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  • During chapter 3, Old Joseph and Part 3 Jotaro meets with Part 4 Josuke.
    Jotaro: Josuke Higashikata, was it? Koichi told me your name.
    Old Joseph: *does an epic Oh, Crap! face*
  • During Chapter 5, Old Joseph meets his Young Self and try to explain to him what is going on.
    Old Joseph: Well, I'd better introduce myself. The name is Joseph Joestar. Any questions?
    Young Joseph: WHAAAAAT?!!
    Old Joseph: And this young tough guy wannabe is Jotaro. My grandson.
    Jotaro: ...
    Old Joseph: We come from the future of this time period.
    Young Joseph: WHADDYA SAY? I really wondered what you were gonna say. You came from the future? Did you hit your head or something...
    Old Joseph: what you should say. Any who would hear that would have the same reaction, I think. But once you will see that, you will have no choice but to believe that we've been travelling through time. Jotaro, the turtle, please.
    (Jotaro puts the turtle on the floor)
    Old Joseph: Hey, Speedwagon. Can you come out for a bit?
    Young Joseph: What? Speedwagon?
    (Speedwagon pops out of the turtle.)
    Speedwagon: You called me?
    Young Joseph: SOMEONE CAME OUT OF THE TURTLE! And that face! I saw it on an old photo of Grandma Erina!
    Speedwagon: Huh? Who's that young lad?
    Old Joseph: He's the young me. I wanted for him to see your face so he can have a better understanding of the situation.
    Speedwagon: Hey! You're the spitting image of Mr Joestar. I really want to take some time to talk to you right now, but I'm pretty busy taking care of Mr Joestar while he's resting. See you later, Joseph.
    Young Joseph: DOUBLE SHOCK! This is even more shocking than meeting with ghosts. Young Speedwagon! And the old decrepit me who came from the future is staring at me!
  • After beating Joshu and purifying him of the mind control, Joshu threatens to beat Josuke 4 up. Josuke then has Crazy Diamond hit him again, and when Josuke 8 asks why:
    Josuke Higashikata (DiU): He didn't look like he'd snapped out of it, so I hit him again."
    Josuke Higashikata (JJL): Fair enough.
    • Made better by Josuke 4 using the holy corpse again. It seems he legitimately thought Joshu was still under mind control, while Josuke 8 clearly knows better and knows Joshu is just an ass.
  • One random conversation with Mista will have him boast that he'll "bury [his] bullets right into DIO's brain" with his "silent-killer" type stand. Yes, he really said that he thinks Sex Pistols are "silent killers".

  • A playable build featuring Speedwagon was shown at the Tokyo Game Show, with Speedwagon's seiyuu playing as him... And he spends the entire match barely doing any fighting, which Youtube comments note is fairly accurate to the character. To top it all off, his Seiyuu made his exit at the end of the presentation with his character's famous quote: "Speedwagon withdraws coolly."
  • PV 2 has Speedwagon flinging his flying razor hat to attack Dio, posing with a smug look on his face while Dio is flinching in a hilarious manner. In fact, everyone else (Joseph and Okuyasu especially) seems to make some pretty funny faces. For those of you that miss Giorno's slow-mo punch from All-Star Battle, this is just as good.
  • After a preview of Eyes of Heaven's very first cutscene, we see the end of Part 3, Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff all going their separate ways at the airport, until the two former are interrupted by none other than Speedwagon himself. Yes, Phantom Blood Speedwagon.
  • While Akira Otoishi is remotely controlling RHCP, he can be seen by other players rocking out in place, with spotlights coming from nowhere.
  • The physics of Kakyoin's trademark hair-noodle are amusingly well-animated. (Interestingly, one of his skins notably lacks the hair-noodle entirely.)
  • One of Giorno's skins is him completely naked, with a wispy, floating cloth conveniently obscuring his private zones.
  • Jonathan has a skin where he is entirely barechested. This grants him an uncanny resemblance to Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, one of the series which inspired JJBA!
  • One of the bonus costumes for the game is Joseph's disguise when trying to infiltrate the Nazi stronghold early in part 2, which has been dubbed "Tequila Joseph". This is one of the few DLC outfits that doesn't come from a chapter intro page or promo art, like some of the others, but from an actual chapter in the manga. What's better? He has Jiggle Physics in that outfit.
    • Among the other characters' reactions to the Tequila outfit, none seem as freaked out or distressed as...none other than Old Joseph himself. His screams of "OH MY GOOOD!" is a clear hint that there are some things in his youth he'd rather not be reminded of...
    • Even better, if you start a match with Caesar and Joseph while he's wearing that outfit, instead of a Pre-Mortem One-Liner in their intro, you get this dialogue exchange.
    Joseph: Let's go, Caesar!
    Joseph: Caesar?
    Caesar: (Barely holding in his laughter)'s nothing, let's start, JoJo.
    Joseph: I won! I avenged my grandfather... in drag!
    • What's funnier is that even Jonathan, Joseph's grandfather who he never met, has something to say about his interesting choice of clothing. However, rather than questioning just what he's wearing, Jonathan is more concerned and impressed about just how Joseph can fight in that outfit.
    Jonathan: Stand down, Joseph! There's no way you can fight dressed like that!
    Joseph: I've been given up on, haven't I?
    (After they win)
    Joseph: After seeing me in action, he'll leave me alone.
    Jonathan: I'm surprised. Even dressed like that, he can still fight...!
    • P4 Jotaro is utterly done with Tequila Joseph in one of their winning quotes.
      Jotaro: You cross-dress and you cheat on your wife? I've really had with you, old man...
    • Jolyne isn't the only character to give constructive criticism of Joseph's outfit. More than one character points out that no amount of makeup is gonna hide the fact that Joseph is so buff (when Polneraff points this out, Joseph exlaims that he never even considered this fact), and Lisa Lisa, in one her win quotes, decides to give Joseph make-up training alongside his Hamon training - as if she's decided "if my son is gonna be cross-dressing, I'm might as well teach him how to do it properly."
  • At one point in PV 04, without any context a clip is played of Joshu... running in an incredibly undignified manner, yelling Yasuho's name.
  • Some of the special Dual attacks are this.
    • Jo2uke's only other partner from Part 8 is Joshu, who really hates Jo2uke's guts and has quite a few screws loose. The fact that they both have a unique intro and Dual Heat attack is hilarious when one considers that every other JoJo has one of each with at least one of their own trusted allies.
      • Even better? Joshu does NOTHING with his stand in their DHA. Jo2uke just punches the enemy, Joshu runs towards them, and Jo2uke steals Joshu's friction, sending him crashing into the enemy, all with a smirk on his face. And to top it off, while Joshu's crashing into the enemy, Jo2uke is just standing in the foreground in his "I win! Completely!" pose.
      • And when the special DHA is triggered by Joshu, the animation leads with him acting all ready to go, and Josuke's reaction is to just cock an eyebrow and open his mouth without a word.
    • Jolyne and Ermes' Dual Heat attack starts with Ermes putting her stickers on Stone Free's arms, only for Jolyne to flip out at her doing so without warning her. Ermes proceeds to kick back and let the four-armed Stone Free handle things.
      • Jolyne has unique Dual Heat Attacks and Intros with Ermes and Weather Report...but not poor, lovelorn Anasui.
    • DIO and Giorno's DHA starts out with DIO using The World on their opponent while going "MUDAMUDAMUDA" as usual. Then Gold Experience joins in as Giorno does his own version of DIO's Kiai. DIO is at first annoyed, but he gets into it as they beat down their foe.
    • Dio and DIO's Dual Heat has the former freeze their foe, only for DIO to freeze time and use his Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs attack with the World before time resumes and he casually dodges his younger self's Space Ripper Stingy Eyes by nonchalantly tilting his head, setting up the attack on the already-flying target. Then they do a double "WRRRRRRRYYYY!!!''
      • Even better, if Part 3 DIO is the one to start it, they both start with the classic "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!"
    • Joseph screwing up his Hermit Purple attack during his DHA with Jotaro. It's a ruse, though.
    • Iggy naps for most of his DHA with Polnareff, leaving him to do most of the work until their joint Meteor Move at the end.
    Polnareff: Iggy! Now's your chance to strike—
    (cut to Iggy, sound asleep)
    • Iggy when he has his Pre-Art Evolution Alt costume will end his DHA by farting in the opponent's face. Bonus points if the opponent is KO'd, as the animation is always them being launched backgrounds while screaming.
    • Rohan mentioning how he hates Josuke. Naturally, Josuke defends himself with a bunch of punches from Crazy Diamond and calls Rohan out on his momentary betrayal.
      • When Josuke starts this attack, he just remarks he's got no choice, but is still confident that this will be a good idea. When Rohan starts it? He scowls at Josuke and Josuke coughs awkwardly.
    • Avdol and Polnareff's DHA is both this and awesome; funny because most of the stuff that they do and say comes from when they were still enemies!
  • One of Kakyoin's special costumes is his pajamas from the Death 13 chapters. That's right, Kakyoin can fight in his PJ's.
  • One of the interactive stage elements in Morioh is Cafe Deux Magots serving espresso at one of their tables, and interacting with it results in the character sitting down and drinking espresso in the heat of battle.
    • Every character has a unique animation when sitting at the table. Some of them drink coffee, some drink another type of drink, and some just relax for a bit. What do the Pillar Men do? They push the chair aside and pose next to it!
    • Despite not being one of the Pillar Men, Trish does exactly the same thing.
      • Justified, as the Pillar men don't drink and Trish only drinks French mineral water... which would be hard to find in Japan.
    • Not just that; Akira takes the time to bust out a few riffs while sitting on the back of the chair!
    • And if that's not enough, Rohan's little wince at the coffee's taste could give a chuckle.
    • Scary Monsters Diego gulps down his coffee as quickly as he can and lurches over to slam the cup back on the table, knocking his hat out of place which he quickly fixes.
    • Amusingly, Dio's first incarnation drinks straight from a whisky bottle while DIO swirls a wine glass.
    • DIO also uses the World to pull out his chair.
    • Funny Valentine shotguns a beer and then goes, "Yes! Yes!"
    • Gyro takes a quick sip and then turns to the camera and rests his head on his folded hands, similar to the "Domenica (Sunday)" part of his "7 Days of the Week" joke.
    • While not acting in a particularly funny manner, Narancia only comes about chest high to the table.
    • Another thing to note is that whoever is the character that you use to do this action will regain their health. This can lead to some unintentionally hilarious moment like Speedwagon regaining health by reading a newspaper, Hol Horse regaining health by smoking, Akira regaining health by playing his guitar, Johnny regaining health by brushing his teeth with his nails, and Pillar Men and Trish regaining health by posing on the side of the chair.
  • The insulting Josuke's hair gag came back. Some highlights:
    • Stroheim saying how he will pluck his hair out like chicken feathers until it turns into a ball of yarn.
    • Kars gives a Backhanded Compliment, calling it "befitting for a peasant".
    • Since Jotaro has two incarnations now, his Part 4 version uses the line from All-Star Battle. Part 3's Jotaro is much more brutal as he uses the same line on Josuke's hair that he used on Rubber Soul.
    Jotaro: I have nothing left to say to you....that's too pathetic for me to say anything else.
    • Old Joseph, once again, saying that his parents would be ashamed to have a son with a hairstyle like that...and who is Josuke's father?
    • DIO still compares Josuke's hair to cow shit.
    • N'Doul also gets in with the insulting. And he's blind.
    N'Doul: This guy's something sitting on it?
    • Josuke somehow understanding Pet Shop.
      • He also understands Iggy, though Pet Shop has the aggravating circumstance of not having any intelligible inner monologue.
    • Yukako, a person whose hair is capable of turning stark white and physically assaulting people...calling Josuke's hair unsightly.
    • Giorno and Kakyoin's insults can be summed up to them thinking their hairstyles are better than Josuke's.
    • Mista telling his Stand to target Josuke's hair.
    • Fugo putting his thoughts in the most blunt way possible.
    Fugo: That hair is a piece of shit!
    • Trish's is particularly emasculating.
    Trish: What's up with that hair?! Teehee, how lame! It's soo uncool!!
    • Diavolo declares that the only "result" that he will allow is calling Josuke's hair garbage. It's a pun about his own powers, and it's hilariously OOC for him.
    • Ermes still calls Josuke a "regent-styled pig".
    • Weather Report wonders out loud if Josuke's hair is like that because it was struck by lighting. WR didn't even mean to insult Josuke; Josuke gets pissed anyway.
    • Ditto that for Jonathan. Who has trouble hitting it with Hamon.
    • Valentine takes this one step further by declaring Josuke's hairstyle to be outright banned in his country.
    • Johnny's response seems to be a compliment in text, but Josuke can apparently sense the sarcasm.
    Johnny: That hairstyle's good. Really great. Super cool!
  • Put Kakyoin and Polnareff on the same team, and...
    Kakyoin: Your. Underwear. Is. Showing.
    Polnareff: YEEEEEAH!
  • If Okuyasu defeats Vanilla Ice:
  • Joseph pronouncing Kakyoin's name as "Cack-Yo-Ween" in their intro quote.
  • Part 3 Jotaro (who's from 1989) having a momentary "old man" moment when he finds out Pucci's Stand is disc-based:
    Jotaro: "Wait, did you say disc? Is it like a cassette?"
    Jolyne: "Generation gaaap!" note 
  • In order not to get both Josuke Hishigikatas confused, Speedwagon refers to the Part 4 one just as Josuke, and the Part 8 one as Hat Josuke.
  • You thought Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price was the funniest Dub Name Change in JoJo video games? Well, the title just got a strong contender in Limp Bizkit's translation: "Flaccid Pancake".
  • Most likely unintentional, but it's hard not to laugh every time someone from Parts 4-8 mention how young Part 3 Jotaro looks, given that he's rather infamous for apparently aging in reverse due to the Art Evolution of the series.
  • Polnareff and Iggy's shared intro: Iggy's trying to hang on Polnareff's shoulders and failing while both of them complain about fighting together.
  • Pitting Giorno against Jolyne or Josuke may have dialogue of them fighting over Giorno stealing their wallets.
    • Even funnier, even if he wins Giorno gets very little from either.
    (If it's Jolyne) "Only 5 dollars? That's not even enough to buy pizza."
    (If it's Josuke) "What in the... He's only got 12 yen in his wallet?"
  • Whenever Rohan and Yukako are paired up to fight, their dialogue essentially turns into a catfight over Koichi.
  • If Kosaku is fighting against Shigechi, the former will react with complete befuddlement to his presence. The inflection of the voice actor is what makes it.
  • If you take Jotaro3 & Jolyne Vs DIO & Giorno:
    Jotaro: I don't believe this crap ... He has a son ?
    Jolyne: EXCUSE-ME ! Aren't you forgetting someone ?
  • Nearly all of the dialogue between Anasui and Jotaro has the former begging the latter to let him marry Jolyne. Part 3 Jotaro is just confused by this, since he has no idea who Jolyne even is. Part 4 Jotaro on the other hand reacts with clear hostility, because Jolyne was only six in his time.

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