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YMMV / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

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  • Accidental Innuendo: A winning quote between Jotaro (Part 4) and Kakyoin almost sounds like that they just had sex.
    Kakyoin: "Feels like you've become a better partner than ever, Jotaro!"
    Jotaro (Part 4): "It's been 10 whole years. I must have grown a little."
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • The developers said that there will be no paid DLC or Microtransactions, presumably in response to criticisms about those in the previous game. There will still be DLC, such as part 4 Jotaro, but you won't necessarily have to pay for it, as part 4 Jotaro is a day 1 bonus.
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    • The game having its own original plot is also a plus, due to the fact that the last game's campaign was pretty much just reenacting the different parts (except Part 8), instead of having characters from different parts interacting with each other.
    • After his glaring absence as a playable character in the first game despite being plot-critical to Steel Ball Run, Diego was among the very first characters announced for the game.
    • The Post Credits Scene expands on something only alluded to in Stone Ocean's ending: Jotaro does become a better father to Jolyne after learning how bad a parent he becomes.
  • Ass Pull: By finding out The World Over Heaven's ability, Reality Overwrite, Star Platinum is able to use Over Heaven itself, though not the same extent as The World Over Heaven. This is because they're still seen as the same type of Stand... despite the fact that The World Over Heaven has absorbed the Green Baby, comes from an entirely different universe, and Star Platinum never displayed any kind of ability to use Over Heaven powers beforehand. Basically, The World Over Heaven seems more like the same type of Stand as Gold Experience Requiem. ...And even it got defeated rather easily.
    • Jotaro noticed that The World Over Heaven need to punch something to use his Reality Overwrite ability and used a part of the original DIO from the manga timeline to destroy his arms. Without his arms, he can't use his ability and is quickly defeated.
  • Broken Base:
    • The fandom is slightly torn over five different incarnations of Dio in the game.note  Some enjoy their inclusion, while others simply don't want five different versions of the same character. The main emotion felt, however, is sheer bafflement as opposed to disdain.
    • The sub-characters. Most people are fine with them, saying that it's a good way to include characters who probably wouldn't be playable, but some characters, like Santana, Yuuya Fungami, Risotto Nero, Foo Fighters, and Hot Pants, were highly requested to be playable characters, and have had a more negative response as a result.
    • Joshu's inclusion. While some see Joshu as an interesting Fighting Clown, others believe that characters like Yasuho Hirose or Yotsuyu Yagiyama would have fit better for Part 8 representatives.
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    • The story's overall focus on Part 3 and Jotaro is hugely divisive, especially the ending. Fans of Jotaro and Part 3 are naturally happy, but fans of every other part and/or its protagonists consider are displeased with how everybody else gets hit with The Worf Effect at the end and consider Jotaro to be a brazen Creator's Pet.
    • The fact that many characters from Parts 6 onwards were excluded such as Foo Fighters, Hot Pants, Lucy, Yasuho, and most of Part 8's central cast. Made even more jarring that Parts 1 and 2 feature all of their core characters, while Parts 3 and 4 feature their core characters alongside some minor characters. Some fans feel like this game was pandering too much to the popular parts when each part should have received equal treatment. Others while disappointed that some fan favorite characters didn't make it in are at the very least feel as if the game has enough characters already and there's a potential sequel that they could appear in.
  • Complete Monster: Heaven Ascension DIO is an alternate version of Dio Brando who succeeded in his plan to wipe out the Joestar lineage and become a god. Having slaughtered his way through innocents and enemies alike to achieve godhood, DIO absorbed the souls of 36 people to power himself up, and altered reality to turn his world into one that worshipped him. Upon learning that there are an infinite number of realities across time and space, DIO begins plotting to conquer them all, starting with the primary timeline. DIO corrupts the souls of each JoJo's friends and family members, forcing them to fight one another before DIO murders them all and steals their souls, and, in the end, DIO shrugs off the death of his "friend" Enrico Pucci, murders Jotaro's daughter in front of him, and proclaims his plans to warp all realities until there is only one, where all worship DIO.
  • Creator's Pet: Many fans consider Jotaro's treatment in this game to qualify. He's already a Base-Breaking Character to a significant part of the fanbase outside of Japan, but is loved enough by the creators to get the lion's share of focus on promotional material and another version of himself as a bonus character, has the most Character Focus in the story and is presented as Dio's archnemesis despite Jonathan deserving as much or more of a claim to that position, and is the only character able to resist The World Over Heaven, which some fans consider an Ass Pull and Character Shilling.
    • On the other hand, being able to remember the events of the game, including having previously interacted with his future daughter fixes some of the issues fans had with the Stone Ocean arc (namely, that Jotaro came off as a distant Jerkass to Jolyne until the very end). Between this game and the Part 4 anime, they really seem to want him to Take A Level In Kindness to appease to those who find him too abrasive.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Valentine's appearance in the finale gained him a lot of love from fans where he attempts a Taking You with Me against Heaven DIO. It still fails, but it's a better showing than the other non-Jotaro characters who get hit with The Worf Effect extra hard.
  • Fanon: The Post Credits Scene shows Jotaro taking Jolyne to Morioh after learning how his coldness hurt her growing up. Coincidentally, Jolyne's altered timeline self, Irene, is implied to have a working relationship with her father. Putting two and two together, some fans believe Jotaro took Jolyne/Irene to Morioh in the altered timeline as well.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Looks like Pet Shop is this again, for largely the same reasons as before (a small, fast target which can fly and attack at a decent range). He and Kars won the AI tournament and everything.
    • According to some, Mariah and Guido Mista could fall under this.
      • How severe the case of it they have is mostly dependent on how skilled the player is and what character they are using.
      • Guido Mista can just throw "Pass, Pass, Pass" all 6 times on one enemy, and while it does drain stamina it's at a very slow rate so they stick for quite a while, fire as much as possible, and then quick reload (Guard plus normal attack), and as soon as one bullet hits it will deal heavy damage, meaning it's just waiting for the enemy to let down their guard. However, you can still block the bullets normally, and some characters, such as Josuke 4, actually have some way to deflect the bullets without relying on their guard and risking it being broken. However, the fact that Guido need only keep firing means even if you have the means to defend against him you have to keep take advantage of it while all he has to do is spam normal attack.
      • Mariah is bad because, if used right, she can screw with you mid-combo by polarizing you and make it impossible to keep pressure up, while she has an absurd number of ways to harass you at middle distance as well as traps which can force the enemy to either hit them or move predictably to avoid them. Those details separate might not be that bad, but all together makes her painful to fight against, as her enemies can be tagged very easily and her move set would be formidable without her whole magnetic gimmick. However taking proper advantage of range and using quick recharge abilities can help to ease up on the interruptions and make it easier to deal some damage, but getting up to her is still a problem.
    • In Story Mode, you can select various buffs for story battles, such as constantly healing HP or slowing how fast the enemy gains their Great Heat Attack. However, the power-up based on Daiya Higashikata's Stand, California King Bed, is particularly powerful, as it will completely lock the enemy out of their moves list, even denying them their style action. They retain their normal combos, but cannot use any kind of special move. This ranges from making the person easier but still capable of dealing damage in close range (such as Diego or Bruno who have solid and quick combos even without skill), removing some effectiveness that they depended on their moves for (such as Zeppeli losing the Hamon boost to his melee attack or Avdol who has only decent melee made to back up his mostly ranged attacks), to outright neutering their ability to fight (such as Mariah, N'Doul, and Vanilla Ice, whose offensive capabilities rely almost entirely upon using special moves to even summon their stand at all).
  • Goddamn Bats: Cool/Vanilla Ice can be very annoying to fight against. Not only is his mobility strong, but when he switches so he's hiding in his stand it will automatically remove your lock-on if you've tagged him. He's not too bad as an opponent, but he can still be annoying when he's chosen as your random opponent as his high movement + lock-on breaking can trip you up if you're not paying attention.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In Vaguely Recalling JoJo, old Joseph was saved by Caesar Zeppeli when he was fighting against Empress. A similar event occurs in Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure The7th Stand User, where Caesar can rise from the dead to save Joseph from Dio during his ending. In Eyes of Heaven, Caesar returns from the dead and meets old Joseph.
    • The idea of characters from different parts being able to meet due to the effects of Made in Heaven was done first in The 7th Stand User.
    • Lots of people complained about All Star Battle not having Diego in it. Now people are complaining about Eyes of Heaven having too many Dios in it. Three Dios and two Diegos, to be specific.
    • The Five Dio Debacle now also counts since Dio's most loyal follower, Pucci, also has an unexpected extra slot on the roster in his C-Moon State.
    • In Super Best Friends Play Podcast Episode 18, Pat says that JoJo is basically Araki's take on X-Men. This game is basically an anime spin on the traditional American superhero comic Crisis Crossover event.
    • The well-known Little Jolyne Goes to Morioh doujinshi presented a scenario where Jotaro's daughter, Jolyne, was brought to Morioh. A cutscene in this game shows that Jotaro brings Jolyne to Morioh in the timeline created after he defeats Heaven Ascension Dio.
    • Part 2 Joseph calling Kakyoin "Cack-yo-ween" might invoke memories of Antfish's Abridged version of "Stardust Crusaders", where Jotaro repeatedly butchers the pronunciation of "Hierophant Green".
    • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged also had an omake episode where Dio shows "The ultimate reality in which I, DIO, defeat the Joestars!" He actually does it here...and just like in that omake where he died killing Jotaro, he loses again to Jotaro.
    • One of Okuyasu's win quotes against Vanilla Ice his him accusing him of copying his Stand ability. It gets even funnier since they share the same voice actor in the English dub, Jalen K. Cassel.
  • Idiot Ball: Star Platinum and The World are directly linked as consequence of the former being awakened by Dio stabbing Jonathan's body with the Stand Arrow, sharing the same developmental potential. What the World can achieve, so too can Star Platinum, regardless of what it is. Dio is well aware of this, and yet when he exposes Jotaro to the power of Over Heaven and subsequently witnesses Jotaro resist its power to retain his corpse part, rather than realize immediately "oh hell, this is happening again, I need to kill him now", Dio decides to screw around with his mortal foes and give Jotaro time to grow into the ability by the time they face off again.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many JoJo fans who are avid gamers admit that the game is fairly mediocre and not necessarily top quality material for a full-price video game. In spite of those claims these fans still admit to buying and playing through the game just for the JoJo name alone with the original story supervised by Hirohiko Araki being a nice bonus.
  • Memetic Mutation: FIVE DIOS! note 
  • Moe: Young Jolyne. Being voiced by moe veteran VA Miyuki Sawashiro tops it off.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The laughing trash cans on the Nightmare World stage. KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE!!!
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Just like All-Star Battle, the execution of Bruno's "ARIARIARI...! Arrividerci!" Kiai by Noriaki Sugiyama has been universally applauded by fans, and was a primary reason why many had hoped for Sugiyama to return to voice Bruno in the anime adaptation.
  • Narm:
    • The Lip Lock and intro animations can easily make serious dialogue exchanges unintentionally goofy. One example would be the the exchange between DIO and Kakyoin, where the latter is hoarsely panting in fear...while still taking off his shades and summoning his stand like he always does.
    • If Joseph and Caesar are paired up in a fight and Caesar gets KO'd first, it reenacts the scene of this death where he puts his bandanna in a bubble before disappearing, it's a Tear Jerker... but if Joseph is wearing his tequila disguise, it makes this scene way more harder to take seriously.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Young Jolyne only appears in the after-credits scene, but said scene became one of the most adored scenes in the game strictly based on her presence.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Alternate Diego was initially derided for being both another Dio variation and an aesthetic clone of Diego, but he quickly won people over by differentiating his moveset from his inspirations.
  • Squick: In-universe example. Anasui recognizes his crush's father...who's from a much earlier point in the timeline. He mistakes a temporary team-up between the two of them as permission to marry Jotaro's daughter. Jotaro is understandably not happy about this:
    Anasui: "Thank you for your blessing, Mr. Jotaro! I'll cherish Jolyne forever!"
    Jotaro (Part 4): "Are you insane...? She's only six years old..."
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The lack of local multiplayer upset quite a few people, as it is an important feature in Fighting Games.
  • Stoic Woobie: Jotaro gets it pretty rough in the end. Being the one carrying Coco Jumbo, he accidentally lets the souls of his comrades fall into Heaven DIO's hands, and this indirectly results in the other JoJo's, except for Jolyne, his future daughter, get absorbed by DIO as well, only to witnesses her get absorbed by DIO right in front of him. He defeats DIO and this results in the universe getting reset, but it's still quite sad that Jotaro never got a proper farewell to his allies before they were taken by DIO, especially in regards to Jolyne.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • DIO's original Great Heat Attack was ROAD ROLLER DA! Quite understandably, many did not take this change to his single punch attack well considering the memetic status of the attack. However, it's worth noting that it does make sense to change it since Great Heat Attacks in Eyes of Heaven are notably shorter in length then Great Heat Attacks from All-Star Battle. Not to mention the attack itself is the same attack he used to kill Kakyoin, making it fit.
    • The removal of Joseph's "Your next line will be" gimmick and having only 3 situation finishes in contrast of All-Star Battle having one for every stage has not been pleasant for fans.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character:
    • A lot of characters with memorable fights and combat-oriented skills show up as just sub-characters instead of being on the roster or showing up as DLC.
    • The Part 3 shilling strikes again by making Jotaro and DIO the center of the endgame. It was Jonathan whose feud with DIO was what fueled his battle with the Joestar lineage, and yet the original bout of good vs evil just... Well, Jonathan's not any more relevant than the rest of the JoJos. One would think he deserved more.
      • The same goes for Giorno, considering him being Dio's son and the ability of Golden Experience Requiem. Instead he gets as much spotlight as Jonathan, which is little. This one is even more surprising considering that Giorno, and Part 5 in general, is extremely popular in Japan, comparable to if not moreso than Jotaro.
    • Despite there being a few unique Dual Heat Attacks that cross over with different parts (DIO and Giorno for instance), many have complained that there not enough to consider other team possibilities. Imagine an Enemy Mine situation (Jotaro/DIO), having alternate incarnations of characters interact (Joseph, considering that Part I and III DIO share an attack), and even seeing other family combinations (having each Joestar and Zeppeli attack with their relatives outside of Old Joseph and Josuke).
    • From the villains' side, while DIO had enough representation with Pucci and his younger self, the rest of the JoJo main villains don't shine very much, with the Pillar Men being one of the worst examples. In story mode, they only appear in the Battle Tendency chapter, and then are gone for the rest of the story. Neither of the three share a Dual Heat Attack. Diavolo has it even worse, he gets all of one fight after escaping his infinite death loop, then he disappears from the plot entirely. The Yoshikage Kiras at least managed to be recurring enemies, at least, and it makes sense for them to be complete antisocial, but not Kars and his men.
    • Some fans have also Complained at how it was Jotaro who defeats Heaven Dio and not Jonathan, considering that fact that Never the Selves Shall Meet is exploited in defeating Heaven Dio, Jonathan could do the same but at the cost of his own life (The scar that separates Dio's head and Jonathan's Body is clearly visible), and would be a nice callback to the ending of Part 1, just like how the game ends being a huge callback to the ending of Part 3.
      • Fridge Brilliance Though considering that Heaven Ascension Dio is a Dio who had the time to turn Jonathan body into his own AND gained divine power,it's possible that Jonathan attempting that would just result in a weird hugging scene
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Having all of two fight scenes in the whole manga, where he doesn't even do much, Speedwagon's presence as a playable character is at the very least surprising. It might have something to do with his popularity in the anime, where he was a Fountain of Memes, as well as his devotion to Jonathan earned him the nickname Moewagon.
    • Yukako counts for the same reasons, having had only one relatively short fight scene in the entire manga.
    • N'Doul was also an unexpected choice, considering that the fact that he's blind and he let his Stand do all his fighting in the manga, never even moving an inch.
    • Mariah was a pretty unexpected choice considering how she spent her whole fight running away while other objects would be attracted to her opponents, and needed her enemies to touch her stand for her abilities to even affect them.
    • With the appearance of one character and the ability of another, Another World Diego was greatly unexpected, though it could just be a case of the developers reusing assets to make another character.
    • Much like Yukako, Trish only had two fights in the entire manga, but is in this game as a fighter with her sentient Stand, Spice Girl. But alas, she was at least playable in the PS2 Part 5 game.
    • Joshu in the manga so far has barely used his stand, so his inclusion is quite surprising.
    • Pucci's C-Moon form is now a completely separate character. This is surprising since he worked all three of his stands into one character in All-Star Battle.
  • Uncanny Valley: The constant Lip Lock of the characters is incredibly glaring and distracting to look at, especially when they're supposed to yell something, like DIO saying WWWWWRRRRRYYYYY, but their lips are still moving.


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