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The Game is told through the eyes of the survivors
  • This would explain the inconsistencies between the films and the game. Harding looks younger because that's how he imagines himself, Rexy doesn't have her wounds from the raptor fight because the characters don't know it happened, the damage to the Visitors' Center is more extreme than what the films portray because the characters of The Game misremember/exaggerate it.

Atlanta Cruz saved Isla Nublar
  • Yoder says that Isla Nublar is going to be bombed into oblivion in ninety minutes. Jurassic World shows that the island was fine—Rexy is still alive and the old Visitors' Center appears untouched and no more damaged than it appeared at the end of Jurassic Park. The end of The Game shows the characters leaving the island by boat, but there is no way they could reach the mainland in time to call the bombing off. Instead, they were able to get in contact with Nima's daughter Atlanta on the way back and sadly told her that her homeland was going to be destroyed. After learning this, Atlanta rallied the other members of her tribe living in the Costa Rican slums and threatened to riot unless the Costa Rican government demanded that America abort the bombing mission. Her plan worked, and Isla Nublar was spared.
    • This is especially satisfying as Nima was concerned that her daughter, who would be a young adult soon, would disappear into the cartels or sex trafficking as she got older. If this WMG is correct, Atlanta is now the girl who saved Isla Nublar, and is considered a hero by her people and is probably protected by them.

The Mosasaur that Sorkin releases...
  • the same one that finishes off the Indominus Rex.
The mosasaur in The Game is labeled as a Tylosaurus, but it's possible that Sorkin and friends mis-identified a subadult Mosasaurus as a Tylosaurus. This kind of thing happens all the time even among paleontologists, so it's not hard to imagine Hammond's fly-by-night scientists making the same mistake. Alternatively, Masrani renamed it for branding reasons at a later date. Any physical differences are due to the age gap.

The Troodons laying parasitic eggs in living victims is an unintended side-effect of the genetic shortcuts taken to speed the process of reviving the dinosaurs.
  • Hey, they had to screw up somewhere taking all those shortcuts.

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