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If Part 8 gets at least one stage...
  • It will be one of the following:
    • Shakedown Road, where Les Feuilles is a stage hazard, and the stage's Situation Finish is the Stand carrying a large rock and dropping it on the loser's head, reenacting Johnny Joestar's death.
    • The streets of the Part 8 version of Moiroh during the Aisho Dainenjiyama chapters. In this stage, either Doobie Wah! or Paper Moon King is a hazard here, with the latter actually causing the player to see allies and enemies as other characters. This stage's Situation Finish would be the loser being affected by PMK and seeing an oncoming bus as their partner, reenacting Aisho's death.
      • Also, if Aisho is confirmed playable, The bus will always be seen as Jobin.
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    • All of this seems Jossed, looks like the Part 8 stage is the Higashikata estate. Tsurugi being a stage hazard is seemingly possible though.
      • Jossed. Tsurugi's gimmick isn't Paper Moon King, but letting people into their private shelter for health.
Other special intros besides ones shown in All-Star Battle:
  • Jonathan vs. Young Joseph.
  • Jonathan vs. Lisa Lisa, asking if she was the baby that Erina saved from the ship.
  • Old Joseph vs. Kars, or any of the other Pillar Men.
    Joseph: Sanuvabeeetch! Go back to space!!
  • Old Joseph vs. Caesar.
  • Old Joseph vs. Lisa Lisa, with the latter remarking about how he's been neglecting his Hamon training.
  • Jonathan vs. Giorno. How he will react to Giorno being Dio's son is a mystery.
  • Jotaro vs. Giorno.
  • Dio Brando vs. Diego Brando.
  • Speedwagon vs. DIO.
  • Josuke vs. Jo2uke.
  • Jo2uke vs. Johnny.
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  • Weather vs. Pucci. Brother vs. Brother.

Special Team intros
  • Old Joseph and Mariah
  • Trish and Diavolo
  • Weather Report and Pucci
  • Pucci and Alternate Diego
  • Gyro and Caesar
  • Johnathan and Johnny
  • Josuke and Jo2uke
  • Vanilla Ice and Pucci
  • Iggy and Petshop

Provided Baoh returns, if the dev team wants to put in another cameo...
  • They will use the titular character from Magic Boy B.T..
  • Gorgeous Irene could also be possible. Bonus point if she gets a special intro with Jolyne.
    • Jossed, as of now. Eyes of Heaven has no guest characters.
N'Doul will be immune to the effects of Heavy Weather:
  • Because as stated by Pucci, Heavy Weather only affects those who can see it.
    • Quite possible. The game's not without it's Mythology Gag value and technical moments, like Giorno with GER being immune to Made In Heaven.
    • If Wammu is able to blind himself in this game, he could also be immune so long as he does it before Heavy Weather takes effect.
The game will have a Lethal Joke Character...
  • And it will be Pocoloco.
  • Oingo and Boingo, who would function like Hol Horse and Boingo did in Heritage of the Future.
    • Both jossed, though Joshuu really fits the bill here.
The original character that will be added to the game is...
  • Jesus.
  • Beautiful Duwang.
  • Part 8 villain.
    • Pack it up folks, we have been jossed, it was DIO all along.

The original character isn't actually an original character.
It will instead be DIO.

Another Heritage for the Future character will be returning.
Hey, they brought back Mariah.
  • Well, we got Pet Shop.

Tying into the above, Rubber Soul will be brought back.
A scanlation mentions an "imposter Kakyoin" working alongside N'doul. And since we've already seen Kakyoin being imposed in the manga...
  • Possibly deconfirmed. Rubber Soul is appearing as a sub character, which I think are just assist characters.
  • Though it could be the regular Kakyoin, just brought back from the dead or controlled by a maleficent force. Then again, these could be clay clones created by Judgement/Cameo, which might lead to the below WMG...
DIO's assassins who didn't die will play a role in this story, either as Non Player Characters or playable characters, and DIO's assassins who did die are brought back because...
I'm going to go out on a limb and say Heaven!DIO's Stand power is one of two things:
  • 1. Resurrection from the dead, with a possible side effect that those revived are under the Stand User's control. This could lead to the reasoning that people like Avdol, Iggy, Kakyoin, N'Doul, and Ice are still walking around. Either that or he brought back the dead on a global scale, but those specific people were ones he'd found immediately and flesh-budded them or something, provided Heaven!DIO still has that power. Alternatively...
  • 2. The World Over Heaven's power is not just time travel, but full-on freakin' multiverse travel. Heaven!DIO could've plucked many different versions of various heroes and villains to all come together for Eyes Of Heaven's story. Maybe not all of them are on his side, but it could explain Just what Speedwagon is doing in Egypt 100 years after the events of Phantom Blood began.
  • Or it could be all of the above; once you've possibly achieved godhood, nothing is impossible.
    • Jossed. Heaven Dio is able to "Overwrite Reality"
Heavenly Dio will have the ability of Time Travel.
  • Confirmed. The story is about characters from different parts meeting in different timelines.

Heaven Dio will not be the Final Boss.
  • Jossed, as far as I know.

Heaven Dio is the result of Dio's head on The Holy Corpse's body.
And Heaven Dio spends most of the game waiting for the other characters to grab the corpse's parts so he can steal them.
  • I think that's not true; it's just DIO having achieved heaven through The World.

Character-specific themes return, and some veterans have their themes remixed in some way.

Narancia's EoH theme sounds VERY similar to his ASB one, as well as Fugo and Lisa Lisa's. Other veterans have strikingly different themes this time around.

  • Both jossed and confirmed. After clearer rips have been obtained, Fugo's theme sounds very similar to his ASB theme, and Akira's theme uses the same RHCP sample, but not all themes are similar to the ASB soundtrack.

After this game's ending, Jotaro will prevent most of the deaths in upcoming parts from happening.

The new universe in the ending is actually the universe from the end of Part 6

Joshuu's inclusion is not just a showcase of just what he can do, but possibly hinting at some future Character Development in Part 8.

  • Once he actually begins to understand his Stand's power, chances are he can mature.

Part 4 Jotaro is unlocked when you beat the main story mode.

  • We've never gotten any confirmation on this because he's always been a first print bonus, but I'd imagine similar to games like BlazBlueContinuumShift (Mu-12) and PokkenTournament (Shadow Mewtwo) where their final boss character is unlockable via beating the main story/arcade mode but also available to be unlocked right away through other means (Paid DLC in the former's case and a first-print bonus amiibo card in the latter). And yes, Heaven Ascenion DIO is the game's final boss, not P4 Jotaro, but Jotaro in his Di U attire is featured at the end of the game in the ending cutscene, plus little Jolyne, so it's safe to assume that he's available via unlock that way.

Jo2uke and Joshu's DHA will happen in the manga at some point.

Each Corpse Part gravitated to specific characters for different reasons.

Later games will take place in the timeline established in the ending.
Resulting in hypothetical characters such as "Old Caesar".

At the end of the game, Jotaro rewrote the timeline Parts 1-3, 5, and 7-8 only with Star Platinum Over Heaven.
While some would argue a variety of alternate universes developed from Jotaro's actions at the end, it's more likely that it's only one universe this happened. If the parallels match up, then Star Platinum Over Heaven would have similar limitations to Star Platinum The World. Jotaro probably couldn't rewrite the entire timeline to eliminate every tragedy, as that would require tremendous power that only DIO had, and some still had to occur in order to preserve some temporal stability (namely, Jonathan's death at the end of Part I). However, his Stand powers at that point of convergence would allow him to rewrite the timeline more favorably. For Parts 1-3, which had already occurred, he rewrote the circumstances favorably. The same goes for Parts 5, 7 and 8, where he was not an active participant to the events but had some insight of what was going on.

However, for Parts 4 and 6, which had not yet occurred in his timeline, he didn't need to use Star Platinum Over Heaven. He simply did two things:

1. Have the foresight of the events of Parts 4 and 6 to actively prevent the tragedies within them from occurring.

2. The presence of Jolyne in Part 4 indicates Jotaro became a better dad to her, which possibly made the latter far more dangerous in Part 6, ensuring their survival in the fight against Pucci.

Ironically, in doing this, Jotaro achieved Pucci's ideal of "heaven." Except it was "heaven" for the Joestars and their friends.


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