a tyrannosaurus goddamned rex and hit it in the leg with a stick to save his daughter's life?

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