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Heartwarming / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

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  • This may as well be Heartwarming Parent & Child Moments: The Video Game. If both a character and their son or daughter are playable, you're guaranteed to get some moment or two of affectionate dialogue between them.
  • In the story mode, after Jotaro has defeated DIO in his Heaven Ascension form there's a cutscene mimicking the opening chapter of Diamond is Unbreakable, except that it features Jotaro comforting a much younger Jolyne, implying that Jotaro is making a better effort to be a good father in this new timeline.
    Jotaro: "Stay close to me. You know, I wanted you to stay at home with your mom to watch over the place. I only brought you along so you'd stop bawling and throwing tantrums. Just keep quiet until my business is done. Got it?" Explanation 
    • Jotaro and Jolyne also have a Dual Heat Attack, where both of them send Star Platinum and Stone Free to simultaneously attack with Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs. Both of them even say their somewhat shared Catchphrase: "Yare Yare Daze/Dawa".
    • Despite her rocky relationship with her father, what's the first thing she says when bumping into his teenage self? "Thank God! You're alright!"
    • In the Stone Ocean chapter, Part 3 Jotaro is still mentally reconciling the concept of being a father in the future, when D'Arby The Elder shows up, and tricks Jolyne out of her soul. Jotaro is furious, and even bargains his own soul to save a girl he's only just met, immediately checking to see if she's alright once he wins the poker game. Considering the same man also threatened his best friend, mother, and grandfather, It's Personal.
    • Jolyne staying behind with her father to battle Heaven DIO, instead of leaving with the other Joestars. As much as he doesn't want to show it, Jolyne trying to save her dad and getting subsequently absorbed by DIO obviously pains Jotaro.
    Jotaro: "JOLYNE!"
    • Team up Ermes and Part 3 Jotaro at the end, and Ermes says this:
    Ermes: "Hey, when you have your kid, make sure to pay attention to her, alright?!"
    • Part 4 Jotaro and Ermes however. Jotaro becomes glad that Jolyne has made a good friend.
    Part 4 Jotaro: You're a trustworthy ally. Take care of Jolyne for me.
    Ermes: I don't need you to tell me that...
  • In a weird way, the Dual Heat Attack between DIO and Giorno. DIO does his famous MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA! on the opponent, when suddenly GioGio joins in, trying to imitate his father. The two of them happily beat on their foe with DIO smiling, possibly from pride and fatherly love.
    DIO: "You did it, kid."
    • DIO at first glares at Giorno, and recoils with mild disgust when he sees Giorno's eyes, which look an awful lot like Jonathan's, DIO's archenemy. But then Giorno starts yelling "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!", and DIO's expression changes into a proud smile, as if to say, "He may look like Jojo, but that's MY boy!"
    • Win quotes between the two:
    DIO: "Heh...'As expected of you, my son' what I should be saying here, right?"
    Giorno: "If it's for the sake of my Dream, even you can be of use...Dad."
    • One quote is DIO telling Giorno to "lend him his power" for DIO's goals, which is essentially the closest an immortal psychic vampire gets to telling his son "Do it for Daddy, Giorno! Make Dad proud!"
  • DIO's Dual Heat with Enrico Pucci has DIO placing his hand on Pucci's shoulder. When you consider that Pucci has an Ambiguously Gay relationship with DIO, it's kinda sweet. Explanation 
    • If DIO's the one to start it; they begin the attack by holding hands. Explanation 
    DIO: "Wonderful plan, friend."
    Pucci: "Thank you, DIO."
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  • When he's cornered by the heroes, knowing Joseph's Hermit Purple could reveal DIO's master plan, Pucci gives a speech admiring DIO's power, and declares the heroes' souls a sacrifice to DIO, chalking the whole thing up to gravity and fate. Lamenting that he won't be able to live with DIO in his Heaven, Pucci declares that he loves DIO...and jumps off the Joestar mansion balcony, impaling himself on the Goddess of Love statue.
  • Old Joseph and Josuke share a Dual Heat Attack. Josuke is less than thrilled at first, but gradually warms up to Joseph as they beat their opponent into submission.
  • Yukako and Koichi embrace during their Dual Heat Attack if she's the one that initiates it.
    Yukako: Our love is invincible, isn't it?
  • When Josuke and Koichi finish their DHA, Josuke remarks about how Koichi's grown to be a very reliable friend.
  • In terms of personality, Jotaro Kujo is in many ways opposite from Jonathan Joestar... One can be summed up as a kind gentleman, and the other a defiant delinquent. And yet, in spite of all that, Jotaro has nothing but complete respect for his great great grandfather. He says he owes his and Joseph's strength to his ancestor, and is glad to have met him. The fact they've been established as near opposites all these years and yet are still truly family is incredible.
    Jotaro: "Jonathan Joestar... It's good that I fought with you."
    • In a similar vein, Josuke, who probably has very limited knowledge of the Joestar bloodline, is in awe at Jonathan's strength. Jonathan however thinks that Josuke shouldn't sell himself short.
    Josuke: He was so strong...And he didn't even have a Stand!
    Jonathan: I think your healing power is more amazing than anything I can do, Josuke!
    • Not only that, but if paired with Lisa Lisa, she comments on how it feels to fight alongside the man who helped save her life as an infant.
    Lisa Lisa: Being able to fight alongside you like this is a dream come true.
  • The ending of Story Mode shows the ending of Stardust Crusaders again, except that it's revealed Kakyoin, Iggy, and Avdol are at a hospital in Cairo recovering, Polnareff offers to stay behind to keep watch of them as Joseph and Jotaro return to Holly in Japan. After the credits we see a photo of each part, but with the formerly deceased (or in Fugo's case, absent) characters added in.
    • Jonathan and Dio about to face each other while Speedwagon holds off an injured William.
    • Joseph and Caesar fighting against Wamuu and Esidisi.
    • Josuke, Koichi, Okuyasu, and Shigechi hanging out at a cafe.
    • The Buccelati gang walking together.
    • Jolyne and her friends gathering for a group photo.
    • Johnny and Gyro fighting against The World Diego.
    • Jo2uke and Joshu talking with each other.
    • Lastly, the last photo shown is Polnareff, with Iggy, Kakyoin and Avdol, waving to Joseph and Jotaro, who arrive at the airport to visit them.
  • While also a Tear Jerker, if Part 4!Jotaro defeats Kakyoin in a match.
    Part 4!Jotaro: "It's good to see you again."
    Part 4!Jotaro: "I won’t forget you… from now on, either."
    • Part 4 Jotaro's interactions with Avdol as well. Avdol asks how old Jotaro has gotten since the end of Stardust Crusaders, and Jotaro quips that he sounds like his uncle or something. Of course, Avdol may as well be considered an Honorary Uncle to Jotaro, despite their rather hostile first encounter.
    • Let's not forget his interactions with Old Joseph. Despite berating him for cheating on his wife, Jotaro is at least happy to see his grandfather standing up right.
  • If Young Joseph and Kakyoin win a match.
    Joseph: "You're not half bad, Kakyoin! I hope I get to fight alongside you again!"
    Kakyoin: "That wish will come true someday, Mr. Joestar."
  • Old Joseph stepping in between his younger self and Caesar to prevent the argument that led to Caesar running off and getting himself killed. He lectures his younger self on thinking he knows more than he actually does at that age, and tells Caesar not to do anything risky to honor Baron Zeppeli's memory, lest he cause pain and guilt to his friends and family who are still living. Doubles as a massive Tear Jerker, especially to Battle Tendency fans. To make things sadder, Joseph knew exactly what to say to defuse the situation- he'd replayed that argument a lot in his head.
  • Team Old Joseph up with his son Josuke, and he'll say this, should Josuke fall in battle:
    Old Joseph: "Josuke...let me be a good father to you, just this once."
  • After a team-up with Polnareff and Old Joseph:
    Polnareff: "What a fight! That's my Mr. Joestar..."
  • Polnareff petting Iggy's head once he's back to normal. However, Iggy being as foul-tempered as he is growls and chases after Polnareff like the old days.
  • When most characters see Joseph's attempted crossdressing disguise, they consider it either disgusting or laughable. Jolyne, however, just advises him that he used too much makeup and joins him in a Noblewoman's Laugh when they win the fight.
  • Josuke and Giorno's team-up dialogue really offers something of a What Could Have Been if Jonathan and Dio had actually been able to become friends.
    Giorno: I feel like you and I could defeat anyone who comes our way!
    Josuke: I was just thinking the same thing, Giorno.

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