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Headscratchers / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

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  • How can Dio Brando and Diego be in the same area without exploding? Same with Jonathan and Johnny.
    • The annihilation from contacting your parallel self only happens among parallel universes, not time travel. The in game example is that pretty much anything brought in by Valentine from another universe can explode on contact with its counterpart, such as Johnny's gun. However everything else is just traveling through the timeline of the Main Universe such as Old and Young Joseph being the exact same person but from different times, so the explosion isn't an issue. What most people forget is that Parts 7 and 8 still take place in the Main Universe, it's just that it's so far in the future that the universe reset with a new big bang. So to give the best example from above, Dio and Diego are offset by an entire universal lifetime, but are still from the Main Universe so they can touch just fine. Dino Diego and The World Diego however are parallel universe counterparts, so they WOULD explode on contact.
      • Oh boy, this misconception again. SBR Universe != Ireneverse. SBR was not created by MiH, that's not how MiH works.
      • maybe it's the nature of their meeting, since Filthy Acts isn't involved they can touch each other however they want, since Heaven ascension DIO got to the game's dimension through D4C he is affected through contact with other versions of himself
      • The best answer to this I could think of is that they are not 'exactly' the same people. For example Jonathan was born in 1868, Johnny was born in 1872. Thus they cannot be the same person. Same goes for Dio and Diego, born in 1867 and 1870 respectively. Since they are not the 'Same' person only similar, they don't cause the duplicate explosion.
  • Where was old Polnareff? Maybe I skimmed something but shouldn't he still be conscious in Coco Jumbo?
    • Old Polnareff doesn't actually appear in the game but the Vento Aureo gang do reference him when they meet normal Polnareff.

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