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Tear Jerker / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

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  • If Part 4 Jotaro and Kakyoin are fighting against each other, Jotaro says to him "Kakyoin, Long time no see", giving us a Call-Back to their first meeting. If Kakyoin defeats Part 4 Jotaro, he asks him what he's like as an adult. Jotaro's winning quotes however.
    Jotaro (Part 4): "It's good to see you again."
    Jotaro (Part 4): "I won’t forget you… from now on, either."
  • This after-battle dialogue between Part 4 Jotaro and Avdol:
    Jotaro (Part 4): "I turned 28 this year, Avdol."
    Avdol: "Ten years have passed? Time sure flies."
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  • Similar to the pair above, Old Joseph and Caesar have special dialogue as well. Caesar being oblivious the person he's fighting with or against is actually Joseph, and does not find out until after the match. Joseph on the other hand:
    Old Joseph: "Is that you, Caesar? Is that really you?"
  • Jolyne screaming, "It's all your fault I'm like this! YOUR FAULT!" at Part 4 Jotaro. Ermes also asks Part 3 Jotaro to be more attentive once his daughter is born.
  • The sheer shock and disappointment in Part 8 Josuke's voice after meeting Part 4 Yoshikage Kira and being told he's a serial killer.
    Josuke (Part 8): "Wait! Are you really Yoshikage Kira?"
    Kira: "Indeed...but not the one you're looking for."
  • Old Joseph stepping in to prevent an argument between his younger self and Caesar, specifically, the one that led to Caesar running off and getting himself killed. He lectures the younger Joseph on not being so cocky and thinking he knows everything, while he warns Caesar that while his desire to avenge his grandfather's death is noble, he shouldn't forget about those who care about him and are still alive... His death would probably cause a lot of pain and guilt for them.
  • If Josuke gets KO'd first with Old Joseph as his partner, Joseph laments how he should've been a better father to him.
    • Overlapping with Harsher in Hindsight: Josuke getting to meet Part 2 and 3 Joseph, who are both a far cry from the senile old man his father becomes in Part 4.
  • If Caesar and Young Joseph are on a team and Caesar is KO'd first, it replays Caesar's last action of trapping his bandana in a blood bubble and sending it to Joseph, who enters Soul Succession with a unique animation where he grabs it and screams Caesar's name, much like his death in Battle Tendency. Caesar even screams "Jojo!!!" if Young Joseph dies first, although there's no unique animation.


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